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"Slammed From Both Ends by Spanish Hunks"

My story is true! Before I tell the story, let me tell you about me. I'm a 29yo, (was 27 at the time of the story) divorced, bi guy living in Hertforshire in England. I am 6'3" tall, blond, blue eyes and average to large build. I have a nice 8" uncut cock and I love to be fucked in public places! At the time of the story, I was doing all this without my wife finding out! So, now you know that - on with my story!

While I was on holiday in the Canary Islands that year, I decided to find out what the local night life was like without my wife! I found out that there were two local gay bars in the town I was staying in and I made plans to check them out.

When the night came I was nervous as hell, having never been into a gay bar or club in my life. I've been into a sauna and I've been to cruising spots, but this was different - I didn't know for certain whether the other guys were up for the same thing I was (as it turns out I need not have worried!).

I checked out the first bar, but it was well lit, nearly empty and just didn't seem to have the potential for the sort of fun I was looking for, so I moved on to the next one. Inside the Black & White bar (that was the name of it - now you should be able to find it if you want to!) it was dark, busy and felt like it was going to be a good place for what I had in mind! I looked around and found that there was a small area behind the dance floor that was darkened and had a small TV playing some hot porn. I hung around near the entrance until another guy caught my eye. I went into the toilet next to me and came out with a condom in my hand. he took the hint and came over to see what I was about...

Inside the dark area we quickly stripped off, kissing each other as we did. His beard prickled my face and although I was worried about getting a stubble rash, I was too horny to really care! He took my cock in his hot mouth and sucked me hard, which didn't take long. I returned the favour, seeing he had a little 5" dick, which was thin and uncut. He seemed fascinated with my 8" and couldn't keep away from it for long! He bent over for me to fuck him and although I am generally a bottom, I rubbed my cock around his asshole and let him slip the head inside. I didn't want to go any further than that, and besides my own ass was crying out for some attention! I bent down myself, taking his cock in my mouth and pointing my ass to the door, where I hoped somebody would come in and take the hint. Pretty soon they did and I was being spit-roasted by two Spanish hunks who couldn't even speak English! It was like a dream come true to have a cock in my mouth and one in my arse only feet from a dozen people dancing the night away!

The guy fucking me quickened his strokes and reached around me to play with my cock. As he did so, José (the guy I was sucking) stiffened slightly and unloaded into my mouth. His creamy cum was hot and delicious and I swallowed all of it as quickly as I could. I felt the guy fucking me start to get more urgent and as I unloaded onto the floor, he also came, moaning and slapping my ass at the same time! He pulled out and left while I was still cleaning up José's cock José and I dressed and kissed for a few moments before exchanging names and leaving the dark area one at a time.

Unfortunately I didn't get another chance to get back to the bar before the end of the holiday, but the wife did wonder why I was so happy the morning after that one, hot encounter! FINIS

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