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November 2005 Newsletter

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Bi Men Getaway Weekend

3 Fabulous Days & 4 Wild Nights in Las Vegas!
March 30, 31, April 1, & 2, 2006

Be sure to mark your calendars & do plan aHEAD to join the BI MEN NETWORK at our 5th BI Men Getaway Weekend -April Fools Final Four Weekend in fabulous Las Vegas. Four wild nights and three fun-filled days at SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE near the Vegas Strip! We have real bargain rates on this sellout weekend. Rooms are $59 for Thursday and Sunday (shoulder nights) and $99 for Friday and Saturday (prime nights). Free shuttles back to the airport which is close by (a $20 taxi savings) and free shuttles over to the Strip - only minutes away - as well.

Special golf deals for four; eight; twelve; sixteen or twenty attendees at a nearby luxury course with
10 AM tee-offs Friday, Saturday & Sunday:

We only have 50 rooms set aside at these bargain rates! If you have any intention of attending call the 800 operator & book your rooms for three or four of these key nights with our BMW code. If you find you can not attend - cancel your reservation later & it will get snapped up by another BI MEN member. No need to pay anything to SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE now, but these rooms will go fast. Scalpers were getting $300 a night for such last minute rooms this Spring for the Final Four big weekend in Las Vegas. Be sure to mention the BMW CODE (Beta Mu Weekend) at their 800 res desk at (866) 946-4373 - call soon. Reserve rooms early - when gone - they are gone!

The 2006 BI MEN GETAWAY WEEKEND - will start again on Thursday March 30th Happy Hour with a Meet & Greet JO FUN Party with early bird attendees and local members and other bi and gay male guests. Enjoy free beer and sodas and camaraderie with early birds and other bi & gay men.

Thursday 7 PM - cocktails at Hamburger Mary's LAS VEGAS - then 8 PM dinner there - Dutch treat!

Friday - Registration - with sign-in & mingling starts 3 PM in our Hospitality Suite (a "whale" suite compliments of SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE) with free drinks - welcome gifts - safe sex kits - ying yang T-shirts& leather bracelets for our attendees. Enjoy old friends - make new pals!

At 6 PM to 8 PM we adjourn to mix & mingle with local bi and gay men - for a free (NO host bar) SOCIAL MIXER in Shady Grove Lounge by the casino and Sundance Cafe. Then a private dinner party to honor our Guest of Honor - Sheldon Lewin - - our first Senior Scholar in Residence & his lovely BI wife Martine (7:30 to 9:30 PM) - in the hotel's Twin Creeks Steakhouse at SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE. Dinner is Dutch Treat but reserve a seat!

Then at 10 PM - Aroma Therapy Party with "MAC" for Lifetime Members only. The PRIVATE PARTY ROOM - 10 PM to wee hours in one of our hosts with Junior Suites for Lifetime Members Only. Brandy and other night caps free for all attendees with "MAC" in our Whale Hospitality Suite in the SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE 10:30 PM to 12:00 Midnight Friday.

Saturday April 2nd - The fun continues - breakfast 9 AM to 10 AM - then we convene at 10 AM to 1 PM in our group meeting venue with our "Be BI = Be Happy!" program led by BI Men Founder "Mac" McCloud.

Break for light lunch provided by the Bi MEN NETWORK & then enjoy various topics for optional selections 2 to 3:30 PM and 3:30 PM to 5 PM. Our famous "Cock Walk" for valuable prizes! Display your wares in erotic wear & swim-wear from sponsors - 5 to 6 PM with free drinks in our Whale Hospitality Suite. Then Happy Hour MIXER with BI and gay men, bisexual couples, and other bi-friendly folks back at Shady Grove Lounge (NO host bar - 6 to 8 PM). Then: out on the town - and - poker party and free drinks and nightcaps with "Mac" in our Senior Hospitality Suite - and - Private Lifetimers JO Party in our Junior Host Suite! Night on the fabulous STRIP for those UP for that too!

Sunday, April 3rd - eye-openers, coffee, juices & pastries in "Mac's" Whale Suite - 9 a.m. to 10 AM Then eye-openers and Sunday Brunch at Hamburger Mary's 11 AM to Noon. Pool Party on Sunday afternoon in the SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE heated pool & Jacuzzi. Private Party Room will be open Sunday afternoon & Sunday evening so that one & all may "sow their wild oats" before takeoff. Poker party and night caps with "Mac" Give "Mac" one last chance to clean you out before you head home!

PLAN aHEAD to attend. Most married men were "at" some convention or trade show or business-related (work) event. The best "cover" these days is a COMPANY-MANDATORY "diversity workshop" where NO wives are allowed to accompany you & inform your wife/partner about this mandatory company unpleasant workshop far ahead of time.

This year we will have a local ANSWERING SERVICE with a VOICE MESSAGE updated daily with BMW EVENT DETAILS. This will run 24 hours a day that weekend to help guide you to all events!

IF you wish to get a bargain $35 EARLY REGISTRATION and save up to $50 by registering NOW!

There in the MEMO to me "Mac" note that this is for "Vegas Registration 2006". Save up to $50 now!

IF you wish to REGISTER now & SAVE - & are not already a valued LIFETIME MEMBER here - go to that same page at: - join us as a LIFETIME MEMBER & get a free pass to LAS VEGAS 2006 -an $80 value plus get a free month - May or June or July of free BI mmf porn at - WOW! This is a savings to you of $50 & you help the BI Men Network go & grow & join our "elite meats" = Lifetime Members! Spiffs & prizes for our members!

Don't miss out! Plan ahead to join us for a fun, unique experience for bisexual, bi-curious& gay MEN in LAS VEGAS! ! This is a truly one of a kind event - join the fun and make new friends too!


The Bi MEN NETWORK is a member supported network! That means we need help from YOU the members one way or another. You can help by contributing funds - even $5 - $10 - or $25 helps. You can REGISTER early for Las Vegas event if you are unsure you can attend this coming Spring - you will have a PAID spot for any future Bi Men EVENT - or yet better join us as a valued LIFETIME MEMBER at only $69. See how to contribute online or to mail in cash, check or money order at our contribution and donation page at:


We are doing a major push with both emails and more expensive hard copy first class "snail mails" to key persons in sales and marketing across the USA and Canada. Do you know the name, title and mailing address for any such persons? IF so email them to "Mac" here at Bi MEN NETWORK so that we can mail them our PR piece and rate sheet and info on Bi MEN. We need more revenues from banner ads in our monthly newsletter and we need sponsors for the Bi MEN and for our events! IF you know any key contact folks in sales and marketing please send "Mac" that info - privacy and discretion are assured. No one will know that you referred us to these people - but we need this insider information for this campaign!


Sales & Marketing Director: Member needed to act as our Sales and Marketing Director - part-time or full-time. This would be ideal for a skilled professional in this field who is seeking more work in his current job or at his own agency or a retired or semi- retired professional who could work from home and would be willing to take it on to assist the Bi Men Network in this vital post. Please email Founder "MAC" at: or call (562) 983-3102 Pacific Time.

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