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February 2007 Newsletter

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Dear BI Men Members & Friends:

RE: Happy Valentine's & Birthday of BI Men Network
BI Men Network Designated Charity for 2006-2007

Hi MEN! hope you had great holidays and you have my sincere, best wishes for Valentine's. I am happy to say we are now in our tenth year as Valentine's is also the Anniversary or Birth Date of our BI Men Network. I hope that you and yours will have a great year with health and happiness and more than enough bread to keep the wolf from your front door - if not across town or cross-state!

Try to plan ahead this year to join us for our 6th Annual BI Men Getaway Weekend and BI Men Conference this October back in Palm Springs for a second year here - after one year in Las Vegas and three years in San Diego. Do plan ahead to join us then and there. Buy a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP and get a free pass to this or any BI Men major event as well as a free month of BI mmf quality pay-for-porn from Three Pillows. Go

This year (2007) $20 of each and every lifetime paid membership will go as a cash donation to CEPRESI in Nicaragua - our new, BI MEN NETWORK designated charitable organization.

Last Fall I traveled to Nicaragua and met with the leaders of CEPRESI in Managua. This is our new BI Men Network charity for 2006-2007. CEPRESI is the leading non-governmental nonprofit organization fighting AIDS in Nicaragua. While Nicaragua and Haiti are the two very poorest countries in the Americas today - Nicaragua has by far the lowest incidence of active AIDS cases and HIV infection whereas Haiti sadly has the very highest. It is miserable to have AIDS or HIV infection in any country on earth - but especially in these two very poor nations.

As they say: "An inch of prevention is worth a pound of cure!" This is especially true in Nicaragua which has an 80 per cent poverty rate. Those who can and do work make about $2 a day. There is little to no government infrastructure to fight AIDS there and little sex education for AIDS prevention.

CEPRESI works in this field. I met with them in Managua and delivered a cash donation in person as well as a suit case full of condoms and water-based lubricant samples from our BI Men Network sponsors. I could not tell if they were more pleased with the sex aids or the cash - but they loved both and were very grateful and very delighted to meet US and to receive our BI Men Network donations. No one from the USA it seems had ever set up an appointment to come by and give anything or even say hi!

Nicaragua as noted has the lowest incidence of AIDS and HIV infection in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti is number one with 27 times as much AIDS/HIV as Nicaragua. Costa Rica the "wealthy" neighbor next door to the south has three times as much AIDS/HIV as Nicaragua and Honduras the poor neighbor to their north has 9 times as much AIDS/HIV as does Nicaragua. So you can readily see that our donations in kind of condoms and lubricants and cash are needed and do go far to help keep Nicaragua a relatively AIDS free-zone in all of the Americas.

CEPRESI is also in dire need of sex education and STD and AIDS prevention videos and dvd's. If the titles are in ENGLISH they can add subtitles or talk along with the educational tapes as they are played. Due to the low educational levels there - tapes are even more valuable than written materials. Also with younger men today - as here - coming up in a more audio/visual world - tapes are far better as a means to educate.

An ounce of prevention is indeed worth a pound if not a ton of cure when it comes to such a desperately poor nation as Nicaragua. Won't you help? Join us as a LIFETIME MEMBER at only $69.00 (or join again) and $20 will go to CEPRESI and you will also get a free pass to any of our BI Men major events as well as a free month of BI mmf pay-for-porn from Three Pillows.

Go to: or contact me - "MAC" - direct at:

Or go to our website and see the CONTACT links to reach me via our website at Thanks!

We CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and help Nicaragua to continue to be truly blessed as a relatively AIDS free zone in the Americas. Why not help make a difference? You can join as a lifetime member or you can send a donation to our BI MEN NETWORK and tell me you want half or all to go to CEPRESI in Nicaragua.

Feel free if you wish to help CEPRESI directly as if you have educational tapes or donations in kind or cash contributions. Contact their Executive Directory Norman Guiterrez. They sadly do not have enough money or staff for a website/web presence at this time. But as you can imagine that is not in Nicaragua an immediate or high priority. Contact me here if you want to contact them directly or I will be happy to be the middle hombre!

This is our first CHARITY since we contributed to the last North American Bisexual Conference in Minneapolis. This time I need YOUR HELP to help CEPRESI as our funding from the Bisexual Foundation ended long ago.

Please also if you will support our major sponsors: Adult Friend Finder;
OUT Personals, and Three Pillows. Get free basic memberships at AFF or OUT or take the free tour at Three Pillows. Every click from our men and our friends DOES help the BI Men Network. See below for details on these and our other affiliations and sponsors.

I need you help MEN. Please help me to help the bisexual, BI-curious and gay MEN of Nicaragua to avoid the curse of AIDS and HIV infections as well as other STD's too. It is bad here to have any of these - just think how horrible it would be to be infected with any of these in the poorest Latin country in Latin America! Muchas gracias!

If you have any questions about CEPRESI, AIDS and bisexuality/homosexuality in Nicaragua do contact me directly!

Big hugs and long tugs,

Stewart ("Mac") McCloud
Founder and Moderator
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