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"My First Time, Jordon"

I was living in Chicago and was 16 at the time. It was mid January and the weather was aweful. I was closing at McDonald's when one of the other closers called in sick. We didn't have anyone else trained to close who wanted to, so the manager asked Jordon to close. She promised him we would help him learn all about it and we did. We got out later than usual, but not as late as we would have if he hadn't stayed with us.

As I was having a smoke while waiting for the manager to finish up he thanked me for the help and asked if I could drive him home. I said sure, after the manager was done. I didn't want to leave her to leave alone, she might get mugged. After we said goodbye to her we got in my car and left. He showed me to his house and I pulled in.

"How can I repay you for the ride? I would have frozen to death out there!"

"Well, are your parents home?"

"No, why?""They gonna be home tonight?"

"They're out for a couple days, visiting mom's sister."

"I'm really tired, can I stay the night?"

"Sure." After we got into his house I pulled off my coat and took off my uniform shirt, revealing my washboard abs and strong pecs."I've been needing to get out of that damn shirt all day. That thing itches for some reason."

He said nothing, he stared at me for a second or two longer than straight guys do He took his coat and shirt off too. He was only 15, working at McDonald's by permission of his parents and his school, but he was built! His abs were completely ripped and his pecs were bigger than mine and solid muscle. His biceps and triceps were undulating under his smooth lightly tanned skin with the slightest gesture and the veins were exposed so much you could almost see the rythm of his heart beat He looked at himself sheepishly.

"I needed to get out of mine too."

I stood there and looked him over. I noticed how his eyes kept darting over my body and how he kept stealing glances at my crotch. I stepped closer, until his pecs were touching my abs and raised his chin so he would look at me in the eyes.

I whispered, "Where am I going to sleep?"

"On the couch or the guest bed" he stammered.

I brought me lips to within an inch of his ear and whispered, "That won't do. How about you show me your room?"

"OK" and I released his chin as he took me to his room. The whole way I was mesmerized by his butt. He had a bubble but if ever there was one and I knew I had to have it. He opened his door and showed me a room of moderate size. There were anime posters on the walls, a TV and VCR on a set of drawers, a computer on a desk and best of all a massive king sized bed He sat down on the bed and pulled his socks off.

"Can I use your computer to check my e-mail?"

"Sure, it's on now"

I sat down at the desk and giggled the mouse. The screen lit up and I went straight for my yahoo acount. I read a couple e-mails from Jason, my life long boyfriend and then checked my porn account. I sat back so as to give Jordon a good view of a couple really hot, but grainy, fuck clips and saved some really good pics of some really fine teens to my yahoo briefcase. I looked over at Jordon when I was finished and saw that his pants were a little tight in one of two areas the count. Jordon had popped a big boner, so had I.

I stood up and stretched, letting him get a good eyeful of my package, I farted around with my belt, as though it weren't fitting right which let my package sway around in its confines, enticing Jordon more. When I was through, I looked down at Jordon, he quickly glanced away I walked up to him, leaned down, and whipsered in his ear. "Can I use your shower?" He nodded and pointed down the hall. I wouldn't let him off that easy! I sniffed and mock coughed. "You could use one too! Could you show me to the shower? I've never been in your place before."

He got off of the bed and walked slightly hunched, so I wouldn't notice the boner he had. He was in such denial it was funny. I shucked off my pants on the way. He didn't look back, he just straightened up a little bit. When we got to the bathroom I pushed him inside. He faced the mirror and I watched his eyes tracing every line of my chest and abs in the mirror. I turned him around by the shoulders, grabbed his head by the jaw and forced my tongue into his mouth. He yielded instantly. We kissed long and hard, wrestling with eachother's tongues as out hands felt every square inch of each other's bodies. After what was probably ten minutes we seperated. Jordon took his pants off, revealing a farely well packed pair of boxers, almost to match mine. I pulled his boxers down and his seven inches of boy swung up and slapped his perfectly ripped abs. He giggled and pulled my boxers down. My nine inches sprung out like bullet from a gun. His eyes were like dinner plates.

I placed a hand on the small of his back and guided him towards the shower, we both stepped in. FINIS

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