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There is only one thing better than being in a nice secure hotel room with a great buddy - and that is being in a nice secure hotel room with SEVEN great buddies. We have this bunch of BI married guys that have got to know each over well over a long period of time - always different sort of pairings off for some great one-on-one and we have moved around between the group. We decided that nothing could be more erotic than if the whole group got together for some serious group action - we decided to call it the Sparta Group (I am in my Helen of Troy phase with the buff Brad Pitt). Last night was the inaugural launch and what a fucking blast it was. We had hired a Hotel Suite and got in some decent food and booze, a video player and a couple of gay fuck flicks (Uniforms was the chosen theme).

It is always interesting in group dynamics which I am fascinated by, how people can get along great in single situations but totally change in groups. Happens in team formations in my company all the time and we put a lot of effort into determining the best mix of people to make sure that all the style; preferences; and personalities are well balanced - believe me an orgy is no different. Last night was a great success at every level and the exchange of emails today clearly stated that everyone enjoyed it equally. I don't intend to go through a blow-by-blow description (too many "blows" to describe for a start) but more to talk in general terms as to how it all ran. I have to admit that even with my own lurid and prolific writing capabilities it would be impossible for me to describe every single act that took place. I could trace my own movements between groups as it was my pleasure to spend a while with each coupling and to form a few of my own. I was the host so like every good host one must make sure that each guest is satisfied.

I promised NO NAMES as each of the married gentlemen has some reservation about being seen as the King of Sluts even though that epithet did not worry them as they writhed on the floor, the bed, the couch, the credenza and in the shower. It started slow enough as people arrived - even with statements from a few of the less sure that they hoped this wasn't going to turn into a "fuck fest". It is no surprise to me at all that my buddy who worried about the "fuck fest" was the first to have his pants down and doing the horizontal tango on the king sized bed with another guy. Sufficient to say that before all seven guys arrived there was some serious hot male action going on and as well as I know all these guys I d elighted at the sight or the great butts and swollen engorged cocks bouncing round the room. The guy who stopped to get videos was last to arrive - knowing this dude he was probably knocking over display stands in the Video Shop with his erection as he looked at the covers.

As the whole group was finally in place he walked into a room that was pulsing with writhing bodies - some just taking time to stand and watch and have a beer - maybe to kiss the guy standing beside him also watching. Twosomes would become threesomes and the foursomes and then back to a couple. Guys were being fucked and sucked and kissed and jerking off a guy all at the same time. Two guys would be having a 69er on the bed and two more would be standing over them jerking off on their backs. At one stage I counted six guys physically locked onto each other in one form or another - it was the most carnal site that I have ever seen and a Kodak Moment if I have e ver seen one.

I have always had a strong reputation as a noisy cummer and one close buddy described me as moaning louder than a $5 Hooker. Well my crown has been handed over, my reputation lies in the dust, the capabilities of my vocal chords no longer is of interest - the youngest guy in our crowd (the one that hoped it wouldn't be a fuck fest) sounded like a bull being slaughtered. He bellowed and yelled and grunted like a pig so much so that we thought the Amish family in the next room would feel for sure that something ungodly was taking place. A quickly placed cock in his mouth was all that could keep him quiet while he dropped one of his many loads. Being the youngest in the group (God I hate beautiful young smooth skinned guys with cocks like the leg on a billiard table) his cock never got a moment's rest and it must feel like a skinned hot dog this morning.

I myself came three times and had to put my clothes on in the end as one more ejaculation would have retracted my nuts so far inside me that I would have needed surgery to get them back down. So by this stage one guy had left (demanding wife) - I was safely wrapped in sweat pants - but the other five were in full swing still.

I watched the movies for a while but the action was better in the room so I wandered across to the bed where all five were engaged. I had a nice cold Heinikin and dropped down beside my best buddy "J" (long time lover) and tried to hold a civilized discussion with him - somewhat difficult with his swallowing a formidable cock whilst being sucked himself and butt fingered with vigor by one of the others. The guy that "J" was giving head to had the most beautiful balls - the size of tangerines with no exaggeration. I have enjoyed the exquisite pleasures of "J"s lips and mouth many times so I could relate to the great attention this guy's cock was getting. "J" and the other guy moved into a 69er and the whole group reformed like a rubic's cube. I moved up the bed to watch "J" plunging his cock into the other guy's mouth and watched "J"s hot tight puckered hole with interest. Some bizarre desire drove me to pour a stream of cold beer down "J"s crack and over his hot butthole and the sucking mouth of our buddy on the bottom. The jolting bucking and thrashing action that took place with that cold assault was well worth losing a mouthful of beer.

The night was drawing to a close and the final cums of the night were being celebrated. My best buddy "J" was on his back about to blow while I lay beside him and kissed him passionately as he lost control - who was giving him the oral pleasure was not in my control but I enjoyed kissing my friend while he blew.

Finally it was all done and everyone had done everything that they had probably ever fantasized about. It wa s all a very SAFE night so "J" and I moved around collecting lube and condoms and scattered drinks and making sure that no one left their underwear behind. Finally it was just the two of us on our own - probably the only occasion in all the time that I have known him that I haven't jumped his bones when we had a minute's privacy. We kissed and hugged and went home to our own families - it was probably the furtherest from being horny that I have been since I entered puberty.

SPARTANS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINIS

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