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"My First Anal Experience!"

I was in my early 20's and had been frequenting ABS's for 3 or 4 years. I mostly got head, occasionally gave head but nothing more than that. I was on the company softball team and we had a game near the city and when the game finished I wandered into town and saw an ABS I hadn't been in. I got the sudden urge and decided to stop. It was late, 10:30 or so, and the streets were fairly quiet. I had my softball uniform on, didn't have time to change but parked and walked in anyway.

I got a lot of looks from the guy behind the counter; I guess softball uniforms aren't a common sight in ABSs. I got my coins and headed into the booth area. I picked a booth fairly central to the place and went in, popped a few coins into the slot and began to watch, leaving the door open slightly indicating I was open for business.

In a few minutes a guy in black leather jacket and cap (I didn't realize until later this is a leather queen) peeked in. I moved over so he could enter and he did. He rubbed my cock and I reached down and rubbed his. Then he turned me to face him and we kissed – and that always does me in. In just a few moments my shirt is off and my pants down and he is kneeling in front of me. He licked and teased my cock and then in one fluid motion swallowed me to the base – maybe 7 inches. I almost came when he did that – it was soooo hot to feel and to watch.

As he licked and sucked me his hands cupped my ass cheeks and for whatever reason I led one of his hands to my pink hole. I had been sticking things in my ass since I was a young boy – 6 or 7. But I had never had the urge to have a man touch it before. He played with it as he continued to suck me and I was close to cumming.

I put my hands under his arms and pulled indicating I wanted him to stand. He did, we kissed again, harder, hotter and wetter than before – then I went to my knees on him. I unzipped him, no underwear and a shaved cock and balls. His scent engulfed me as I took his cock in my hand. I tried his technique, licking and kissing and then trying to swallow the whole cock in one motion – and I gagged and choked. He smiled down at me as tears formed in my eyes, but I went back to sucking him.

I was really into it, lost in my lust when for no reason I understand to this day, I stood up, turned around and bent over in front of him. He didn't need to be told twice, and I felt the head of his cock at the threshold to my ass. As he attempted to enter it burned and I felt a sharp, stabbing pain and I pulled away, but I wanted his cock in me. So I pushed back again, a little farther this time. Then he grabbed my hips and held me in place and pushed slowly. A very slow shallow fucking motion that I regulated with my hand on his thigh. If it hurt too much he backed off.

It seemed like forever but it probably only took a couple of minutes and I felt him fully open my ass and his cock head slide in. It still hurt but the burning began to recede. He knew exactly what to do and again began a slow shallow fucking motion, without letting his cock fall out of me. With each stroke the pleasure overcame the pain and I began to moan. He picked up his pace and I found myself bent way over, my face pressed into the wall and with each thrust from his cock my head was banging into the wall – and I didn't care. I was experiencing the pleasure I had been seeking since I was young. Time became meaningless and I wanted to just stay there - being fucked for as long as it could last. I don't know how long he fucked me but my guess is it was only a few minutes.

At that point he spoke the only words either of us exchanged – `can I cum in you?' Hell he could have asked me for my car and I would have given it to him – I just grunted and ground back into him. His pace doubled, and his fucking became more urgent, more violent. Finally he slammed me 2 three times real hard and then pushed as deep into me as he could then he groaned. At the same time I realized I was coming too – in ropes. He shot a huge load into me, jet after jet as I painted the wall, the floor, my pants with cum. I orgasmed for over a minute, shudder after shudder while his cock continued to spasm in me. Finally he pulled out – and that hurt. But when he pulled out I felt his cum dripping from my ass and it felt good.

He pulled his pants up, smacked my ass and left – just like that. I was still bent over, breathing hard with cum all over me and dripping out of my ass – which was facing an open door. A big guy entered and tried to fuck me but I refused. I pulled my pants up – finding a huge cum stain in the seat from I guess either me or him or both of us and felt sticky. I went out, with every eye in the place on me. My guess is my leather clad friend had left the door open and with all the noise we must have made we attracted an audience.

I got to my car – my ass was sooo sore, aching, my cum soaked pants were sticking and smelled of cum. I felt embarrassed and I felt cheap and dirty but on my drive all I could think about was how good it felt to have that big cock in me. I had a raging hard on before I got two miles and had to beat off when I got home.

To this day no sexual experience feels as good as a guy who knows how to fuck taking me in the ass and riding me hard. I don't do it very much anymore but for the right guy I would love nothing more than to let him bareback me and shoot his hot load into me – just one more time. FINIS

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