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"Older Guy, Younger Guy Story"

This is a true older guy, younger guy story and me the story teller was the older guy. I live overseas in an area that sees a fair amount of expatriate family's coming and going on contracts with large multinational companies. As for myself I am a business owner so pretty much have stayed put in one spot. A couple of years ago a family moved into a house a few doors down from my place, a Dad about my age, the wife and a teen aged boy. Dad and I soon met after they moved in and continued a sort of social family thing, BBQs, a beer or 2 in a local pub etc., but we were not very close friends as he was, in my books, a bit of a weenie. Bitched a lot about everything, would watch Fear Factor on TV for excitement and the type of guy who bought a SUV instead of a sports car.

Me on the other hand like a little faster pace, I was a biker, liked my skydiving and would rather play the sport then watch it. Dad's son was an only child and now at 19 years old was chomping at the bit to do something exciting but was always being held back by Dad who found most thing to dangerous or risky or whatever. I think this is why the son gravitated towards me. He liked to hear skydiving stories or I'd bring him with me if I was going to have a beer (don't tell Dad ok!). On most Sundays he would wander by my place when I was out washing my bike. Usually the bike wash would turn into a water fight and during these times I would notice he would be getting aroused and be breathing hard

One Sunday my wife was out of the country and I was out as usual washing the bike when along came Sonny. And as usual it turned into a water fight but this time I tackled him with the hose and we wrestled in the grass. There was no mistaking the hard-on through his shorts. By this time we were covered in grass cuttings and a wee bit of mud so I said it was best if we went in for a shower so I took him upstairs to the bathroom were there was a glass shower stall.

I told him to jump in and I'd go grab some towels. He was quite shy as his dick was still semi hard but he drop his drawers and got in the shower with his back to me. I went and got some towels then I stripped and to his obvious surprised I got in the shower stall with him and started to shower while he pressed himself to the back of the stall with his hands covering his cock. I asked him if he would mind washing my back and handed him the shower gel. Slowly he started to rub my back and shoulders with one hand then two. I bent over slightly to make like I was washing my leg and my ass brushed his now raging hard-on. I slowly started to press backwards until he was against the wall and he was now washing my chest with his arms under mine. I had his rock hard cock pressed firmly up the crack of my ass. By this time my cock was also raging rock hard.

He was softly moaning so I told him to turn around and I would wash his back so he did and leaned his forehead on the stall wall. I washed his back and made my way down to wash his ass. Then adding some more gel I reach around and wash his belly and then took a hold of his cock. He was panting very heavy and as I held his cock still he slowly started to move his hips as to hump my hand. At this I started to rub his cock and balls with both hands and pressed my cock against his ass. The soap and the water was making this whole thing unbelievably exciting.

By this time I thought I'd had better say something so I asked him if he was good with what was happening and he moaned please keep going. I turned him around facing me and I washed off the soup. I took hold of his cock again and got to my knees in front of him. I stroked his cock for a minute or so then wrapped my mouth over it to catch his pre cum. I though he was going to fall as his knees were shaking. He kept moaning oh fuck, oh fuck this is fucking good. While still sucking his cock I souped up a finger then found his ass hole. With one hand on his shaft pumping his cock into my mouth I slipped my finger of the other hand into his ass. That was it he let out a loud gasp and started unloading his cum in my mouth. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth while nearly yelling fuuuuuck.

After a bit I stood up and asked how was that and he replied that it was the best feeling he had ever had. I asked him if he was ready to experience some more good stuff and he was. We dried off and I led him to the bed and told him to lie down. I got between his legs and started to suck his cock some more while it slowly got hard again. Keeping a hand on his cock I shifted so I was kneeling beside him. Rubbing my own cock I edged closer until I could touch his lips with the head of my dick. His lips parted and in went my cock. He started to suck and lick my cock like there was no tomorrow. I moved into a 69 position to get his cock in my mouth and work a finger into his ass. When I touched his ass he'd jerk all over the place and moan loudly so I had him turn over and get on his knees. I got behind him and started to milk his cock between his legs then I leaned forward and licked his ass. He gasped and pushed back so I stuck my tonge in his ass as deep as I could go. He was going crazy and told me he loved this. I inserted a finger as deep as I could go, then 2 fingers. That was it, I stepped up to the plate and in went my cock, slowly first then faster and deeper. It wasn't long before I unloaded deep in his ass. I pulled out and watch my cum dribble out of his ass. I asked him how did it feel and he said fantastic and if I hadn't have stopped he would have cum again. He asked me what it was like to have my cock in his ass. As his cock was still rock hard I said the best way to find out was to try so I lay on my back with my legs up and with lots of spit I lubbed up my asshole and told him to use his finger first. This was making him even more horny as pre cum dripped from his cock. I took his cock in hand and guided to my ass. He was a wee bit to excited and nearly plowed me into the mattress but once in I let him go. It wasn't long when he was gasping that he was going to cum so I grabbed his ass with both hands and help to hammer his cock deep into m ass and then he exploded.

We managed a couple for more fucking matches after that but it wasn't long before Dad was posted back to the homeland but that first time with Sonny was memorable. FINIS

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