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"The Forest Ranger"

The week at the lodge seemed like a good idea. It was out-of-season so the winter crowds would be gone and the Spring greenies wouldn't be out as yet. I needed some time away from the corporate troubles of my company and some space to myself was going to give me some peace of mind to work out some of my career issues. The lodge was a great blend of primitive and indulgent far enough from city crowds and IT connections but not so far as to feel like a pioneer. The cabin that I had taken was on the edge of a ravine with a great view of the rushing water between the banks covered with late snow pockets. I had brought a carton of good red wine and enough good food to satisfy my inner cravings. The cabin was well stocked with firewood for the massive fireplace and the one bedroom had large double doors so that the whole space opened up into one area. As I arrived at the Park entrance I registered with the Forest Rangers as I was supposed to and they were a little surprised to see someone at this time of the year. I promised the Ranger behind the counter that I would be well behaved and admired the broad toothy grin in his tanned face. He was probably in his late 20s to early 30s so he was only a few years older than my son but, in his uniform, the only daddy thoughts that I was having about him were decidedly not paternal. I quickly pushed that out of my mind in any case cause some of those temptations were the root cause of my problem at the office = young interns willing to get ahead or just pure old HEAD as the case may be.

I unpacked at the cabin and settled in quickly enjoying the quiet and emptiness of the place. The first few days I became a complete caveman without shaving and just chilling in front of the fire in my sweats with a book and a glass of wine. Most of the time I just walked round the cabin with nothing on and enjoyed the liberated feeling of my cock swinging free. On the third day a heavy snowfall came in and when I woke that morning the trees were heavy with icicles and the ravine was a blanket of deep snow. I wasn't concerned and enjoyed sitting in the heated Jacuzzi on the deck with the field of white all around, and my breath blowing in thick plumes as the heat worked its way into my muscles. I was sitting there half asleep with my eyes closed when I heard a deep rumble of laughter and the comment Well you sure look like the hottest thing for miles around, that's for sure. My eyes snapped open and the Ranger was standing there on the deck in his heavy winter gear, and the snow hard started falling heavily once again. I hadn't even noticed with the water being so warm. You scared the shit out of me. I snapped and he answered Well I know that's not true or I would be able to see it = I suddenly became aware that I was stretched out in the nude with only the steam from the water to shield me, but if it didn't worry him it sure as hell didn't worry me. I came up to the cabin to make sure that you were OK with all the snow but you seem to be doing fine and his eyes moved up and down my body in the water. Even in my late 40s my body was still firm and slim and my cock, already responding to his looks, always jumped to attention when the opportunity presented itself. I moved my hand down across my hairy chest and flat stomach and gently ran my hand down its half hard length and answered "Well a glass of wine would be nice. Want to join me?"

Without waiting for an answer I stood up and let the hot water sheet off me and lifted a leg to climb over the side. I could imagine the sight where he stood behind me, of my pendulous balls hanging between my legs as I stepped over. I walked toward the door of the living room a couple of feet away and turned as I opened it and said Come inside and take off your jacket. The living room was very warm from the huge fire that I had built up but I still pulled my sweat pants on as I went inside in case I was reading the signals wrong. I opened a bottle of red as he came in after me and said What's your name again Ranger. He gave me that smile again as he walked into the kitchen area and said - Dan. Ranger Dan, at your service, Sir - Well I seriously hope so Ranger Dan = I answered, and handed him a glass of wine. I leaned against the counter behind me as we toasted and that pushed my hips forward so that he could see the line of my thick cut cock angled across my left thigh. His eyes took it in as he said: Nice place = I like what I see.

We walked across to the living area and he sat on the old comfortable couch while I dropped on the thick shag rub in front of the fire. The heat of the fire felt great on my bare chest and nearly as good as the heat in my groin as I looked at him in his tight brown uniform with his black leather belt and pistol holster. That thing loaded? I asked. My gun - sure!! I wasn't referring to the gun buddy! I responded with a smile. He put his glass down on the coffee table and came off the couch kneeling with his legs widely separated. Sure its loaded and it fires plenty of rounds. Why don't you check it out?? So I kneeled up in front of him and ran my hands over his firm pecs outlined in his tight shirt and down across his stomach until one hand cupped his large crotch bulge and squeezed gently. With my other arm around his neck I pulled him toward me and kissed him deeply. With our tongues pushing deeply into each others mouths I felt his rough big hands go around me and into the waistband of my sweats and push them down below my buns. My cock immediately sprung out and I felt the soft tip of my head rub against the fabric of his trousers. His strong hands massaged my ass and parted my cheeks so that the air blew across my butt hole. The buttons of his shirts were rough against my hairy chest and his hands finally found my rigid cock that was already seeping precum ready for his loving.

I leaned back and undid the front of his shirt and was amazed at the animal like pelt of thick chest hair that was presented. I pulled his shirt back and out of his waistband and threw it on the couch. I struggled with his heavy utility belt so he stood up and unbuckled it for me. I opened his zipper and the heavy belt made his trousers drop to the floor at his ankles. He had no underwear on and a thick veined uncut cock curved down in front of my face  emerging from a formidable nest of thick black pubic hair. He took his boots and trousers off while I caressed his cock and gently rolled back the foreskin to expose the pink glistening glans underneath. When he was finally naked he stood in front of me and I place the head of his cock against my lips and slowly pushed my mouth forward so that my lips rolled back his skin and his moist cock head moved across my tongue and into my mouth. His cock quickly thickened to a thick curved rod of pleasure and his heavy balls swung feely between his parted legs as I sucked him deep into my throat. My hand stroked his large balls and moved between his legs until my fingertip traveled the cleft between his buttocks and he moaned loudly as my fingertip passed across his wrinkled ass opening His hands in my hair pulled my face hard against his stomach sliding that thick cock deep in my throat. I could feel his thick mushroom head and the loose skin slid back and forth in my lips as he pumped his hips.

He pulled me off his cock and to my feet suddenly. I stepped out of my sweat pants and he held me hard against him and kissed me passionately. He was probably the best male kisser I had ever known. Our hard cock rubbed against each other between our bellies as we hugged and kissed and the thick hair on his chest excited my hard nipples to stiff points if pleasure. We fell to the floor together still kissing and the warmth of the fire and the thick rug wrapped around us. I moved on top of him and we turned into a 69er as I knelt astride his face. Both our mouths hungrily devoured the others cock and my hips were pistoning back and forth as I lunged my achingly hard cock into his hot wet clever mouth. I lifted up so that my ass was accessible to his mouth and tongue and knowing what I wanted he reached up and parted my buns and his thick tongue pushed into my butt muscle and fucked me with joy. I reached forward so that I could pump his cock while he rimmed me and licked the length of my butt cleavage. His loose skin slid back and forth and sheets of precum coated my hands as he bucked his hips with pleasure. I pushed back hard so that his tongue could plunge deeper into me and my cock bobbed in the air in front of me.

He pushed me to the side and jumped to his knees and said in a throaty whisper = I need you to fuck me NOW!!! He lay down across the empty coffee table and stuck his but high into the air. I ran my hands lightly across his smooth back and rippling muscle and down to his butt where I used a hand on each side to pull his buns apart. I moved forward until I was positioned against his thighs and placed my throbbing blue cock head against his pink moist hole. With a gentle push my head and an inch of cock slid easily into his well used male cunt and I heard him moan at the feeling. His own hard cock was between his belly and the polished table but I could feel his heavy ball sac hanging between his legs. He pushed his hips back and the remainder of my 7 slid deep inside his tight gut. I leaned forward so that I was laying along his back and I reached around and took his cock in one hand and my other pushed through his chest pelt to find his pink swollen nipples. I was pumping my hips and feeling the tightness of his male cunt gripping the shaft of my cock. I felt our balls slap together as I pushed deep inside him and his own hips pushed back to meet me on every thrust. His cock was slick with precum and when I pinched his nipples he bucked underneath me like a young colt. I would pull back until only my cock head was inside him and them thrust hard and fast until my thighs slapped his butt.

With a yell and one last deep thrust I pushed deep into him and felt my balls empty the cum load of a lifetime into his guts and felt his own swollen hot cock erupt with hot juice over my hand and the table top. We milked the last of our loads and lay quietly for a while with my cock growing soft inside him ass. He was to visit me a lot that week and the quiet of my log cabin was mixed with some serious male loving. FINIS

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