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"Trashy Adult Bookstore Encounter"

I would like to tell you about an encounter I had more recently. I like to go to the adult video stores in town to look at the videos and check out the guys. I had gone out to have a drink and after having several, I decided to go check out a new video store I heard about and see if there was anything going on there. It turned out that it was in what must have been a single brick duplex apartment building at one time.

It was not totally done yet, so only the ground floor video store was open. There was a sign there that said that the basement was being remodeled into a small adult movie theater. It appeared that the upstairs might still be an apartment. The main floor video store was made by leaving the layout of the rooms the way they had been and joining all of them with doorways between them. Each room was a different section. One room had only straight books and magazines and another had only gay magazines and books. Another room had only straight videos, while another had only gay videos. There were separate rooms for gay and straight DVD's, and separate rooms for male and female erotic wear and toys. What must have been a combination living room and entrance area, was the main lobby and checkout area. It was really a different setup.

The place was pretty empty with only 3 or 4 guys walking from room to room and checking out all of the stuff and a large black guy working the counter. I stood in the magazine section for a while to check out the guys as they passed through. After a short while they all had passed by but none of them acted like they were interested, so I walked into the gay video room. I moved to a far corner where the She-Male videos were, since they are some of my favorites. After a couple of minutes one of the guys came in and started looking at the Gay videos. When I looked around as one of the other guys passed through, it looked like the first guy was watching me. I waited a few minutes and when he didn't come any closer, I moved into the gay DVD room. After a couple of minutes he came in. This room was pretty small so he wasn't standing far from me. Before either one of us could say anything, I noticed that the guy at the checkout counter could see us in this room. So after a couple more minutes, I went back into the video room and started to look at the gay videos.

The guy came into the room and stood a couple of feet from me looking at the videos. He was about 40 and fairly good looking, about 6' tall with brown hair, blue eyes and an average but solid looking build with a nice bulge showing in his jeans. After a minute he turned to me and said "That looks like a good movie". The video I was looking at had a naked guy on all fours sucking on one cock while being fucked by another. I am normally kind of shy around strangers, but after the drinks I had I was feeling pretty relaxed. I spoke up and said "Yeah it sure looks like fun, and your's looks pretty good too". His showed a white guy bent over a table being fucked by a black dude that must have had a thick 12" dick. He looked me in the eyes and said, "So which guy looks like he is having the most fun to you?" I told him that I was pretty versatile so any of it looked like fun to me. He smiled said that's good He said his name was Ray and asked if I would like to go some where and have some fun like that. I asked him if he had a place close to go since I was from clear across town, and he said yeah he had a place that was close. I said that it sounded good to me, so he smiled, motioned toward the door, turned and started to walk out.

After a minute I turned around to leave the room and I saw one of the other guys who had been roaming around standing near the doorway smiling at me. He was about 35, 5'10" tall, red hair, green eyes, average looking, with a nice build. As I got closer to him he licked his lips and rubbed the bulge in his jeans, but I just continued to walk out of the room. As I followed the first guy at a distance as he went outside I noticed that the sign on the door said that they closed at 12:00. Since it was already after 11:00, I figured that there wouldn't be many more guys coming anyway, so I wouldn't be missing out on anything else. The outside of the building was lit with a large light and I could see that he was waiting for me by the back corner of the building under the light. When I got closer, he went around the corner. As I got to the corner of the building, I could see him by the other corner of the building standing by a high fence. I walked toward him and he reached over, opened a small door in the fence and stepped through it. When I got by the doorway and looked in he was standing just inside. The light from the corner of the building was enough to be able to see in the enclosed area, but probably not bright enough for someone to see from a distance that we were inside the fence. The fence was a privacy fence about 7' tall that formed a large enclosed area around one of those large trash bins. There wasn't any smell and the bin looked like it was full of construction materials with more lumber and stuff piled around the outside of it. Ray closed the door after I entered and walked behind the trash bin. I followed him and found that there was an empty grassy area behind it that must have been about 5' wide by 10' long.

As I started to walk towards him, Ray started to rub himself through his pants, so I did the same. When I got close enough, he reached over and started to rub me with one hand and pulled my hand over to his growing bulge with the other. After a couple of minutes of rubbing and squeezing each other he reached into his shirt pocket and brought out a bottle poppers. I had only tried poppers a few times before, but I knew that they would help me loosen up. After he had taken a couple of sniffs he held the bottle up to my nose until I took a few breaths with each nostril. He put the bottle back in his shirt and reached down and started to undo my pants, so I stopped rubbing him and undid his pants. He was not wearing any underwear so his semi-hard dick popped out and I started to stroke on it. It was about 7" long but rather thin. Since I was wearing underwear, he grabbed the tops of my pants and underwear and slid them down my thighs. He started to stroke my dick with one hand and play with my balls with the other, so I slid his pants down a little and did the same to him. He grabbed me, pulled me close and started to lick and nibble on my ears and neck and grind our hard cocks together while he unbuttoned my shirt. Then he licked his way down to my chest while he removed my shirt. He started licking and nibbling around my nipples while he rubbed his hands up and down my back stopping to squeeze my ass cheeks. After a couple of minutes he reached down to stoke my cock again while he took the little bottle out again.

I continued to play with his cock and balls while he took a couple of whiffs and then held the bottle to my nose again. After I had taken several deep breaths from the bottle, he put the bottle in his shirt pocket, put his hands on my shoulders and pushed down until I was kneeling in front of him I reached up and pulled his pants down to his ankles and he stepped out of them and his shoes. He spread his legs, so I reached between them with one hand and rubbed and squeezed his ass cheeks while I played with his cock and balls with the other. Then he reached down and pushed my face to his cock. I licked from the tip of his cock down and around his balls and then back up again. He let out a low moan, held my head and pushed his now 8" long hard dick between my lips. I sucked and licked it's head like a popsicle. I sucked down as much of it as I could and slowly started to suck and lick my way up and down the long shaft. It didn't take long until he had started to fuck in and out of my mouth. When he started to moan I decided that I didn't want him to cum yet (and leave without doing me), so I stood up again.

He started licking his way down my chest again and kept going until he was kneeling in front of me. He grabbed my pants and underwear and pulled them and my shoes and socks down and off and threw them in the pile of clothes by the fence. I now stood naked in front of him. He leaned forward, licked and sucked on my balls while he stroked my dick with one hand. He put his other hand threw my legs and rubbed and squeezed my ass cheeks. After a couple of minutes he started running his finger up and down my ass crack until he finally stopped at my ass hole and rubbed around it with his finger. After a few minutes of this he grabbed my hips, turned me around and pushed my legs apart. He started to lick and kiss all over my ass cheeks. Then he pulled them apart and licked my ass crack from my lower back to my balls and back. He finally focused in on my ass hole. This felt so good that I couldn't help but bend over and put my hands on my knees so he could get at my asshole better. This caused him to really start licking and sucking on my asshole and within a couple of minutes he was tongue fucking my hole. It really felt great and when I started to moan he slowly pushed a finger up my ass and slowly finger fucked me. After a couple of minutes, it was followed by a second and then a third.

A few minutes of this and he stood up and pressed his dick against my ass. He rubbed it up and down my crack, leaned over my back and as he held the bottle of poppers to my nose, he asked me if I wanted to be fucked. I was so hot by then that I told him to stick that long dick all the way up my ass. He slowly pushed and after the head popped in, he continued pushing until all 8" were up my ass and his balls were resting against mine. He fucked in and out of my ass very slowly stopping when he was partially in to rotate it in small circles. I was enjoying it so much that I didn't notice that we had been joined by the red haired guy from the video store. He stood there stroking his hard dick that was sticking out of his jeans. He said that he had followed us and had been watching through the fence and he couldn't stand it anymore. He told Ray his name was Bob and asked him if he could join us. Ray handed him the bottle of poppers, told him that there was still an open hole and to make himself comfortable and join in. After he handed the poppers back to Ray, he took a flask out of his back pocket and handed it to Ray. While Ray took a swig, Bob removed his shoes and pants. All he was left wearing was a tee shirt and his socks. His dick was about 7" long, but at least twice as thick as Ray's and his dick, balls and ass were all shaved clean.

When Ray finished with the flask. Bob offered it to me. When I hesitated he said that it was good stuff and it would help me to relax and enjoy myself more. Normally I would not take a drink from a bottle offered by a stranger, but since I was already felling good I was willing to try it. It did taste good so I took several swallows and handed the bottle back. After he had finished with the flask, Ray had started to slow fuck me again. When I had finished with it Bob took it from me, set it down and reached over and pulled my head to his cock. I held it in my hand and slowly started to lick all around his big dick head. Then as I licked up and down the shaft, Ray began to speed up his fucking my ass. I licked and sucked on Bob's balls as Ray started to pull his dick all the way out and then push it back in all at once. I licked my way back up Bob's dick and when I got to its' head I tried to suck down as much of it as I could. After I had sucked on Bob's cock for several minutes, he pulled it out of my mouth, turned around, bent over and told me to rim his asshole.

I began to lick and kiss all over his ass cheeks. When I spread his cheeks I saw that his ass was very clean looking and smelled like he had just washed it with perfumed soap. I started to lick up and down his crack and after a couple of minutes I reached out, spread his cheeks and zoomed in on his asshole. He moaned as I licked around his hole, so I slowly stuck my tongue in his hole. Seeing all of this must have excited Ray and he started slamming into my hole. He was pushing so hard that my face was being pressed into Bob's ass crack and my tongue was being forced farther up his hole. I decided to use Ray's motion to work my tongue in Bob's hole, so as Ray pounded into my asshole my tongue would be forced into Bob's hole. It didn't take long until Ray moaned and started shooting his load up my ass. As his dick started to slow done it's spasms in my ass he leaned over my back, kissed me on the cheek and said "That was great, thanks". He pulled his dick out and moved away to put his clothes back on. That was Bob's cue, so he quickly stood up and moved behind me before I could stand up.

Bob put his hands on my back to keep me bent over and positioned his thick dick head in my ass crack. He slowly rubbed it up and down my crack to lube it up with some of Ray's cum that had started to leak out of my hole. Even though his dick was much thicker that Ray's, I was lubed and loose enough that he was able to pop it into my ass fairly easily. He slowly pushed his thick shaft up my ass and about the time he had it buried to his balls Ray was dressed and ready to leave. Before he left he came over to us and offered Bob the bottle of poppers. After Bob had a couple of whiffs, Ray held the bottle to my nose. With all this activity, I was breathing pretty heavily so I ended up taking a couple of deep breaths from the bottle. Before Ray could put the poppers away, a voice behind us said "Mind if I have some of that". We all turned our heads to see the large black guy from the counter of the video store, standing behind us with his dick hanging out of his pants. Ray smiled and handed him the bottle and said keep it. He took a couple of deep breaths from the bottle and then Bob asked Ray to hand us his flask.

Bob stood there with his hard dick buried up my ass, took a couple of swigs and handed it to the black guy. He took several swallows, moved over closer to my head and handed me the bottle. As he stood next to us while I drank, he said that he had seen us all go behind the building on the monitor for the video camera that watched the parking lot. Since there wasn't anyone else in the store, he closed a few minutes early. After he locked up, he thought that he would come back and see if we were still here and what we were doing. He said he had thought that we were probably sucking each other off, but when he saw through the fence what we were doing and especially after he had watched for a while he decided to join us. He took the flask from me, put it down and stepped closer to my face. He held my head and put his dick against my mouth and said suck it. Compared to the other two his cock seemed large even though it was only semi hard. As I licked around the head and up and down the shaft, he unfasten his pants and dropped them to his ankles. He stepped out of his shoes and pants, took his shirt off and now stood in front of me naked. He was about 6'4" tall, 220 hard pounds and as I continued to lick his dick it had grown to a very thick 10 or11" of hard ebony.

Bob had started to slowly fuck in and out of my asshole as he watched the black guy undress. I licked my way down the black guy's thick shaft until I got to his balls I slowly stroked his cock as I lifted his balls up with my other hand. They were some of the largest balls I had ever seen and they hung down in a sack that looked like it was loaded with cum. Ray had been standing back watching the three of us and he said that he needed to get going but if he watched much longer he would have to stay for seconds. He told us goodbye and left. The black guy said that he wanted to fuck my mouth for a while but my legs were starting to look a little shaky. He told Bob that we should probably get down on the ground before my legs collapsed. Bob agreed so he pulled out of my ass and they told me to get down on all fours. While I knelt on the ground the black guy took a couple of whiffs from the bottle of poppers, then he held it to my nose again. After I had taken a couple of deep breaths with each nostril he handed the bottle to Bob While Bob took a couple of breaths and put the bottle down, the black guy laid on the ground in front of me and pulled my head down to his dick again.

While I licked around his huge cock head and took as much of his 11" monster into my mouth as I could, Bob knelt behind me and rammed his dick up my ass until his balls smacked against mine. Bob was obviously getting more turned on by watching me suck up and down the big black cock because he began to really pump his dick in and out of my ass. After a few minutes he began to pull his dick all the way out of my hole and really slam it all the way back in. It didn't take long until he moaned and I could feel him shooting a big load up my ass. He slumped over on my back and stayed there until his dick softened and popped out of my hole. When he stood up and started to get dressed the black guy pulled his dick out of my mouth and handed me the flask. After I had taken several swigs, he took a couple and handed the flask to Bob who had finished dressing. Bob took a swig and said "well have fun and I hope to meet you here again sometime". He said goodbye and left. The black guy handed me the bottle of poppers and said that I may want to hang on to it.

I took a couple of whiffs as he moved behind me. He leaned over and started to lick and kiss all over my ass. Then he spread my cheeks and started to lick and suck up the cum that was leaking out of my asshole. By this time I was sort of out of it, but I was so turned on that it felt fantastic. He spit some of the cum he had licked from my ass into his hand and used it to lube up his dick. When it was as shiny as ebony and nice and wet he moved up, rubbed it up and down over my hole and finally started to push his huge cock head in. It hurt some so I took a couple of more whiffs of poppers and as he slowly continued to push it in, it soon started to feel good. Although his cock was much larger than the other two he started out much slower and gentler than the other guys. He said that my ass felt like a tight glove around his dick. He moved it in and out very slowly and sort of rotated it around as he did to help my hole loosen up more. He was not only gentler than the other two but he also reached around, played with my nipples and stuck his thumb in my mouth for me to suck on. He gradually started to speed up, but at the same time he slid his hand down and rubbed and squeezed my cock and balls. As I loosened up more he began to push his dick all the way in to his balls and pull all but the head out before pushing all the way in again. As I started to moan, he began to stroke my cock as he continued to speed up his fucking of my ass. After about ten minutes of this he started to pump my ass harder. It didn't take much of this until I let out a long loud moan and started to shoot my cum all over the ground and his big hand. That must have been the signal he was waiting for because he really started to pump his dick in and out of my ass I continued shooting what must have been my longest cum ever and within a few minutes he started to shoot a huge load up my asshole. I must have felt his dick spasm at least 10 times as he shot into my hole.
I was weak but very satisfied and I collapsed onto the ground with him on top of me. As we rested there with his dick still up my ass, he said that I was one of the best fucks he had ever had. When his dick finally softened in my ass, he lifted up and when he pulled it out it made a pop like a cork from a bottle and the cum started to run out of my hole. I tried to stand up but my legs were weak and shaky so he helped me up. When I was able to stand up he saw the cum running down my legs and he picked up all of our clothes and said follow me. He got the key out of his pants and opened the back door to the video store that was next to the fenced in area. We walked naked into the restroom and he put the clothes down, got some damp towels and started to wipe the cum off of my legs, ass and his dick. When he was finished we got dressed and left. As he was locking the door behind us he said that he hoped I would stop by at closing again soon and maybe we could just lock the doors and go up to the bed in the empty apartment above the store.

I am thinking about going back there again and see what he charges to use the apartment!

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