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March 2005 Newsletter

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Thank you for your support!


This year we are moving our BI Men Getaway Weekend and Conference to fabulous Las Vegas! Join us for our unique MEN ONLY event in Sin City! Come early - or stay late or make a week of it! All guys are welcome to attend all or parts of the entire program. Pick and choose what YOU want to attend. Locals and area BI Men encouraged to attend parts of the program as day trippers! REGISTER now and save! Be sure to book your hotel room now if you want to get the bargain $72 night rate for Friday and Saturday, April 1st and 2nd. Other nights are a low $59.

We welcome all BI and gay men 18 to 118. Register now at only $50 or pay $70 later or at the door. Check out the details online at: - spread the news! And register online with PayPal (checks or debit or credit cards) or mail in your payment with cash, check or money order. Online registration at:

Our Bi Men Network is very pleased to welcome Bill Burleson and Drew Kyle as our Guests of Honor for 2005 at our Bi MEN WEEKEND in Las Vegas. Bill Burleson is the author of "Bi America" - new from Haworth Press - and he is founder of Bi 101 ( & Bi Minnesota. Drew Kyle is the website owner & developer of All Things Bi and www.bisexualcom. He created the original Bi Men Network website ( as a generous gift to all bi guys several years ago! He is in effect our Bi Men "Godfather." Both men will be honored Friday evening, April 1st at a private dinner party at Hugo's Cellar in Las Vegas in conjunction with the Bi Men Getaway Weekend & Annual Conference in Las Vegas!

Bi AMERICA: Bill Burleson, who will be a guest of honor in Las Vegas and a presenter there, is the author of "Bi America: Myths, Truths & Struggles of an Invisible Community" - a new book coming from Haworth Press - early 2005.

"ENJOYABLE AND INFORMATIVE. . .There is no question that this book will provide readers with a better understanding of the social, sexual, political, and HIV-associated situations of bisexuals and help them to quell the related misunderstandings that surround them. Burleson writes beautifully and provides a very evenhanded depiction of the bisexual in America."
- Martin S. Weinberg, PhD, Professor, Department of Sociology, Indiana University; Co-author of Dual Attraction: Understanding Bisexuality
Bi AMERICA is available here:

Meet Drew Kyle - our 2nd guest of honor - in Las Vegas!
Please visit all three of his fine bi websites

Top 10 Leprechaun Complaints

They find a certain cereal to be neither magical or delicious.

Even with the seat down, they keep falling in the toilet.

Santa's elves are always stealing their women.

It's hard to hold your whiskey when you're built like a 4 year old.

After you've heard 'Top o' the mornin'
a few thousand times, a simple hello would do.

Pots of gold aren't worth all that much after taxes.

It's not easy to outrun a riding mower.

Every time they wash their outfits,
the entire load of laundry turns green.

You try being whimsical all the time!

Let's just say they've got the smallest
"shillelaghs" you've ever seen!

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BI MEN T-shirts and Caps!

BI MEN T-Shirts - Hanes heavyweight T-shirt (90% cotton) in our theme "Infinite Shades of Gray" with embroidered 3" black and white Yin Yang patch over your heart! Yin Yang is the universal symbol for the duality of being and of our universe - male/female - hot/cold - top/bottom - active/passive - and it has been adopted as the symbol of our BI Men Network. The gray reflects our understanding that human sexuality is a very fluid thing ranging from a paler side of virgin heterosexuality to a darker side of the further reaches of human sexual exploration and experience. We are proud as BI Men to try to balance our lives with the best qualities of our personal yins and yangs. In many ways bisexual men bring out the better natures of both gay and heterosexual men and we strive to do so as BI men in today's world.
SIZES: Adult Medium, Large and Extra Large.

BI MEN Caps - This heavy-duty, six panel, black cap is made of 100% Cotton. The front two panels are supported. Six "breathing" holes. "Yin Yang" white color, embroidery. Plastic, resizable cap lock. High-quality and high-density embroidery.
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The Bi MEN NETWORK wishes to thank these generous sponsors for their support for our Bi Men Weekend Getaway & 2005 Conference - coming soon - to fabulous LAS VEGAS!

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