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"My First Time Matthew"

I was sharing the memory of my first M2M experience with an email buddy the other day and he enjoyed it so much that I was tempted to post it to the group. It was a lot of years ago but is still so vivid in my mind that I can remember the conversations and my reactions as well as the intense physical surge that it gave me. It was a great and positive first time experience - as they should be for anyone with a little luck - and the man involved remained a mentor for me for many years past the affair. I believe that the benefit that this gave me has always motivated me to be very supportive and sensitive whenever I am involved with any guy who is experiencing this for the first time. Guys are fortunate that they know their own bodies so well and experience the joy of cock attention through masturbation that first times are seldom so alien to them. Matthew was around 30 and I was 18 & he was married with 2 kids and a graduate in an office that I had a job as a summer intern prior to starting College. Matthew was tall blonde and had long hair with side burns and Zapata moustache so common in that period. A Flower child who took this horny young high school graduate and showed him the ropes.

I had been working in the office for a couple of weeks doing all the shitty odd jobs that interns get to do. I was shy around the older guys who seemed to understand everything that was going on and their families all seemed to do stuff together so as the young single punk I had little in common with them. Matthew in particular would razz me about everything and even though I enjoyed being included I never knew whether to take the ribbing seriously. Matthew would joke with me about being a virgin (which was basically true depending on your definition) but he would also tell the other guys while Iwasaround that he bet I was hung like a horse. I took it all with a good humor but never pushed back- in those days an 18 year old intern took ridicule as par for the course.

One day there was a site for a new school in the country that needed some preliminary fieldwork done so Matthew who was the project architect for the project took me along for the experience. Little did I know how much I was going to learn? It was a trip and a half so even though we left around dawn we didn't get there until mid-morning. It was mid-summer and hot as hell but the rolling countryside was beautiful. Around lunch we stopped and parked the truck under a broad tree beside astream and took out our wrapped lunch that we had brought with us = this place was really remote so there were no McDonalds to seek out a Big Mac. We sat there in the shade chatting and Matthew peeled off his shirt and threw it to the side. I was a little embarrassed but couldn't help but admire his heavily haired chest with dark blond curls. His small pink'nipples were barely visible through the matt of hair and he was as tanned as could be. Matthew said, Why don't you take off your shirt Mark? You look really hot!! I blushed every shade of red at the thought of my smooth hairless kids chest beside this image of masculinity and stammered that I was OK and Matthew just laughed. He leaned against the truck of the tree with his eyes closed, which gave me a good opportunity to admire his incredible body. I had wondered what it was like to touch a man's body and my young fumbling with my high school girlfriend had never removed my guy fantasies.

Matthew stood up and said We'd better get back to work or we will be here all day. I gotta piss before we leave and he unzipped his tight jeans and pulled his cock out and pissed on the tree trunk. I quickly averted my eyes as much as I was fascinated to see what his cock looked like and I blushed again, which made him laugh. Hey, buddy, I didn't mean to embarrass you = we are both guys after all. I haven't got anything you haven't got, I thought, maybe not in principle, but the quick flash of thick cock that I had seen made me feel like a baby by comparison. My own bladder was busting but no way I had the courage to join him. He put his shirt back on and we started work again. Matthew always seemed to have this private humor about stuff and me that I did and he would often chuckle and squeeze my shoulder but I never felt in on the joke.

We worked the afternoon through and it was dark by the time that we finished with a long trip ahead of us. Matthew suggested that we get some dinner first so we went to a sports bar in a nearby township. We took a booth in the back when we arrived and Matthew asked if I wanted a beer with him. I had shared a few beers with my buddies previously but I was by no means a drinker but I wanted to seem like one of the guys so I said Sure! We ordered burgers and Matthew seemed really relaxed after his second beer while I only felt light headed = I accepted the second one that he offered though. We kept talking while we waited for the food and he asked me about my sex life and girls that I took out. I enjoyed being able to speak as an equal to one of the guys but the questions got more raunchy as he drank more beer and I was equal parts embarrassed and aroused by the frank questions. Then he asked me if I jerked off a lot and that was at least one question that I could participate in enthusiastically. He asked me if I had ever jerked off with one of my buddies and that just left me with my mouth hanging open and denying it far too vigorously.

Matthew needed to slide out of the booth to go to the bathroom so I stood up to let him past with the confidence that the dark room would conceal the fact that I had a half woody from all the frank talk. As he moved past me I felt the back of his hand graze the lump in the front of my jeans and foolishly I remember worrying more about the fact that he would have noticed that I had a hard on than I was about the fact that my boss had just stroked my cock. I was a kid what can I tell you. While he was gone I pushed my cock around to try and get the hard on to go away but it only seemed to make it jump more erect I could see him coming so I tried just pushing it to the side so that it was less evident = faint hope as I could now see that a large round precum spot was staining the front of my jeans right over the prominent round shape of my cock head. As he approached I told him that I would slide over but he said no that he preferred to be in the corner so I stood up for him again. This time as he passed me he stopped and I could smell his beery breath as he leaned close to me and I could feel the tip of his finger tracing the length of my cock shape back and forth as he whispered Mark, that's one fine piece of man meat you're sporting. In the dark bar no one could see anything other than two guys standing close and talking but his fingertip caused a major spurt of precum that was soaking my shorts and jeans. I just stared into his blue eyes as a great smile spread across his face as that fingertip circled the wet patch at the rounded head. Let's get out = he said and I held my clipboard in front of me as he settled the bill and we went across to his truck.

Once in the car he started up and we drove out into the darkness and he reached across and took my hand and placed it on his own swollen cock. I was awe struck by the hardness and heat of his cock through his jeans. I squeezed his cock hard and he said Take it easy man, I'll never be able to drive with you doing that. I was powerfully turned on by this stage and even though part of me was scared as hell with not really knowing what was to come I was still driven to experience all of this. I reached across and unzipped his jeans. He didn't resist and lifted his hips a little to make it happen. I pushed my hand inside the tight fabric and felt the length and thickness of what to me seemed a massive cock. Mine is a good 7 inch but average thickness and curved sharply like a white veined banana. His was straight as an Italian salami and about as thick. We got back to the site in record time and he parked in the shadows under the same tree where we had lunch. The minute that the brake was on he turned in his seat and kissed me hard and passionately and my breath was taken out of my lungs as his tongue pushed between my teeth and his hands ripped at the front of my shirt and jeans. He was crazed horny and my own post adolescent body responded with all the lust and passion that drives a teenagers life. I was quickly undressed and he pulled my jeans off my feet, so that I lay naked against his passenger seat while he reached across me to pull the lever that laid my seat back.

Matthew's shirt was fully open and his jeans pulled down below his butt so that his magnificent pelt of chest hair rubbed against my erect nipples while he laid across me to kiss me again. I ran my hand down his muscled pecs and hairy ribbed stomach until I gripped the wet end of his cock. I could feel his foreskin slip back and forth as I pumped his cock. He growled into my mouth Suck my cock Mark and he laid back so that his thick straight cock jutted up against the steering wheel in the moonlight. I gripped the middle of his shaft and I leaned forward with my own aching herd on pressing against my navel. I leaned forward in the pearly light and watched in wonder as his pink wet head slid into view with each slip of his foreskin. Beads of precum glistened on his piss slit and with my thumb I smeared the juice around his knob while with the tip of my tongue I flicked the moist slit and ran my tongue around the circumference of his head. With my other hand I reached between his widely parted thighs and cupped his heavy hairy balls between his legs. I wrapped my lips around the flared head of his cock and the taste of his precum was incredible. I tentatively, at first, moved a few inches of his cock into my mouth but he quickly got impatient and by holding my head in his hands and lifting his hips he quickly slid most of the thick trunk deep into my throat. I gagged at first and he pulled back and soon I was getting use to the feel of a cock filling my throat and he continued humping my face and making loud moaning noises. I had never felt anything as exciting as the taste and feel of this guys thick hot cock pushing into my throat as well as the heaviness and roundness of his balls as I squeezed them hard.

Soon he pushed me off and told me to let him slide across the seat. He got into my seat with me straddling his legs and sitting across his thighs. He said to me in a deep lustful voice One day, Mark, I will show you what it feels like to have your cock inside a man but not tonite. My thighs were parted across his hips so that my balls hung between my thighs and onto his own cock. My cock was curved up hard against my belly and he reached up with both his hands and gripped both our cocks pressed together. Both our cocks were slick with precum and spit so that they slid joyously against each other in his hands. I was pumping my hips against his fist with an abandon that made me wonder if I wanted to try the fucking that he had suggested but I was quickly lost to the feel of my juice boiling inside me. Within minutes I was pushing like crazy and leaning back until I could feel the cold windshield and dashboard against my back. I blew a long thick jet of cum up and across Matthew laying back on the seat and I could see the thick white globs on his cheeks in the moonlight. He shot his load at the same time and I could feel the hot cum coating his hands and he continued to pump us both dry. I fell forward onto his hairy chest and could feel the pools of our juices between us, coating our bellies and chests. I kissed him then as he released our cocks to be pressed between us. After a few minutes he opened the door of the truck and told me to get out. Standing there in the moonlight he knelt in front of me and gently sucked my half hard cock then he got me to do the same to him and I had my first (but certainly not my last) taste of warm cum fresh from the source. We cleaned each other with a box of tissues from his car and redressed for the long drive home. By the time that we reached the city we were once again rubbing each other's cock and exploring with our hands and we had to stop for a quick blow job before he dropped me at home. This time it was just our cocks that were released from our zippers but this time I had the incredible feeling of Matthew shooting his load in my mouth as he allowed me to shoot in his. It was even better and ever since then I have always enjoyed the taste and feel of a guy shooting a thick heavy load down my throat.

Matthew taught me many things during that summer but more than anything he taught me that M2M sex was a great experience. FINIS

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