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"The Wrong Room"

Back when I was in college living in the dorms, one evening my roommate left to go to a party. I noticed that his keys were still on his desk after he left, so I called his pager and he called back shortly after. I told him he forgot his keys and that I would leave the door unlocked so he could get in when the party was over. He said he'd probably spend the night with his girlfriend, but to leave the door unlocked just in case. I had quite a bit of studying to do, so I immediately hit the books.

At around 11PM I started to doze off while reading, so I decided to hit the sack. I wasn't in bed more than a half hour, when I heard someone fumbling at the door knob of my room. I figured it was my roomie. After a few minutes, the door finally opened. He entered and quickly shut the door, leaving the lights out. I heard more stumbling around as he got undressed in the dark then much to my surprise I felt my bed sheets being pulled off and him climbing into bed with me.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked. I heard slurred speech and it obviously wasn't my roomie- it was the guy who lived in the room directly above us. He was so drunk that he obviously got off the elevator on the wrong floor and mistakenly walked into my room thinking it was his. His name was Brian and rumour had it that he was bi. Brian was too drunk to even respond- he just grumbled something then threw his arm around me and passed out. "Great," I thought to myself, "now what?"
I laid there for a while, now wide awake with Brian gently snoring in my ear and reeking of stale beer and marijuana. I reached down and gently grabbed his arm by the wrist and pulled it off me. He reacted by mumbling something unintelligible and rolling on to his back. I rolled onto my side facing Brian wondering what to do to get him out of my bed and up to his own room. I snapped on my desk light and pulled the covers away. Brian was stark naked, with a flaccid five inches of cock surrounded by a small black bush of pubes and low hanging hairless balls. His chest was smooth except for a small ridge of black hair running from his navel to his pubes. His cock was cut, with a fairly large head.

The sight of him lying in my bed right next to me naked started to get me hot for some reason and I soon felt my own cock start to swell and poke out of the opening in my boxers. I had never touched another man's cock before, but I had frequent fantasies about jacking off other guys. I thought for a while and decided now was my opportunity. I carefully wrapped my hand around Brian's cock. He stirred a little, but remained passed out. I was breathing heavily and my heart was pounding I was so nervous. As I carefully played with his cock and balls, he began to get erect. It took a good five minutes for him to get fully erect.

I continued to slowly pump his shaft. Soon he was breathing a little heavier and starting to moan in his sleep. I was probably giving him a wet dream, I figured, and he seemed to be enjoying it. After another five minutes, his hips raised off the bed. I felt his thick, seven inch shaft start to throb then BAM! Six huge squirts of jizz shot from his slit, covering his upper chest, neck and face. I usually dribble no further than my navel and had never seen another guy cum before, so this caught me by surprise and made me all the more hot. Now I was faced with the problem of what to do with his cum...

I thought a bit, then gently scooped his cum from his chest and neck, leaving what little was on his face. I then pulled down my boxers and lubed up my six inch boner with his slippery, white cream. I began to slowly stroke my meat. The shaking of the bed and me occasionally rubbing up against him caused him to stir a bit. I panicked and stopped wanking, but he just rolled onto his side, facing away from me. I looked down and saw that he had a nice, smooth bubble-butt with a little dark hair in his crack. His legs were now tucked up towards his stomach, so his ass was protruding towards me in the bed.

A pit formed in my stomach and my heart started to pound as I thought to myself, "What if I fuck him? Will he wake up? How will my cock feel in a tight, male ass!" After a few seconds of thought and a little panic, I decided to go for it. My cock, lubed up good with Brian's cum, was the hardest it's ever been. I never knew my cockhead could swell so big. Very carefully, I snuggled up behind Brian and eased my stiff joint into his crack where I thought his asshole would be. He didn't even stir a bit. I felt with my finger and located his hole. Slowly I pushed my cock up against him. He stirred a bit, but actually pushed a little back towards me! My heart was now pounding so hard you could hear it.

I pushed a little harder and finally felt my cock penetrate. At first it was tight, then it went in incredibly smoothly until my pubes were pushed against his ass. He stirred again and mumbled, but didn't awake. I panicked a bit and stopped, my manhood buried deep up his Hershey Highway. Soon I heard him gently snoring...he must have been really drunk! Slowly I started to move my cock in and out of his hole, taking it up to my rim and then back in. It didn't even take a minute for me to drain my balls into his tight ass. It felt amazing, much tighter, smoother and better than any vagina that had surrounded my cock. I let my shaft go soft inside Brian, then slowly pulled in out. I climbed out of the end of the bed, got my robe on and walked down the hall to the bathroom to wash up.

As I was returning, I ran into a friend of my roommate who was at the party. He said my roomie went to spend the night with his chick and wouldn't be back. I returned to my room, climbed into my roommate's bed and went to sleep. I woke up around nine the next morning. Brian was sound asleep on my bed with the covers pushed off the end of the bed. He was on his back, gently snoring but with a raging case of morning wood. I walked over to the bed and shook his arm. He jumped up. "HUH? How the fuck did I get here?" he said. I just laughed and told him how he stumbled in to the room last night as he stood up.

Once out of bed, he noticed his erection. "FUCK!" he cried out, "please don't tell a soul about this!" as he covered his boner with his hands and quickly scrambled for his underwear and pants. By now I was laughing my ass off as he cursed, running around the small room looking for his clothes. He finally found them under my bed and quickly got dressed.

"Don't you remember anything from last night?" I asked through my laughter, hiding my nervousness that he would somehow figure out that I had jacked him off then fucked him in the ass.

"Not a fucking thing!" he muttered, "but it feels like someone kicked me square in the asshole! I must have fell down on a rock or something." I turned away and let out a soft sigh of relief...My first contact with another man's cock and my first penetration of another man's ass was only known by me! FINIS.

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