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April 2005 Newsletter

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Thank you for your support!

Our 4th Bi Men Weekend just ended Sunday, April 3rd in fabulous Las Vegas was our best ever. Over 100 bi men, bi-curious males, gay guys, & bi-couples + assorted bi-friendly locals joined us at the Best Western MARDI GRAS INN & then downtown for our own Fremont Street experiences at the skyscraper casino hotel FITZGERALDS! We kicked it off with a hot JO PARTY Thursday - with cold beer + hot men - then we went out to dinner & out on the town.

Friday the action moved downtown to FITZGERALDS. We had sign-ins with a casual reception all afternoon in our gorgeous view Bi Men Hospitality suite with free drinks, refreshments & munchies + a hot pot of coffee on at all times. At six we adjourned to the Sports Bar on the hotel's 2nd floor where local bi & gay men were free to meet us. We had a private 5 Star Dinner Party at Hugo's Cellar to honor Drew Kyle of 3 Pillows/ Then a private aromatherapy party for our valued Lifetime Members was followed by free brandy, Irish coffee & nightcaps until midnight.

Saturday we had a nice group breakfast, then a full day of Mac's "Be Bi = Be Happy" Program. Afterwards a closed viewing "Cock Walk" of the entries in their free Koala Swim wear/erotic men's wear, followed by a 2nd mixer in the SPORTS BAR - this evening with all bi-friendly locals including bi women, bi couples, bi & gay men, trannies & cd's. Saturday night was our FANTASY NIGHT -again with free night caps & coffee in our Bi Men Hospitality Suite.

Sunday morning - free coffee, juice, eye-openers & donuts in our Bi Men luxury suite! Then tired & tuckered out - we headed home with big s..t eating grins on our bi men mugs!

See Events Program for Bi MEN Network Getaway Weekend


Our THANKS to these generous sponsors
who have donated their products to make both our
Bi Men Weekend in LAS VEGAS and
Our Spring Fundraising Drive SUCCESSFUL!

This Spring Back East Are On Hold!

Due to lack of membership interest and not enough paid early registrations, our Spring Bi MEN WEEKENDS back East are on hold. Florida Sawmill has been scaled back. The three Bi Men Weekends in Georgia, Michigan, and Alabama have been put on hold. Those three host resorts: CAMP IN THE WOODS in Georgia, CAMP IT in Michigan, and SPRING CREEK in Alabama are all still holding Bi GUY WEEKENDS, but MAC (Bi Men Founder) can not travel East to host them due to our financial problems here at Bi MEN.

All three resorts have had interest from their own members and friends and at this date still plan to have Bi GUY WEEKENDS on the dates we had worked out with them last year. There will be NO registration fee to the Bi MEN or a formal program or host on hand from US - but please DO consider patronizing those resorts who are our good friends and are very bi-friendly

Our Spring is Sprung and
Father's Day
Annual Fundraising Drive!
Won't YOU please help! SOS!!

As most of you know, the Bi MEN NETWORK is now well over six years old - but has been wholly independent and member supported over the last 18 months. As noted above, our Bi MEN WEEKENDS back East this Spring have had to be scaled back or put on hold. BUT, the good news is that we NOW have PayPal DONATION BUTTONS on our website, see our mission page, where the public and our membership - including YOU? - can easily donate five or five hundred or five thousand dollars to our Bi MEN NETWORK.

We are helping men just like you worldwide, like this member who wrote us last week:

"Just wanted to say thanks for the web site. I am a bi married man and don't have anyone to communicate with. I hopefully will meet someone from the group. I haven't had too much luck yet. It gets pretty lonely not be able to express yourself. I'm sure there is someone out there that is in the same situation. I'm going to keep looking . . ."

Our services are important! To keep those services free to men in need, we are asking for help from men like you who know how lonely it can be with no one to communicate with or get support from in painful situations

Whether five or five thousand dollars, all donations are needed and gratefully accepted and put to work here. Donors of $1,000 and more are welcome to designate their wishes as to how their donation is expended here as: Bi MEN Events including region; Bi MEN Distress Fund; Bi MEN websites; PR; public education; new member campaigns; safe sex education; Bi MEN workshops; "Special Edition" private email list; Bi Men Network memberships in the ILGA and other GLBT organizations, Men's advocacy and Fathers' Rights groups, Internet-free speech associations; or ???

There is absolutely NO OTHER SOLUTION at this point.

Last year the day was saved - again at this same time - FATHER'S DAY - which along with Founders' Day - are the two BIG EVENTS each year at the Bi MEN NETWORK. Last year we were saved from near death by over 100 men who donated $69 or more as "LIFETIME MEMBERS" to keep us going. That saved the day for nine months - but we are back in the ER again! In our six years it has always been FATHER'S DAY donations that have saved the day. The first was in June 1999 - when over 100 men donated $99 or more each to keep us afloat and we were only a few months old then with only 5,000 or so total members. SO once more we have to ask for YOU - the members - to contribute - to donate.

The GOOD NEWS is now you can donate any amount - $5.00 or more! We need thousands of YOU GUYS to get involved at this level at least once a year and not the same hundred or so guys who give and give and give. We need thousands of our guys involved - even at $5 and $10 and $25 - and more LIFETIME MEMBERS at $69 each.


Even five dollars will help keep us going and growing another year - another decade. Guys it is UP to YOU! Just imagine if ALL 1/4 million guys here contributed $5.00 each. Just imagine! WOW!

So go now - do the right thing - even five dollars will help US go and grow! Click on the donation button below and help us to help others.

What YOU the CONTRIBUTORS Will Receive:

$5.00 CONTRIBUTION: A big Thank You for your contribution - every dollar counts here at the Bi MEN!

$10.00 CONTRIBUTION: Thank you! Each and every $10 contributor receives if they wish our 3" diameter black and white Yin-Yang embroidered Patch to add to your own T-shirt, sweat shirt, or jacket. Let the guys who know know that you know that they know! PLUS the first $10 contributor and every fifth $10 contributor thereafter will receive a DVD from COLT Studio or KOALA. Our patches and the DVD's are sent discreetly to your home or office address in plain US First Class or Priority Mail PLAIN ENVELOPES. No mention of the Bi Men Network anywhere. Help us spread the down-low word - on the QT - that yin-yang is a clue you just might happen to be a bi guy!

$25.00 CONTRIBUTION: And thank you so much! Each and every $25 contributor receives if they wish our 3" diameter black and white Yin-Yang embroidered Patch to add to your own T-shirt, sweat shirt, or jacket. Let the guys who know that you know that they know - and even do something about that secret knowledge! PLUS the first $25 contributor and every fifth $25 contributor thereafter will receive a KOALA thong or swimsuit (a $30 value). All Patches and KOALA men's mentionables (here at least) are sent discreetly to your home or office address in plain US First Class or Priority Mail PLAIN ENVELOPES. No mention of the Bi Men Network anywhere. Help us spread the openly secret knowledge that Yin-Yang Patches might just be your bisexual club member insignia - but maybe not! All $25 contributors also if they so desire receive a one year paid online subscription to our own Bi Men "Special Edition" private, discreet email list.

$69.00 CONTRIBUTION: Thanks for joining us as a valued LIFETIME MEMBER for only $69. YOU valued LIFETIME MEMBERS have year in and year out repeatedly SAVED THE DAY! Thank you so much. You will receive the Yin-Yang embroidered patch as above AS WELL AS: a free month of free bi mmf pay-for-porn at THREE PILLOWS -PLUS a full Lifetime paid online subscription to our own Bi Men "Special Edition". And if you so desire you may have your choice of one of the DVD's above OR a Koala thong or swimsuit. All LIFETIME members get: Yin-Yang Patch; month of bi porn; lifetime subscription to Bi Men "Special Edition; as well as your choice of a COLT or KOALA DVD or a KOALA erotic thong or exotic swimsuit. All discreetly mailed!

For all the guys who wish to donate an amount other than: $5 or $10 or $25 or $69 (and receiving thank yous as above for $5 to $9 - or $11 to $24 - or - $26 to $68 - or $70 and above) - go here to our PayPal contribution button At PayPal you can use any major credit card or debit card and even a check from your checking account!


Send to me ("Mac"):
Stewart McCloud
88 Caravan Street
Palm Springs, CA 92264 USA

Make checks or money orders out to me.
Please include your email address so that I can thank you.
When I do email thank yous I will ask for your info
to complete your thank you gifts as you so desire.

GUYS! I can NOT do it alone!

We have 1/4 million plus active male members with us worldwide. I need more support! We could really build something truly phenomenal if just a few thousand of YOU would contribute instead of the same few hundreds who have carried the day for the past six years!

Even five dollars will help us
to keep GOING & GROWING!

Without your support,
We may have to close our doors!

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