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February 2005 Newsletter
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This year we are moving our BI Men Getaway Weekend and Conference to fabulous Las Vegas! Join us for our unique MEN ONLY event in Sin City! Come early - or stay late or make a week of it! All guys are welcome to attend all or parts of the entire program. Pick and choose what YOU want to attend. Locals and area BI Men encouraged to attend parts of the program as day trippers! REGISTER now and save! Be sure to book your hotel room now if you want to get the bargain $72 night rate for Friday and Saturday, April 1st and 2nd. Other nights are a low $59.


We welcome all BI and gay men 18 to 118. Register now at only $50 or pay $70 later or at the door. Check out the details online at: - spread the news! And register online with PayPal (checks or debit or credit cards) or mail in your payment with cash, check or money order. Online registration at:

are now here!!!
Happy to announce that we will have a new public BI Men Info website at: which will be a public world portal with no adult content. We want to thank Sam the Man - a BI Men Member who has taken charge of this new project. On the INFO site we will have a BI MEN Town Square or Shopping Plaza where you can buy a variety of products and services that are vetted by the BI MEN, and products or services of our members or friends of the BI Men Network.

IF you have a service or product for sale on the web let me ("Mac") know. All vendors on this site will help support the BI Men Network with a fee for their "rent" there or a percentage of sales.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
For your BI and gay male friends

THE FRONT RUNNER: Harlan Brown is a tough, conservative track coach -- hiding from his past at a small college. Billy Sive is a brilliant young runner who likes men -- and doesn't mind who knows it. When they fall in love, they will enter a race against hate and prejudice that takes them to the '76 Olympics and a shocking, shattering conclusion. With ten million copies in 9 languages, it's the most celebrated gay love story of all time.
THE FRONT RUNNER is available as a Hardcover, Softcover, and a Leather Bound Collectors Edition.

THE WILD MAN: Antonio, a handsome and disillusioned bullfighter, secretly longs to release the wild bulls back to primordial freedom. Juan, a lusty, gentle peasant youth, has a gift for healing and burning passion to become the world's finest veterinarian. When they discover their forbidden feelings for each other, only two people share their perilous secret -- Antonio's fearless lesbian twin and the beautiful fiancee that Antonio's family demands he marry. This is a searing, stunning chronicle of fascist Spain in the Sixties, with a powerful message for the present.
THE WILD MAN is available as a Softcover Edition.

For your straight, BI and lesbian female friends
(or for yourself to please your lady or ladies!)
LESBIAN SEX TIPS: A Guide for Anyone Who Wants To Bring Pleasure to the Woman She (Or He) Loves: So you're BI and you know how to satisfy guys, but you really need a road map for women? Here's a great book/ebook recommended on TV's "The Sunday Night Sex Show."
LESBIAN SEX TIPS is available as a softcover or a downloadable PDF.

Review: Many males wonder how lesbians have sex - after all, they don't have a penis between them. You know what? Males could learn a lot of lovemaking tips from lesbians. Here is a great book, LESBIAN SEX TIPS: A Guide for Anyone Who Wants To Bring Pleasure to the Woman She (Or He) Loves. It will answer all your questions. Just because Lesbian is in the title, anybody who loves and is sexually active with women will gain great insight into their sexual responses and how to please them. This is one invaluable little book by Tracey Stevens & Katherine Wunder.
Sue Johanson
Sunday Night Sex Show

Send Flowers

A new online service for the people you love: flowers sent directly from the growers at half the price of many florists! We researched the best online flower distributor to find one who will provide quality products for our GLBT community. You can set up your own online account and send flowers for all occasions.

Visit the Amazing Dreams Flower Shop and send your sweetheart flowers today!

For everyone you really LOVE
Including yourself

Need a website or a custom newsletter like this one? Our webmistress has designed award winning websites for all kinds of businesses, including adult-related companies. Tracey feels that we all need to work together in our GLBT community, and she will work with you to make your business the best it can be. You can contact Tracey at her company,, for award winning web and graphic design at great prices.

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