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1. Who is the sponsor?
Unless otherwise noted all these events are sponsored by our own Bi MEN NETWORK - - the world's largest social and support organization for bisexual, bi-curious and gay adult men aged 18 to 118. Some events have cosponsors where another group or groups may join us in shaping an event but this is not the norm. From time to time a commercial enterprise may be deemed a "sponsor" for commercial support for the event - if so this will be noted. Private sponsors - as individuals - are welcome to discuss sponsoring an event with the BI Men Network - if so interested contact Bi Men Founder Stewart "MAC" McCloud at (

2. Just what are these Bi Men Weeks and Conferences?

These Bi Men Weeks are both social and support and workshop events for our membership with a focus on our bisexual and bi-curious male members. All gay members are welcomed to attend as they have much to offer our bi and bi-curious guys. The social activities are for all guys - and the support activities are for everyone but DO have a bisexual and bi-curious male focus. NO WOMEN or MINOR MALES allowed at these events. All men attending must be of legal age. Our new SSS Bi Men Weeks include events each with a support hour with a support group; and then a social hour with a lunch meeting or happy hour; and then conclude with a Sexual Workshop hour. So something for everyone! See the EVENTS pages for more details on each and every event we host.

3. Are all these events CLOTHING OPTIONAL and CASUAL?
Some of our events are held at clothing optional sites - but we have held and hold many events in straight mainstream hotels and will do so often. CLOTHING OPTIONAL is just that. Wear what you want - as little or as much. Much depends on the weather and your personal preferences. All members are encouraged to bring a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt or tank top for ALL PURPOSE WEAR. Also ALWAYS in a nudist setting bring two towels - one to sit on and keep dry - and one to dry yourself off - after the pool or hot tub or such. All our events are casual - so let your hair down and let it all or almost all hang out! Our events are where you can be yourself and let it ALL hang out! For sure!

4. What type of guys attend these BI MEN Events?
It is best on this subject to take a quick look at the results of our outside paid DEMOGRAPHIC STUDY at: - there you will get a clear and accurate view of our membership. Our members tend to be bi and gay males - 35 to 55 and these are the guys who are in the majority at our events. We have some bi-curious, metrosexual, and polyamorous men who also attend. We have some young guys but NO ONE is encouraged to attend who is LOOKING for twinks. Most of our events will allow 18, 19, and 20 year old men attend if they so desire (unless the HOST property or state law or both require the young men there to be 21). We do have many, many mature men - i.e. over 55 years old who attend. They are also very welcome! The more the merrier. The very refreshing thing about bi guys is that they seem far more open to all types of men - young or old, smooth or hairy, cut or uncut, tall or short, Latino, Black or White, chubby or skinny, and the list goes on. We seem to just like most men period - womb to tomb - !!! LOL!

5. What if I am NOT "God's gift in the looks department? especially in the nude?
Few of us at these events are "God's gift" or body beautiful or Mr. Right. We are all God's children and you will find a loving and supportive environment. If you don't want to get nude at a clothing optional event - wear some shorts or bathing suit and a T-shirt or tank top and hang out. A lot of guys just have fun dressing loosely and letting their balls and members hang loosely from baggy shorts. Some guys like to wear JOCK STRAPS or work around other fetishes as wearing leather chaps and boots or such. Have fun - just be yourself or be who ever you'd like to be that weekend. Just remember who you are when you go home and back to work! BUT with us let your hair down and let it ALL hang out!

6. What if I get an erection in a social setting or other inappropriate situation?
We are all adult men and have ALL seen the unusual ERECTION at the gym, in the locker room, or in the showers. If you are ill at ease - that is why you should always have two towels with you. One to sit on and one to cover your piping hot member if you so wish. UP to you. You will always get a few glances checking out your "family jewels" - we are all curious - but that will pass. Not to worry.

7. Can I bring a friend or guest?
This is MEN ONLY - and you should be TOTALLY UPFRONT with your male pal or guest - a guy 18 (or 21) and above about the event. NO surprises on any straight buddies or straight guys you have been carrying the torch for. This is not the venue to spring your sexual preferences or your fantasies about some straight guy on HIM. IF you have been open with him and have shown him our Bi Men website and these EVENT pages and he is excited about and UP to attend with you - FINE! No women at all - PERIOD. We are not looking for guys out to their wives to bring them - nor are we seeking fag hags to hang out with - these are MEN ONLY events. These are good events for many bi-curious guys and the new metrosexual guys - and polyamory guys - but only if they are UP for it and know what they are getting into here We make no excuses - these are our own Bi MEN events - sponsored by our Bi MEN NETWORK for our own membership and our friends only.

8. When should I register and reserve space?
REGISTER EARLY if you are SURE you want to attend an event. SPACE is often limited at many of our events. Also the better quality lodgings go first and go fast. You can ALWAYS attend at the last minute but you may have to buy or rent a tent to stay on the property or get a day pass and stay at a nearby motel (and in most instances last minute motel rooms will be as expensive if not more so than the best lodgings on these sites). Mac can often help you with guidance about lodgings!

There are THREE aspects of REGISTRATION and attending these events and you must attend to all three - they are:

ll who attend our events must REGISTER with "Mac" beforehand or at the door with Mac McCloud and/or the Registrar/Cashier The earlier you register the better and you save money. Also if you can not attend your event/s your Registration can be used at another event the same year or future years. Paying early saves you money and also helps the BI Men Network get the "seed money" we need for deposits and other upfront costs. ALSO early Registrations may come with some offers from "MAC" and the BI Men Network - this varied from year to year - event to event.

At this time early REGISTRATION before September 10, 2011 is only $20.00 for EACH Bi Men Week events for 2011. Space is limited for our Bi Men Week events in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA and in the Phoenix, AZ area so if you want to be sure you can attend register early and pay online or by mail and save. You can save on 2 to 3 events at only $35 total. You can really save on up to six events at only $69. If space is still available after the cutoff date (September 10th) the cost will be $25 cash only per event. There will be no option to pay otherwise then..

Your transportation to and from the event is up to you. If you wish to "car pool" with other Bi Men members put up notices on your local Bi Men Group. Many of these events do welcome RV's and they will be very handy at a few of these Bi Men Party Weekends. IF you have an RV - and want to bring it - and are open to sharing it with other guys - great. Feel free to put up notices on local BI Men Groups or touch base with "MAC" about sharing an RV. IF you like to rough it sleeping in the back of an RV or camper or such - fine - just discuss this with the HOST property.

As noted, make your reservations EARLY with the host property where Mac is has his host suite or nearby that venue. It is your choice. Stay where MAC is staying or nearby at a similar property or a less expensive one or if you prefer a more expensive one. IF you make a firm and paid reservation and find out LATE that you can not attend "MAC" will try to resell your lodgings. At almost all of these Bi Men Events you can attend at the last minute on a day pass and sleep in some motel room near Mac or nearby. BUT if you really want to have the best time possible - REGISTER EARLY - and RESERVE YOUR FIRST CHOICE OF LODGING EARLY. You will be happy you did so. SOME events will sell out of quality bargain lodging space VERY EARLY. IF you want to commit to the best lodgings (near MAC in most cases) book early and pre-register early and save! Do your best to make sure you will have the best time by preregistration and early booking! Be sure you will be able to come and save money too. If you are a local you, of course, do not need lodgings where Mac will be staying - the host venue - or nearby.

8d. After you register, make sure that you make your hotel and transit arrangements:
Do remember that your preregistration with the Bi Men Network does not cover your lodgings and your transportation. So one you pre-register attend to those matters promptly. You will save money if you register early and will also assure that you can attend. Space is limited.

9. What about liquor and drugs?
NO UNLAWFUL DRUGS PERIOD. Liquor as local laws allow. In one instance we had an event in a dry county. If you like to wet your whistle on the weekend be sure to bring your own to assure you are happy. At some events we will have a keg or two - and there are always cocktail parties in Mac's suite or other venues. BUT it is strongly suggested that YOU bring what you will want to consume and share with you. It is suggested that every member bring at least one six pack of beer and/or one six pack of sodas of your preference to share and grab some ice on your way over!

10. What can I expect as far as PROGRAM and ACTIVITIES?

Each event is different as you can well imagine. All are casual and all have swimming pools and most have hot tubs. See each event for activities and we are seeking Activity Directors and Sports Directors for each event. As noted these all are MEN ONLY events. Program details elsewhere - see the EVENTS pages here at the Bi Men Network website for particulars.

11. What about M4M sex?
t every Bi MEN event over the last 12 years SEX HAPPENS. If you want some - you will find some. IF you do not want sex - none is forced on you. IF you like to watch - there are usually opportunities some way some how for you to watch - overtly or covertly. NO SEX FOR SALE is tolerated PERIOD. If you are some young hung hustler don't waste your time on these events. There will be NO SALE or if so you will be expelled by our Sergeant of Arms with NO refunds! IF you are seeking to make new friends - for fun or friendship or both - it does NOT hurt to have goodies to share. So bring your own favorite booze, beer, sodas, munchies and be nice and share. Bring condoms and lube too. Bring lots of towels. You may be surprised how many friends you can make bringing your toys! Plan to be warm and friendly and you'll get laid Bring your little black book to log in new hot phone numbers and Email addresses of all your new friends! We always have fun PRIVATE XXX PARTIES each night at every Bi Men Getaway Weekend for our PAID attendees only. No outsiders permitted to attend the XXX parties - registered/paid men only.

12. What about coming alone?
Do not hesitate to attend solo. Frankly it is the quiet guys with nice lodgings or privacy - generous with their companionship and shared refreshments who get the most action and go home with the most phone numbers and/or Email addresses for future contacts. Be yourself - and strive to be warm and friendly. Don't be shy or if you are painfully shy try to give some "Come hither" hints or indications. At a clothing optional resort there may be instances where your "body language" does more than enough to demonstrate that you are interested and up for warm companionship. We often have name tags at least the first day to help break the ice and give you a name with his face or ___. Volunteer for a job if you are SHY as this is often a great way to feel more at ease and have "reasons" to chat up other men!

13. What about coming with a bisexual or bi-curious or gay buddy?

If you come with a buddy be sure that HE and YOU both understand what the event is all about. Don't spring any Bi Men Party Weekend on him without full disclosure. IF he freaks out and scurries on home - try to get a ride back home with someone else on Sunday or Monday. Many problems will NOT manifest if you and your buddy or buddies fully discuss the weekend ahead of time. IF a traveling companion sounds like he may back out be prepared to PAY ahead for both of you and go alone - or get a roommate later on. IF your buddy is your "boyfriend" talk it out about playing with others either alone or as a threesome or moresome. IF you are NOT going to play with others either alone or together - politely let this be known to any suitors lest you or the pair of you get a PRICK TEASE reputation! A prick tease reputation can be hard to shake when and if you show up at future events SOLO. Plan ahead! You can also place ads locally in your area looking to share a ride and/or a room at any Bi Men Party Weekend and you will often be very nicely surprised at both the responses and the quality of men you will meet locally - whether they end up coming with you or not! Ask Mac on suggestions how to "RECRUIT" a shared ride or shared room or both for yourself!

It is a good idea for you and any buddies to discuss the event on the way there - your expectations and your concerns - from both of you - so that you are both fully prepared.

14. OTHER QUESTIONS - may not be as frequently asked - but they are important to us! Send your QUESTIONS directly to "MAC" McCLOUD - at bitxnmac at - prompt replies are the norm with us at your BI Men Network - and spread the word to all other bi and gay men you know!

Contact "Mac" for more info at:
"Mac" McCloud

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