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"The College Canoe Trip"

There were four of us, two sophomores and two juniors in college. Exams were over and we were going to hit the road for northern Wisconsin and a week on the water. We loaded two seventeen foot aluminum canoes on top of my car and all our gear for a week in the trunk....we had planned wisely for this and were taking just the necessities. It was a ten hour drive from the mid west to Boulder Junction, Wisconsin where we pitched our first nights camp in the Birch Bark Campgrounds along the river. The air was bracing on this second day of June...and we set up both of our voyager tents and a huge dinning fly over the table which was a good choice because of the frequent rain showers.

We were really tired the first night after the long drive, but we prepared supper and ate heartily and then played cards until around 10:00PM when we turned in for the night...I barely remember my head hitting the built in pillow of my air mattress as I slipped into my new sleeping bag.

The next morning, it was clear and very cool...we lit the wood fire and learned right off that the north woods required plenty of misquito repellant..we fixed a hot breakfast and launched the canoes ladened with our gear....Rob in the bow and me in the stern of the first canoe and Jack and Jerry in the other....we paddled north up the river onto Boulder Lake which was choppy from the wind....on past Boulder Island where we would stay on the way back....on east to the water fall where we had to portage around the cascades, reloading the canoe on the other side. We had intended to paddle on up to Upper Fish Trap Lake, but somehow in our enthusiasm for the north woods took a wrong turn and ended up on Nixon Creek and finally onto Nixon Lake where we pitched camp in the afternoon on the island in the was a designated camp site for campers and we were not the first to have used it that week....but finding ourselves totally alone...we chose the best sight we thought and pitched our tents....

We built a camp fire, and started the evening meal....the day had gone fast and here we were facing an unbelievable sunset and more mosquitoes. We pulled the canoes from the water, secured the to the tree closest to our tents and took all perishables inside with us as well as our canoe paddles....we had been forewarned that beaver would chew the handles off the paddles to extract the salt from the perspiration of our hands. When it gets dark in the north woods, it really gets dark...and so it was.....Rob and I in our tent, and Jack and Jerry in theirs...each bidding one another a good nights sleep

Rob and I had a battery camp lantern..and were reading a bit....and growing weary...turnedout the light around 9:00PM....again I barely remember my heading hitting the pillow until we were awakened sometime around mid-night with the low deep growl of an animal outside our tent. It woke Rob and I both...

"What is it?" he said....a city boy like me, having no great experience with wild life.

"I don't know, but I hope to God that it isn't a bear," I replied.

The growling sound got closer and we could hear sticks breaking in the thicket to the outer limit of the camp site....

"Do we yell......? What do we do?" Rob asked again....

"I don't know....but I think yelling would only make things worse....take the food scraps out of the box and throw them as far as you can down the path," I suggested.

He did this, leaving us with out anything edible inside the tent...only sealed cans....We heard the foot steps move toward the hill side where the food had landed....

"Do you think this will stop it?" he asked....

"I sure hope so....let's remember never to bring food into the tent again", I replied.

Our horror returned as we heard the growling start back our way.

"Oh shit", Rob said....."It's back"

"Shhhhhh", I said....."listen!"

In the back sounded like a gun....then a flash of light and then thunder...and more thunder.....more lightning and more thunder. The growling sounds and the crunching sounds moved toward the lake....we heard a splash and then water movement What ever was out there was leaving....then came the rain...a cloud burst and more lightning and thunder....

"Well, I think our crisis has passed for the time being, but lets get out of here in the morning...." I said.

I drifted off to sleep only to be shook by Rob about an hour later.....

"Rick....the damn tent is leaking.....I'm sleep bag and sponge mattress is sopping wet.....I thought you said this tent was in good shape", he snorted at me.

"Well it was the last time I used it", I snapped back....

He climbed out of his bag and sure enough there was a leak on his side of the tent that went down hill toward the door and exited in the tear in the corner......His back pack at the foot of the tent was soaked too as was all his clothes in it....

"I have an extra sweat suit in my back pack", I said...and handed it to him to put on....

He removed the wet suit he was wearing and laid it by the stream that was flowing thru the tent to act as a cloth dike until morning and sitting naked on my sleeping bag, put on my extra sweat suit....

"You will have to get into my bag with me or sit up the rest of the night", I said....

Throwing the bag open, he climbed in and faced the side of the tent that was where he had been and I lay facing him....this was not comfortable...I asked him to raise his head and extended my arm out and he laid his head back on the pillow with my arm under the curve of his neck. So there I lay, with this handsome blackhaired, blue eyed stud next to me in a sleeping back in a wet tent. In time he drifted off to sleep. I took my left hand which was free and laid it over him...when he did not respond, I slipped it under the sweat shirt a bit and laid it flat against his stomach.....he was moderately hairy but not a bear....slowly I worked lower until I had my hand in the long straigh black hairs of his pubic was soft against my fingers and I lightly touched his long soft dick....and then pulled back....we had never done anything before and I was not sure he only experience with another guy up to that point was mutually jacking off with the kid next door when I was a here we were....what would happen next.....I did not know...but I knew morning would be here soon...and we would have to vacate this island....

I reached down into the his pants again...and touched his cock....he scooted back closer to me and sighed a little sigh...I thought he has to like the feel of it....I squeezed his dick in my hand again and felt it start to firm up.....quickly I pulled out..what if I was could strain the rest of the trip and expose me to the other two guys...was it worth the chance? I would have to think about that.

In the mean time, I laid my hand again across his chest and snuggled up next to him...and drifted off to sleep..... FINIS

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