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July 2006 Newsletter

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Thank you for your support!


Dear Bi Men Members and Friends:

Well MEN - summer has arrived, and with the hot temps in the desert in Palm Springs I myself know it is indeed here. I hope you all have a great summer, and get some R and R, along with some quality time with families and loved ones, and some action too. Use it or lose it - indeed.

Our Father's Day GIFT to you, the membership as a whole, and our friends and website visitors is the first of many new STORY ROOMS. These new, hot and exciting STORY ROOMS - have True Tell and Tall Tales from the "Archives" of our Bi Men Network - works from our own members submitted to me for our MEN over the last 8 years. I am sure MANY of you will find them quite enjoyable one-handed reading, and remember to tell your bi and gay male buds about them, and share the link with other bi guy friendly groups or message boards you may frequent..

Our DIRECT link to our New Free Story Rooms is:

For more good free bi mmf stuff from our Bi Men Network - also try: and

I am considering adding PERSONALS that we RUN ourselves to the Bi Men Network, as the Yahoo Groups do NOT fulfill this function as well as they used to do for us over the last 8 years.

In my humble opinion, the BEST PERSONALS which you should all consider using, or at least take a look at, are:

These three websites are all free and are all now global - free worldwide - in their reach. Each of these three have their pros and their cons. THE REASON we would have our own Personals is to help meet part of our MISSION STATEMENT - that generally it is better for bi guys to meet other bi guys for hookups for romance, or to meet gay guys who were once bisexual themselves and are receptive to bi guys and understand them, hopefully more than most gay men today.

IF you have PERSONALS or DATING software or know programs, or could host this site or know a good outfit to host such a Bi Men Network Personals, please contact me "MAC" at our Bi Men Network:, or call me (760) 322-8672. I am very open to hearing your views on Bi MEN NETWORK getting our own PERSONALS??? This would be a considerable investment, but it might really help our guys find other bi guys vs. getting into other systems - paid or free which are overwhelmingly GAY.

SO that is OUR NEWS - and do not forget our 5th Bi Men Getaway Weekend and 5th Bi Men Conference coming up this Columbus 3 Day Weekend here in Palm Springs - that's October 5th to 8th.

I have some substantial deposits/costs to bear this summer before the event. SO DO LISTEN UP MEN - have I got a deal for you guys - as my Special Sizzling Hot Fathers' Day special offer - which you will only see here - good until JULY 31st. ONLY $35.00 - cash - check - or money order for YOUR PASS (or buy a buddy a pass too) to our 5th Bi Men Getaway Weekend and Bi Men Conference - coming to PALM SPRINGS, CA USA on October 5th-8th, 2006. This is the HOT HOT HOT "American Heat" Weekend in PS with the many hot rod and motorcycle guys and their hot dolls who flock to these exciting American Road Show events. LOTS OF FUN FUN FUN for bi and gay men only. See the PS EVENTS details - go to:

This is for cash, check, or money orders ONLY - for the $35 offer - yes only thirty five dollars vs. $80 at the door if you should delay. IF for some reason you can NOT attend this year, you will have a free pass to any other future year or to any other Bi Men Network event. CASH - CHECK - or MONEY ORDER only - if you wish to use a credit card you will need to PAY $40.00 on Pay Pal vs. $35 sent to me via US Mail.

To get the $35.00 SUMMER SIZZLING FATHERS' DAY SPECIAL OFFER - send $35 - cash or check or money order to me:

Stewart ("Mac") McCloud
88 Caravan Street
Palm Springs, CA 92264 USA
(760) 322-8672 if you've got questions.

SEND it in now by July 31st for this discounted FATHERS' DAY price. You, of course, do not need to be a Father - but then how many progeny do YOU have out there that you may not know about over the years of sowing oh so many wild oats. HMMMMM!

IF you have already PAID for this year, or have a credit, or have NOT used your first LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP pass - you are set. NOT to worry guy.

OK - and coming soon our all new
STORY ROOMS. I've already sent over 100 stories to Tracey to get UP for your one-handed reading pleasure and erotic bemusement.

Have a really great summer and do remember no matter HOW OLD YOU ARE - you've got ONE HOT POP COCK. IF NOT that, you've got one hot arse, or one hot, hungry, talented mouth - or ?

So - check out: SILVER DADDIES at
www.silverdaddies. com - with FREE personals and also try ADAM 4 ADAM - - also FREE and CRAIG'S LIST - - all 3 are worldwide and all three are free.

Enjoy the summer MEN - and do plan aHEAD to make it to our hot UPcoming Columbus long three Day Weekend here in exciting Palm Springs, CA USA.

Big hugs and long tugs,

Stewart ("Mac") McCloud
Founder and Moderator

Over 1/4 million men with us today!

5th BI Men Getaway Weekend

3 Fabulous Days and 4 Wild Nights in Palm Springs!
October 5, 6, 7, and 8, 2006

Be sure to mark your calendars & do plan aHEAD to join the BI MEN NETWORK at our 5th BI Men Getaway Weekend on Columbus Day Weekend in fabulous Palm Springs Four wild nights and three fun-filled days at great venues on the southside of Palm Springs near the PSP airport & the new lavish downtown Indian casino just like those of the big boys in Las Vegas!

We have real bargain rates over this popular long weekend. Rooms are only $60 for a single with a king and only $70 for a room with two double beds for those who would like to share and save money. We can help you find a roomie to share your room - but please don't look to your roomie as a sex toy - LOL. There will be plenty of action so that you can use your shared room to rest! A great olde lady freund of mine - MONIKA - got us this great deal at the lovely ROYAL SUN INN at 1700 South Palm Canyon Drive on the south end of Palm Springs. To get this bargain BMW rate you must call them directly and book over their 800 (toll-free) number and ask for this BMW rate. So - since space is limited - and this is the famed American HEAT Weekend in PS - call ASAP and book your king (single) room or your two doubles (double room). Call reservations toll- free at 800/619-4SUN (which is 800/619-4786. You can visit their website for views and a virtual tour at:

"MAC" will have their lush "Spa Suite" for late night "mixers" for intimate mingling Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. This "Spa Suite" will be this year's hospitality suite with free drinks, coffee and munchies round the clock from 9 AM up until 1 AM. The Royal Sun in is on South Palm Canyon Drive near Mac's new home in Palm Springs. Our guys are encouraged to stay at our ROYAL SUN INN host venue with this bargain BMW rate and to reserve early as space for this rate is limited and this is the big American HEAT weekend as well and is the three day Columbus Day holiday weekend. To get the BMW bargain rate you must stay at least two (2) of the four nights - or stay three (3) or all four (4) nights - October 5th to 8th. You do NOT need a car to enjoy this entire weekend. The Palm Springs Airport is only 3-4 miles away. You can also fly into Ontario, CA or Los Angeles area airports. When space is sold out at the Royal Sun Inn please make other arrangements at other nearby motels as: Best Western, Vagabond and Travelodge. For any "high rollers" who're up for much higher priced luxury lodgings feel free to contact Mac for some suggestions.

With travel costs UP - we are opting to stay closer to our home-base to keep costs low. Guys will be able to share rooms at the Royal Sun Inn at $35-40 each to save as well as share rides to save money.. Mac will assist you if you wish to share either a room or ride or both. Just contact Mac directly by phone or better yet by email. If you do bring your own car - you will have the opportunity to earn some gas money from MAC when you help out with rides to other Bi Men Weekend attendees who are car-less that weekend. IF you are driving out with a vehicle that can seat 5 or more and want to "work" as a "Mac" Mobile driver - shuttle service of sorts - and will plan to keep your wits about you - then contact "Mac" for a deal he may have with YOUR NAME written all over it.

You will need to make your own room reservations and your own travel arrangements - plus pay for your Bi Men Getaway registration fee - pay by Labor Day and save more. Registrations after Labor Day online or by mail welcomed as well as at the door at $80 cash.

Our host venue:

ROYAL SUN INN, "The INN place to be!" - 1700 South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264 - toll-free reservations - 800/619-4SUN or 800/619-4786 - ask for the low BMW RATES for October 5th to 8th. That is $60 for a king single or $70 for two double beds. For this BMW low bargain rate you must stay at least TWO of the four nights. You get a free buffet breakfast each morning there - plus a fridge, coffee pot and microwave in your room. Request 2nd floor to be with the BMW gang and to have your own balcony as well:

IF space is sold out - try: Best Western Inn or Vagabond Inn of similar quality very nearby or budgeteers try the Travelodge, 333 East Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs - (800) 578-7875 - at $55 a night (or more for HEAT Weekend).

Realize that only a limited number of rooms are set aside at these low BMW bargain rates! If you have any intention of attending call their toll-free 800 res desk so you can lock in these bargain prices. Call soon. Reserve your room early - when gone - they are gone with the wind forever. This is the very popular "American Heat" Weekend in PS and these are just great BMW bargain rates for us.

IF you're unable to make it you can cancel later or pass it on to another oh so happy BMW guy who might have gotten shut out.

The 2006 BI MEN GETAWAY WEEKEND - will start again on Thursday, October 5th Happy Hour with a Meet & Greet JO FUN Party with early bird attendees and local members and other Bi and gay male guests. Enjoy free beer and sodas and camaraderie with early birds and other Bi & gay men. Be UP for fun - 5 PM to 7 PM. Lifetime Members only plus local guys/invitees + squad members.

Thursday 7 PM - cocktails at Davey's in Palm Springs - then 8 PM dinner there - Dutch treat! Right across Palm Canyon Drive from our host venue Royal Sun Inn - plus close to our Bi Men "Club House" too.

Friday - Registration - with sign-ins plus mingling starts 3 PM - go to our new Bi Men "Club House" at Mac's new home near our host venue - the Royal Sun Inn. Munchies with free drinks - welcome gifts - safe sex kits - ying yang T-shirts & leather bracelets for our attendees. Enjoy old friends and make new pals! Repeat offenders come get yet more beads on your wrist.

At 7 PM we adjourn for dinner (Dutch treat) and to rest and clean-up for an action packed evening in hot, exciting Palm Springs.

Then at 9 PM - Aroma Therapy Party with "MAC" for Lifetime Members only. The PRIVATE PARTY ROOM - 9:30 PM up to 1 AM with Mac and one of our hosts for Lifetime Members Only. Free drinks as well as Brandy and night caps free for all attendees with "MAC" in our "SPA" (Hospitality Suite). If you are NOT a Lifetime Member you can "upgrade" your standing for only $20 - but best to just join once as a Lifetime Member for only $20 to attend the PRIVATE Lifetime Members only parties. IF you are already a Lifetime Member then just pay the $50 registration fee before Labor Day or buy another Lifetime Membership for $69 vs. $80 cash at the door.

Saturday October 7th - The fun continues - free Royal Sun Inn buffet breakfast 7 AM to 10 AM - then we convene at 10 AM to 1 PM in our group meeting venue with our "Be BI = Be Happy!" program led by BI Men Founder "Mac" McCloud. The morning meeting area is poolside under a nice shaded canopy enjoying the world-famed wonderful Fall climate of Palm Springs.

Break for scrumptious Mexican lunch provided by the Bi MEN NETWORK at a nearby restaurant - a short walk away - well-known and one of Barry Manilow's favorite PS haunts. Lunch on the Bi Men Network - but you buy your own beer or margaritas! We then return to the ROYAL SUN INN and break out in smaller meeting rooms to enjoy various topics for optional selections 2 to 3:30 PM and 3:30 PM to 5 PM. Then our infamous "Cock Walk" for valuable prizes! Display your wares in erotic wear or swim-wear from our sponsors or better yet bring your own erotic "Cock-Walk" costume of your own creation. This is 6 to 7:30 PM with free drinks & munchies in Mac's Hostpitality Spa Suite courtesy of the Bi Men Network.

At 8 pm we meet nearby at the famed "CEDAR CREEK INN" - for a fine champagne banquet dinner and we will honor this year's "Man of the Year". Last year we honored Drew of Three Pillows - the "god-father" of our Bi Men Network at Hugo's Cellar in Las Vegas. The 2006 Man of the Year - will be announced at this champagne banquet dinner. Banquet dinner - no charge to all Lifetime Members (a $35 value). Gentlemen who wish to bring their wives or lady friendsor boy friends to this function contact MAC to make such an arrangement ($35 cash) - but please note the rest of the weekend is MEN ONLY - bi and gay men and bi and gay male couples all welcomed - aged 18 to 118 throughout the long weekend. This is the only "mixed" function.

Then - out on the town - hit the big CASINO or do a gay bar tour or go to the baths here - or back to our Spa Hospitality Suite - once again open for Male Merrye Makers - 10 pm to 1 am. Free drinks, brandy, night caps in our Spa Hospitaly Suite at the Royal Sun Inn.

NOTE: Please remember that PRIVATE PARTY functions are for "Lifetime Members" only - only $69 or pay added $20 to Mac in PS.

Sunday, October 8th - Free Buffet Breakfast provided at the Royal Sun Inn and upstairs free eye-openers, coffee, juice in Mac's Hospitality Spa Suite from 10 AM to NOON. Bi Men Pool Party - 12 NOON to 4 PM with free beach ball souvenirs from Mac - with free drinks, beer and lunch on the Bi Men Network. Happy Hour - 5 to 7 pm in our spa hospitality suite with Mac - and then on the town on your own for dinner out, then some gambling or cruising about. Our PRIVATE PARTY ROOM - re-opens 9 pm to Midnight Sunday Evening for Lifetime Members still so inclined! Free drinks and night-caps in the party room. Come say good-bye and then off to bed.

PLAN ahead to attend. Most married men were "at" some convention or trade show or business-related (work) event. The best "cover" these days is a COMPANY-MANDATORY "diversity workshop" where NO wives are allowed to accompany you & inform your wife/partner about this mandatory company unpleasant workshop far ahead of time. IF your wife or girlfriend is the type who can keep herself busy - she can attend the champagne banquet at the additional cost of $35. If enough women do show up - my mother "Honey" has graciously agreed to host a free continental breakast/coffee klatch for wives to meet and discuss shared concerns. IF your wife is with you and staying with you at the Royal Sun Inn - she of course can join us for the pool party on Sunday and the BI Men will be happy to cover her lunch order free at no added charge to you.

IF you wish to get our bargain $50 EARLY REGISTRATION and save up to thirty bucks by registering NOW! Go to:

There in the MEMO to me "Mac" note that this is for "PS Registration 2006". Save up to thirty bucks now! IF you want to attend all the PRIVATE LIFETIME MEMBERS ONLY PARTIES - go for the $69 Lifetime Membership - or you can upgrade in PS with $20 to MAC.

IF you wish to REGISTER now & SAVE - & are not already a valued LIFETIME MEMBER here - go to that same page at: join us as a LIFETIME MEMBER & get a free pass to PALM SPRINGS 2006 -an $80 value plus get a free full month - of free BI mmf porn at WOW! This is a savings to you of $50 & you help the BI Men Network go & grow & join our "elite meats" = Lifetime Members! Spiffs & prizes for our lifetime members plus our hot JO rooms!

Don't miss out! Plan aHEAD to join us for a fun, unique experience for bisexual, BI-curious& gay MEN in PALM SPRINGS! ! This is a truly one of a kind event - join the fun and make new friends too! Private JO Party Rooms each & every day or night for our valued Lifetime Members only. SO - join now as a LIFETIME MEMBER. Thank you!



The BI MEN NETWORK is a member supported network! That means we need help from YOU the members one way or another. You can help by contributing funds - even $5 - $10 - or $25 helps. You can REGISTER early for our Palm Springs event if you are unsure you can attend this coming October - you will have a PAID spot for any future BI Men EVENT - or yet better join us as a valued LIFETIME MEMBER at only $69. See how to contribute online or to mail in cash, check or money order at our contribution and donation page at:


We are doing a major push with both emails and more expensive hard copy first class "snail mails" to key persons in sales and marketing across the USA and Canada. Do you know the name, title and mailing address for any such persons? IF so email them to "Mac" here at BI MEN NETWORK so that we can mail them our PR piece and rate sheet and info on BI MEN. We need more revenues from banner ads in our monthly newsletter and we need sponsors for the BI MEN and for our events! IF you know any key contact folks in sales and marketing please send "Mac" that info - privacy and discretion are assured No one will know that you referred us to these people - but we need this insider information for this campaign!


Sales and Marketing Director: Member needed to act as our Sales and Marketing Director - part-time or full-time. This would be ideal for a skilled professional in this field who is seeking more work in his current job or at his own agency or a retired or semi- retired professional who could work from home and would be willing to take it on to assist the BI Men Network in this vital post. Please email Founder "MAC" at: or call (760)322-8672 Pacific Time.

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