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February 2008 Newsletter

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Happy Valentines Day!
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Dear BI Men Members & Friends:


Hi MEN, as many of you may know - the Yahoo Groups which functioned so well over the first five years of our 8-9 years here now - no longer function that well for making both new friends and hot hook-ups. I have considered many alternatives for new PERSONALS over recent years including co-branding; our own software; or partnering with another organization or company.

AT LONG LAST - I myself have joined ADULT FRIEND FINDER and OUT PERSONALS both and AMIGOS.COM which you get free when you buy into A/F/F. Frankly, this appears to be the BEST ANSWER for our 1/4 million BI and gay MEN worldwide and perhaps the best "money" one for the BI Men Network itself as well.

Because if you will join via OUR LINK the BI Men Network will get an affiliate's cut. You can also JOIN FOR FREE. As a Basic Member you can test the waters or at least get contacted by BI men in your area or visiting your area. ALSO at ADULT FRIEND FINDER you can meet women, couples, TV's, TD's, gay men, as well as other BI and BI-curious men and BI couples. Seems to be the best of ALL WORLDS for our horny sumbitches - I.e. the MEN here! LOL!

I URGE YOU to join as a GOLD MEMBER for $149.00 as I did - and get 15 months now - that is $10 a month under the current special offer. You will be able to do everything there and meet every sort of person worldwide for sex and fun and friendship. When enough of our men join we will form BI MEN Groups for each state and foreign nation within ADULT FRIEND FINDER so we can more easily network there as well as here and via our worldwide portal/home website

IF you join as a GOLD MEMBER - the BI MEN NETWORK - will give you a FREE PASS ($50 to $80 value) to the 6th Annual BI Men Getaway Weekend and BI Men Conference (next Fall) OR will give you a FREE MONTH of BI mmf pay-for-porn as $30 value. So that would be $149 for 15 months with a free pass to our BI Men Weekends or a free month of BI mmf pay-for-porn at THREE PILLOWS. Just send me the receipt (emailed to you) as proof of payment and BUY through the BI Men Network affiliate url. Please DO use this link to join:


This is most definitely ONE if NOT the best answer to try to meet discreetly for hot SEX for only $10 a month! I do urge everyone to go and try the FREE basic membership and "test the waters.".

SO GO NOW to join for FREE or 3 months or better yet 12/15 months - this LINK benefits our BI Men Network. Please DO use this link to visit and join:

Try it - I am pretty sure you will like it. If you MEET just one hot guy or BI couple per month it would be worth the $10 monthly. For those who travel it is even a BETTER DEAL - as they have playmates around the globe! I have already started meeting muy caliente sexo hombres for my upcoming travels south of the border to Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras! Stay posted for my "True Tells"!

Have a great Fall!
Big hugs and long tugs,

Stewart ("Mac") McCloud
Founder and Moderator
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