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May 2005 Newsletter

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BI Men Getaway Weekend

3 Fabulous Days & 4 Wild Nights in Las Vegas!
March 30, 31, April 1, & 2, 2006

Be sure to mark your calendars & do plan aHEAD to join the BI MEN NETWORK at our 5th BI Men Getaway Weekend -April Fools Final Four Weekend in fabulous Las Vegas. Four wild nights and three fun-filled days at SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE near the Vegas Strip! We have real bargain rates on this sellout weekend. Rooms are $59 for Thursday and Sunday (shoulder nights) and $99 for Friday and Saturday (prime nights). Free shuttles back to the airport which is close by (a $20 taxi savings) and free shuttles to the Strip - only minutes away - as well.

Special golf deals for 4/8/12/16/20:
10 AM tee-offs Friday, Saturday & Sunday:

We only have 50 rooms set aside at these bargain rates! If you have any intention of attending call the 800 operator & book your rooms for three or four of these key nights with our BMW code. If you find you can not attend - cancel your reservation later & it will get snapped up by another BI MEN member. No need to pay anything to SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE now, but these rooms will go fast. Scalpers were getting $300 a night for such last minute rooms this Spring for the Final Four big weekend in Las Vegas. Be sure to mention the BMW CODE (Beta Mu Weekend) at their 800 res desk at (866) 946-4373 - call soon..

The 2006 BI MEN GETAWAY WEEKEND - will start again on Thursday March 30th Happy Hour with a Meet & Greet JO Party with early bird attendees and local members and other BI and gay male guests. Enjoy free gifts and spiffs from our many friends and valued sponsors!

Friday - Registration - with sign-ins & mingling start 3 PM in our Hospitality Suite (a "whale" suite compliments of SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE) with free drinks - welcome gifts - safe sex kits - ying yang T-shirts& leather bracelets for all attendees. Enjoy old friends - make new pals!

At 6 PM to 8 PM we adjourn to mix & mingle with local BI and gay men - for a free (NO host bar) SOCIAL MIXER in Shady Grove Lounge by the casino and Sundance Cafe. Then a private dinner party to honor our Guest of Honor - Sheldon Lewin - - our first Senior Scholar in Residence & his lovely BI wife Martine (7:30 to 9:30 PM) - in the Twin Creeks Steakhouse at SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE.

Then at 10 PM - Aroma Therapy Party with "MAC" for Lifetime Members only. The PRIVATE PARTY ROOM - 10 PM to wee hours in one of our hosts with Junior Suites for Lifetime Members Only. Brandy and other night caps free for all attendees with "MAC" in our Whale Hospitality Suite in the SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE 10:30 PM to 12:00 Midnight Friday.

Saturday April 2nd - The fun continues - breakfast 9 AM to 10 AM - then we convene at 10 AM to 1 PM in our group meeting venue with our "Be BI = Be Happy!" program led by BI Men Founder "Mac" McCloud.

Break for lunch & then various topics for optional selections 2 to 3:30 PM and 3:30 PM to 5 PM. Our famous "Cock Walk" for valuable prizes! Display your wares in erotic wear & swim-wear from Koala Swim - 5 to 6 PM with free drinks in our Whale Hospitality Suite. Then Happy Hour MIXER with BI and gay men, bisexual couples, and other BI-friendly folks back at Shady Grove Lounge (NO host bar - 6 to 8 PM). Then: out on the town - and - poker party and free drinks and nightcaps with "Mac" in our Senior Hospitality Suite - and - Private Lifetimers JO Party in our Junior Host Suite!

Sunday, April 3rd - eye-openers, coffee, juices & pastries in "Mac's" Whale Suite (9 a.m. to 12 Noon). Pool Party on Sunday afternoon in the SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE heated pool & Jacuzzi. Private Party Room will be open Sunday afternoon & Sunday evening so that one & all may "sow their wild oats" before takeoff. Poker party and night caps with "Mac" Give "Mac" one last chance to clean you out before you head home!

PLAN AHEAD to attend. Most married men were "at" some convention or trade show or business-related (work) event. The best "cover" these days is a COMPANY-MANDATORY "diversity workshop" where NO wives are allowed to accompany you & inform your wife/partner about this mandatory company unpleasant workshop far ahead of time.

This year we will have a local ANSWERING SERVICE with a VOICE MESSAGE updated daily with BMW EVENT DETAILS.

We will also have a Message Phone at SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE for all attendees to the "Brent, McClory & Wheatworth Diversity Workshop" - i.e. the BMW Workshop at the hotel that weekend. If you wish - give that as an emergency contact number.

IF you wish to get a bargain $25 EARLY REGISTRATION & you are ALREADY a paid LIFETIME MEMBER - you can go to the $25 PayPal Contribution Button at:

There in the MEMO to me "Mac" note that this is for "Vegas Registration 2006". You will save up to $60 & help launch this event as well. Only 40 such slots are being offered & six out of the forty have already been sold. So go now & as a valued LIFETIME MEMBER here save $60 & plan ahead to join us. IF for some reason you find you can not attend you will have a free pass for another BI MEN Event of your choice with no expiration date. SO for $25 what can you lose buddy?

IF you wish to REGISTER now & SAVE - & are not already a valued LIFETIME MEMBER here - go to that same page at: - join us as a LIFETIME MEMBER & get a free pass to LAS VEGAS 2006 -an $85 value plus get a free month - May or June or July of free BI mmf porn at - WOW! This is a savings to you of $50 & you help the BI MEN NETWORK go & grow & join our "elite meats" = our Lifetime Members!

Don't miss out! Plan ahead to join us for a fun, unique experience for bisexual, BI-curious& gay MEN in LAS VEGAS! !




Immediate Release - Friday, April 22, 2005
Los Angeles, CA USA


To: All media sources; North American colleges & universities; professional associations.
From: Stewart ("Mac") McCloud, Founder/President BI MEN NETWORK -

Today, Friday, April 22nd, 2005, Stewart ("Mac") McCloud, President and Founder of the BI Men Network stated publicly: "We are happy to announce that the BI MEN NETWORK - now in our 7th year - the world's largest social and support organization for bisexual, BI-curious and gay adult men - with over 1/4 million active male members worldwide on all six continents - is now offering INTERNSHIP PROGRAMS (3 months) for the Summer 2005 and the Fall and Spring terms of the 2005-2006 academic year." He noted the BI MEN NETWORK will offer two long-term "Scholars-In-Residence" appointments for persons doing original research, including Master's or Doctoral theses who wish to work with the BI MEN NETWORK in a collegial manner using our membership and data base to foster better understanding of the vast majority of bisexual and BI curious adult men who are NOT readily available for clinical or scholarly research and evaluation. McCloud noted: "The past study of bisexual and BI-curious men has sadly led to a widespread problem where ONLY unhappy subjects are studied and reported publicly leading to a stilted miscomprehension that BI guys are both few in number and a pretty unhappy bunch to boot." McCloud adds that: "While most of our 1/4 million active adult male members do have to struggle with accepting their BI-side and working out a happy accommodation with their unique double-edged sexual desires - most - and with the help of our BI MEN NETWORK and their peers come to accept the hands they were dealt and live happy "normal" lives!" The 2005-2006 chosen THEME of the BI MEN NETWORK is our common goal and cherished wish: "Be BI = Be Happy!"

The BI MEN are seeking interested candidates who are in GLBT Studies Programs or Gender or Sexuality Studies Programs sat North American colleges and universities or college and university students who are active in the GLBT community or wish to make a contribution to same as Interns. Working with our Networks will give our successful candidates access to an untapped research and data base of over 1/4 million BI and gay adult men. It will also give them a hands-on, real-life experience working with many bisexual and gay men in a real life, real world setting on all six continents. Successful interns will be awarded one or more of our BI MEN NETWORK Community Service Awards that can be added to their vitaes. Our successful short-term interns will also be welcomed down-the-road to use our unique research and data base for their Master's and Doctoral Theses or other original research projects before or after their degrees are awarded. We are open to short-term contacts as interns or longer associations with persons deeply interested in bisexual, BI-curious and gay men as an area of their chosen professional studies and expertise.

McCloud went on to add: "Our new SCHOLARS-IN-RESIDENCE Program envisions a Senior Scholar and then a Junior Scholar who will work with us for one to three years on a long-term research project as a thesis where the BI MEN NETWORK will be an ideal and unique source for these scholars. When the Senior Scholar moves on - the Junior Scholar in Residence will assume that role and a new Junior Scholar will be recruited and brought aboard."

Interested parties should EMAIL our FOUNDER - Stewart McCloud - promptly - at: txgoodbiguy @

See our two major world portals at: We just held our 5th Annual BI Men Getaway Weekend and BI Men Conference in Las Vegas - and will be holding another next Spring (March 30 - April 3, 2006) in Las Vegas - and all successful interns are welcomed to attend as our guests.

Our Scholars-In-Residence will always be welcomed and invited to join us free at all our BI MEN Events worldwide.

Evaluation of candidates will commence May 1st and offers will be extended to meritorious candidates promptly (i.e. we are eager to make appointments to interested, qualified parties - not merely accumulate a large field of many candidates and make last minute decisions). This is a unique opportunity for candidates and we welcome YOU!

Three month internships are: Summer 2005 and Fall 2006 and Winter/Spring 2006. Scholars-In-Residence slots are custom fits to quality, superior candidates and their unique projects and the time projections for completion of same.


Stewart ("Mac") McCloud, Founder & President, BI MEN NETWORK -
PHONE - afternoons - direct - Pacific Daylight Time (562) 983-3102 - Long Beach, CA

BI Men Network =

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