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My name's Jeff. I had a very exciting thing happen to me this past week, and I owe it all to this forum!

I'd only recently subscribed to Bi MEN MISSOURI when somebody posted a note that sounded right up my alley. "Phil" is 38, unexperienced but curious, married with a young teenager and a five-year-old, and he lives about three miles from my home in suburban St. Louis. His description painted a picture of a well-built, friendly and good-looking dude. Seemed too good to be true, but I figgered that even if reality was only half as good, this would still be a hot man. So I wrote him a note, describing myself and what I'd like to do to please him. (I'm ten years older, and consider myself something of a connoisseur when it comes to straight, married guys!)

By that evening I heard back from Phil, and we arranged to meet the following Thursday, after work, at a popular sports bar in the area. He told me what he'd be wearing and what he'd be driving, and I wrote back with some identifying info of my own.

The appointed evening came. I headed to the tavern and sat at the bar nearest the door. Ordered me a dark beer.

"Straight" up at 7:00, I noticed the motorcycle as it pulled into a space just outside the picture window. And what a picture that window provided! I sure hoped this hunk was going to be Phil!

The first thing I noticed was a tight-fitting pair of faded Levi's over lean, perfectly-shaped legs. The denim also hinted at a nice package in between them, and when the guy got off the bike, kicked the stand, and shook out of his black leather jacket, I could see that he was built really well on top and behind, too. He draped the jacket over one muscular arm and with his free hand, removed his helmet, for the first time giving me a glimpse of a tanned, open, handsome face with a friendly smile, brown eyes to die for, and mid-length, dark wavy hair.

This stunning man definitely fit the description of Phil. If this is really him, then he's no liar! I took a deep breath, and a good swig of my Beck's, and in a couple of seconds he had entered the establishment, just ten or twelve feet from my barstool.

He glanced in both directions, and his eyes met mine. "Phil?" I asked. He flashed that winning smile, stepped right over to me and shook my outstretched hand. "Jeff!" he grinned, put his leather on the back of the stool next to mine, placed the helmet on end of the bar, then plopped down and turned his stool my way. He ordered a Dos Equis, which the cute, perky barmaid delivered with a slice of lime.

We picked up our beers and moved to a more private corner of the place, a small table that was out of hearing range of anyone else. Each of us told the condensed version of his life's story. Phil is a fireman, which immediately made him a major hero in my book. After their youngest was born in early 2000 (on my birthday, what a coincidence!), Phil said that his wife shut down sexually. They did go through some therapy, but no answers came out of it. So he decided to let the issue rest, since they have a great relationship otherwise.

I'm in a very long-term relationship with a man, and it's a similar situation -- there's been no sex involved for far too many years, but we get along fine in every other aspect.

We got more into the subject of sex, and what I'd like to do to introduce him to man-to-man action. My policy, with an unexperienced guy, is to offer him a massage ... followed by either a hand job or a blow job. No returned favors necessary. The more Phil and I talked, the more turned on we were both getting.

Unfortunately, both of us were pressed for time on this particular evening. And the following is something I have (seriously!) never done before: I suggested that we go out to my car, find a place to park, and get comfortable with each other. Phil thought this was a great idea! So we downed our beers and headed out to my vehicle.

I moved us to an out-of-the-way corner of the parking lot, in a dimly-lit spot that afforded us a 360-degree view of any unwelcome visitors who might happen by.

We chatted a bit more, and I placed my hand on Phil's knee. This didn't seem to faze him, so I began to squeeze and gently massage his thigh. Suddenly, he chuckled: "Don't be so shy, man!" I was surprised, but he took my hand and placed it right square on his crotch. He had a raging hardon, which I teased with my fingertips.

And the surprises didn't end there. Phil reached over and slipped his hand down the front of my slacks, gently but firmly grabbing hold of my boner.

With one hand, I reached under his shirt and massaged his chest, tickling and teasing Phil's erect nipples. With the other, I unfastened his belt and each button of his 501s, then pulled on the front of his boxers, freeing his cock from its confines. Up popped this beautifully-shaped, long, narrow, slightly curved, uncircumcised prick. I caressed it and rubbed it with both hands, as Phil's breathing quickened. I just couldn't wait.

"Man, could I suck on this for you?" He replied "Go for it, man!" So I pushed the seats all the way back, got on my knees on the floor of the driver's side, and went to work with my tongue. He was lovin' it, as I licked up and down as though I had a popsicle in my hand. I'd also slip my tongue under the foreskin and tickle the head, which pleased Phil greatly. Once I had made his gorgeous prick wet enough, I slowly sucked him in all the way, with the meaty head down my throat. He groaned, "Oh man, that is fuckin' good!" I got off of it just long enough to say, "Man, you don't know how delicious you are!"

I slipped his pants down farther, so I could have access to his nuts, too. And they were magnificent -- big, oval-shaped, about the size of goose eggs. Truly! I went to work bathing them with my tongue. Phil groaned some more, and placed an encouraging, gentle hand on my shoulder. I went back to work on his cock, and pretty soon he was pumping his hips, and we were in rhythm.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna fuckin' cum pretty soon! Are you gonna swallow it?" I answered that question without saying a word, other than "Mmmmmmm!" I kept sucking, and soon his pulsating prick was squirting gob after chewy gob of man juice into my mouth and throat. I didn't miss a drop.

I let-up on the suction, and slowed 'way down, coaxing out the last few drops of his essence. I then peppered his softening dick and balls with kisses and tongue-flicks. When I sat up again, our eyes didn't lose contact for a long time. Finally, Phil was able to speak. "That was the fucking best, dude! The absolute fucking best!" After we had rested a few minutes, he added, "Hey, I hope there wasn't too much cum for you. Because sometimes I squirt an awful lot. Wouldn't want to go and drown ya!"

I grinned and replied, "It was delicious. Yeah, there was a lot ... but there's no such thing as too much of a good thing!"

We chuckled at this, and then Phil wrapped his hand around my stiff, purple rod. He ran his thumb along the head, massaging my pre-cum into it. It only took a minute of jerking before I shot my wad, part of which -- humorously, we thought -- attached itself in a hanging glob off the steering wheel.

We cleaned up with the towel I had in the glove box, and made plans to meet again soon

Epilogue: When I got home, I had a cheerful email from Phil, thanking me ... and raving about my head-giving skills In fact, if there were Nielsen ratings for blowjobs, I'd have been the number-one show in Saint Louis Thursday night!

I look forward to this delightful fireman, once again putting out my flames of horniness with his hose! FINIS

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