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"The Lawn Boy!"

I stood looking out the window and wondered at the unlikelihood that my life would have taken the path that it did. The sound of mowers in the background and the hot listless summer day made me reflective. Jeff was moving back and forth with my mower across the lawn below me and I could see the sheen of sweat on his smooth young muscles and felt the all too familiar twitch in my cock and balls as I admired his incredible physique in the tight satin shorts that did little to hide his 7" cock moving against his thighs. Jeff looked up and saw me at the window and waved with a bright toothy smile that caused my cock to swell a little. I dropped my hand from the curtain and squeezed my balls under the towel wrapped round my waist.

I had been business partners with Jeff's Dad since they had moved in before Jeff was even born. His Dad was one of my best buddies and I wondered how he would feel if he knew of the passion that I had felt for his son for so many years The business was going well and the two families had spent a lot of time together over the years and vacationed together on many a summer. Jeff had always been around the house and the neighborhood - playing with my sons and growing before my eyes. I think that I found him the most attractive male that I had ever seen long before he was a man and I should even have these thoughts. I remember summers at the lake when his Dad and I would fish and the boys would go skinny dipping - scaring off every fish for miles. Jeff's Dad would joke as the young teenagers splashed around near us that his son would have a great life cause he was hung like a horse. Even when he was 14 I would admit that I sneaked looks at Jeff's generous endowments as his soft young cock hung a good 5" from his hairless body and I wondered what he would achieve once puberty set in. Other than a few guilty thoughts and some jerking off on my own in the shower, I never did anything inappropriate and in many ways hated myself for my preoccupation with this nice young kid that was so much a part of our lives. I felt like he was one of my own sons in many ways - at least in those years.

I had enjoyed some good M2M action with buddies in college so I was no stranger to the incredible sex that you could enjoy with another man but I had always kept this part of my life separate from my family and had kept my bisexual adventures for my business trips. My resolve that I was just a sick fuck kept me sober when I was around Jeff until something happened when he was 18. Jeff's parents had gone away and were uncertain about leaving a horny teenager alone in the house. We had keys to each others house so his Dad asked me to keep any eye on Jeff and make sure that nothing happened over there. I was putting the car away late one evening while they were gone and I could hear music belting out from their house so I wandered over to check thinking that Jeff had a party going on. As I let myself into the dark kitchen I could tell that the music was coming from Jeff's bedroom so I assumed that he had some girl up there and wondered whether it was appropriate for me to interrupt - but I had promised his dad.

I moved up the dark stairs to the upper level and could see into Jeff's bedroom through the open door. I was stunned and frozen in place as I watched the scene unfold in front of me. Jeff was laying on his bed - stark naked - and holding up a glossy magazine whose cover showed a young white guy being fucked by a big black stud. Jeff's smooth young hairless body was fully visible as was his immense hard curved cock that his hand was aggressively pumping as he moaned and arched his back bring his hips up off the bed. My own cock immediately shot to an erect state in my jeans and I gripped the banister hard as his moans of passion peaked. With one massive grip on his shaft he shot a load of thick while cum that splattered his bare chest and even coated his chin. Three more times a stream of juice blew forth and I marveled at the virility of this young Adonis. I could feel copious precum tracing its way across my shorts as I watched.

Jeff had quickly dropped the magazine as his orgasm finished and now was looking directly at me standing across the dark hall. It took him a moment to realize that it actually was me standing there and he bolted upright on the bed and started stammering apologies as if he was guilty of something. I equally felt incredibly guilty and moved into the room stammering explanation as to why I was there. He was freaked at being caught like this and I moved across to the bed saying that all guys jerked off and it was nothing to be ashamed about. At the same time my eyes couldn't help but feast on his beautiful body with the sheen of sweat and cum mixed between his small erect brown nipples The glossy gay magazine lay open on the bed with a picture of a huge erect black cock open for all to see so there was no denying what got Jeff's juices flowing.

"Are you gonna tell my Dad?" Jeff mumbled now sitting on the side of the bed with his half hard cock hanging deliciously between his parted thighs. "Have you been with guys, Jeff? Is that what you enjoy?" I asked. "No I swear I haven't. I just wonder what it's like is all." I stood there and my cock ached from being so swollen and pushing against the tight denim of my jeans. "All guys wonder what it's like Jeff. It's a very natural thing for guys to be curious about other guy's cock" I reassured him as I unzipped my jeans and opened the front at his eye level. I had no underwear on so my rigid cock instantly pushed out at his eye levels as he sat there. His eyes opened as big as dinner plates as my cock, slick with precum, curved in front of his face. I pulled my balls out as well so that they hung outside my jeans. "This is what a man's cock looks like, Jeff, although yours is impressive I must say". My cock curves very sharply up against my lower belly and my cock head swells when I am this erect so that the ridge of my head flares to a large mushroom shape. Jeff looked for a moment and then licked his lips and reached over to grip my hot swollen meat halfway up the shaft. He moved his hand tentatively and then his other hand came across and caressed my balls.

I moved closer to the bed and stood between his widely parted thighs and his jutting cock which had quickly come back to life. He took the tip of my cock between his lips and ran his tongue around the head and found that incredible spot on the underside of your cock head and it was like an electric shock went through me. His mouth wrapped around my pulsing head and I leaned forward and felt my shaft slip into his throat. His hand was squeezing my balls and his hot wet mouth slathered my cock as I pumped my hips and filled his throat. My hands were each side of his head and I could feel his ears and his soft brown hair and I pumped deeply into his receptive throat. It was all too much and with a massive thrust that must have entered his chest I threw my head back and moaned as load after load of hot thick cum exploded in Jeff's mouth.

At that instant I was jolted back to reality as the mower suddenly stopped and I looked down at my fist coated with precum as it had been pumping my shaft while I remembered that night. The first of many nights but Jeff was finished the lawn and would come in for a cold drink. Jeff was now 20 and we had been lovers in every way that a man can be. He continued to want to be with me and to enjoy that passionate relationship that we had. The door opened and I turned away from the window with the front of my towel lifted by my erection so that my cock and balls were clearly visible. "Just what I need - a towel" Jeff said as he walked into the room and whipped the towel from around my waist so that I stood naked against the curtain. He wiped his sweaty body as he looked deeply into my eyes and devoured my aroused body with quick glances. "Well you're certainly ready and raring to go" he said with a smile.

I dropped into an easy chair and watched him as he cleaned himself. His body as he turned and bent over was a marvel to me even though I had explored every inch of it many times. I stroked my cock as I watched him and he would look at me and smile with that look of a lover that knows your every thought. He stood upright and put his thumbs into the waistband of his satin shorts - his eyes never leaving mine. I could see the thick tube of his cock snaking across his thigh and knew that he was as ready as I. Jeff was ALWAYS ready. He pulled at the elastic slowly and his cock gradually came into view until with a plop it jumped out of the tights shorts and swung free. After he threw the shorts to the floor he walked toward me gripping his hard member and offering it to my hungry mouth. He instantly pushed it full length into my throat until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I reached up and pinched his hard nipples while I sucked him and this caused him to make noises of lust like you have never heard from a woman.

I stopped sucking him for long enough to have him bend over so that we could kiss passionately - he was the best kisser that I had ever known and his smooth young cheeks and probing tongue excited me as much as the rest of his body. "I love you Mark I really do" and I knew that he meant it as I moved my hands over his smooth back and looked into his hazel eyes from 6" away. He moved up onto the arms of the easy chair so that his thighs were spread each side of the chair and he was facing me. I held my cock as he positioned his incredible young man cunt on the end of my shaft and lowered himself until my 7" cock was buried with in him. We continued to kiss this aggressive passionate male kisses as he started to move himself up and down on my cock by using the back of the chair for leverage. My cock was imprisoned in his tight slick butt and he moaned around my tongue as we kissed. My own hands were between us gripping his cock and rubbing in the hair on my stomach as he squeezed his ass muscles to clench my cock.

Soon I was lifting my hips to push even deeper into him as my balls boiled with hot cum and desire. Jeff's cock was throwing thick precum to lube my hands that slipped freely along his length as Jeff moved faster and faster. Jeff suddenly broke his mouth free of mine and threw his head back and loudly shouted "Oh f-u-u-c-c-k" as his cock spasmed in my hands and dropped a load of cum over our lower bellies that looked as if a tub of yoghurt had been spilled. This caused his ass muscles to go into spasm and I shot my own load somewhere deep within his belly. I could feel my juices overflowing his tight butt and coating my balls as he continued to move his hips to empty my probing cock.

Eventually he slumped against me with my half hard cock still clenched in his ass. I smeared his cum across both our chests and his back as we kissed and rested until the passion subsided a little. I knew that we would take each other into the large shower stall and clean each other at the same time as we used our hands to excite each other once again. Who would have thought that the passion of my life would have grown up next door - and that I would even get my lawns mowed as part of the deal. FINIS

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