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My life was just generally in a shitty place these days and my overall attitude reflected how things seemed to be going!! I work in real estate and with the economy in such a downturn no one was doing much of anything. I had been seeing David – another BI married guy – for about 6 months but I had been impulsive since he was my first M2M contact so even though the vibes seemed all wrong I still went for it. I suppose that called being lead around by your cock. The sex sure as hell had been great at first even though the first few experiences had been some quick groping in parked cars in dark lots – we had eventually graduated to getting a cheap Motel room and making a solid lunch of it. I had made the mistake if sharing my real name with him and where I lived – how dumb is that – so unexplained phone call hang ups had made my wife suspicious as hell and I had even seen him standing across the road from my place one night when I carried the bins out. He had made the mistake of telling his wife what he was up to and it had gone badly. He was now of the mindset that everyone should come out and be counted. We weren't seeing each other any more and I had sworn that I was going straight – the trouble was that every night when I closed my eyes all I saw were cocks and balls swimming in my imagination.

I trudged up the walk to this new property that had been listed and let myself in with the key that the working wife had given to me. I was trying to assess what price to place on it but couldn't get myself motivated. As I looked through the living room I admired the family photos – a very attractive group even though I hadn't met them. The Dad was gorgeous with really blond hair and cornflower blue eyes and a heartbreaking smile. That got those cocks and balls swimming round in my head again so I went upstairs to check the bedrooms. I was having a leak in their bathroom and checking myself out in the mirror. Not bad for 48 – stayed in shape and didn't have a wrinkle on my face. My hair had grayed over the temples but I thought that made it even more interesting – hadn't lost any that was the main thing. Green eyes behind glasses that may have been a bit too trendy for my age but my clean shaven face and leanness made me look late 30's if anything. My best feature was pumping piss in my hand and I have always been rpoud of my cock. A thick 7" when hard and smooth white shaft with a sharply defined mushroom head that had the sweetest spot of the underside that David used to drive me crazy with the tip of his tongue. Balls didn't hang as far as I liked on other guys but they were a good size and had produced 2 great kids so they worked.

Anyway, I had to stop thinking about that cause my cock started to stiffen up. I considered jacking off in the john using dad's fishing photos from the dresser but decided that it wasn't a good idea. I needed to get out of here anyway. I was just zipping up after jambing my half hard cock back in my shorts when I heard the front door open and voices downstairs. Thank God I hadn't started to pump meat. I wandered over to the stairs and looked down into the living room from the upper landing. There were two teenage boys there and they were embracing each other and kissing. They had obviously come straight from school as they were both dressed in gym gear. Both were about 18 I guess and I recognized one from the pictures – he looked like a younger version of his Dad. The other was a black kid – more heavily built with skin the color of ebony. They were kissing passionately and my cock immediately shot into a rock hard state in my trousers. While they kissed their hands caressed each others cocks in their gym shorts, and the white kid drew the other kids thick black cock out of the leg of his shorts. He quickly dropped to his knees and started sucking on that black shaft with a skill that outdid my old lover David.

My cock was dripping with precum but I couldn't stop watching. I stroked myself but was worried that I would cum in my suit so I pulled myself out of the zipper and ran my hand back and forth along the length while I watched them from above. The black kids shorts were now around his ankles and I could see the length of the white kids cock tenting the front of the thin fabric of his shorts. My legs felt weak as I felt the pressure of my load start to build so I tried to back into the bedroom so that I could get to the bathroom. Unfortunately I bumped into a small table and knocked a small ornament onto the carpeted floor. "Hey, someone's up there" the white kid yelled, and he quickly ran upstairs. He stood in front of me on the landing with his long tanned hairless legs holding up the biggest boner I had ever seen. "Who are you" he asked aggressively. "The real estate guy" I stammered. "So why is your cock dripping on my Mom's carpet Mr Real Estate man? You been watching me and Jamie??" Jamie by this time had also come upstairs and there was zero embarrassment in them for what I had been watching. Jamie had left his shorts downstairs – along with his t shirt so he was totally nude behind his friend, and his body was magnificent.

"My names Seamus and my Mom will be pissed if I tell her that you were jacking off and watching me. You must be about my Dad's age and Jamie and me have been wondering what my Dad's cock looks like. If it looks like yours then he is doin' alright for himself" "Sure is,man" agreed Jamie. Seamus reached out and squeezed the knob of my cock really hard but instead of hurting it caused it to jump back to fully hard again. "Me and Jamie are hot for older guys but we've only been with each other. We've done heaps of stuff though. I think if you don't want me to say anything to my Mom you had better be nice to the two of us" I didn't know whether to slap him or kiss him – I was pissed and horny all at the same time. He grabbed the end of my cock and pulled me down the corridor behind the two of them. We entered a room that was clearly his from the basketball trophies and pennants. He left me standing there while he took off all his clothes as well. His cock was bluish purple and jutted straight out from his blond bush with no curvature. Mine on the other hand curved back against my zipper and continued to drip precum onto my trousers. Now both naked I watched as Seamus unlocked a drawer in his dresser and took out a large black dildo. "This is what Jamie and I used to practise with before we started fucking each other. Think that you can take it??" I let them remove all my clothes and drop them in a heap behind the door. Their hands were all over me, pinching my nipples, probing my ass, stroking my cock. They circled me so that one was always behind me, the other always in front. "Bend over" said Seamus who had been heavily lubing the dildo. I bent at the waist toward Jamie who started wiping his slick black cock across my mouth and cheeks. He left trails of his own precum on my lips as he did it and without wanting to I licked the salty juice into my mouth. I felt my ass opening start to be stretched around the thickness of the dildo. Seamus worked it back-and-forth slowly so that I could get use to it – always moving a little deeper. Suddenly he thrust it full length deep inside me. There was an instant of pain and I inhaled sharply but then, as that subsided an incredible feeling of "fullness" came over me.

Jamie commenced slipping his cock in an out of my mouth as I continued to lean forward with my hands on my thighs. Seamus was now standing behind him with his pale arms wrapped across his solid black pecs and was pinching his black nipples. Jamie put his head back and they kissed deeply with their tongues pushing into each others mouths. "Walk around the room Mr Real Estate man I want to see that black tube sticking out of your ass!!" I straightened up slowly and walked around. The dildo moved as I did and electric shocks burned through me and my cock was fit to burst. As I passed Jamie he slapped my buttocks and Seamus grabbed the end of the dildo and slid it back and forth a few times. "Man, look at that fucking cock Jamie – it ain't gonna last much longer. He drops more precum than you do when you cum!!" "Bullshit" said Jamie, "and I'll prove it." He grabbed Seamus and pushed him forward over the end of the bed and I could see Seamus' wrinkled butthole as he held apart his own buttocks for Jamie. Jamie took some more of the lube – but only a little – and greased his throbbing black shaft. There was no going slow for Seamus and he pushed his cock that must have been more than 4" round straight and deep into Seamus butt. Seamus was shouting "Oh yeah, man, fuck me hard. Mr Real Estate man get over here and jam that dripping cock into my buddy cause he needs some heavy duty fucking" I didn't need to be told twice and I positioned my juiced up cock between those perfect young black buns and slid straight in. We got this great motion going for about 10 minutes and I struggled with holding back my load. His black muscle had a grip on my shaft like you wouldn't believe and I held his shoulders while I pumped him hard for all I was worth.

"Time to change" said Seamus who was clearly the leader in all this. He came over to me and gripped the dildo and pulled it out. He sucked the end of it for a second and said "Time for some of the real thing Mr Real Estate man. You been loosened up enough." The dildo had been about the same thickness as my own cock and I missed its fullness in my ass. They pushed me down on my knees on the carpet and Jamie got behind me and said "You gonna love this, man No gets fucked by black cock and goes back." My ass muscle was loose so he slid straight into me and he was probably twice as thick and half as long again as the dildo. If it felt as if the dildo had filled me then I felt skewered by this kid's magnificent cock. Seamus stood in front of me and pulled my head back. "I want you to work every inch of me Mr Real Estate man and don't leave my balls unloved either." He commenced fucking my face with an energy that was amazing. I couldn't doo anything but relax my throat enough for him to slide all the way down. My nose was buried in his bush of hair on the in stroke and my lips wrapped around the ridge of his cock on the out. He pulled his cock out and fed one of his huge balls into my mouth and gripped my hair while he said "Suck that nut Mr Real Estate man".

All the while Jamie reamed my ass real good and his thighs slapped hard against my buttocks and he slammed against me. My own cocks waved around under my belly life a flagpole in a wind storm and precum dripped on the floor below me. Jamie was slapping my buttocks and suddenly with one deep hard plunge he bolted a massive hot stream of cum inside my gut at the same time as Seamus exploded in my mouth. Seamus was unrelenting as his pumped into my mouth until he was completely empty. Cum was all over my chin and pooled on the carpet below me.

"This Real Estate man still ain't shot his load. We better put him out of his misery" They laid me on my back on the carpet and I could feel the cold pools of cum under me. These two fantastic young stallions – one black, one white – went down on my cock and balls. Fingers pushed their way into my wet sticky ass and mouths sucked at my balls and cock. My nipples were chewed and tongues ran the length of my sweaty body. My eyes were closed and moans ripped out of me as my hips heaved up against them. I shot an arc of thick roapy cum high in the air and it splashed over my hairy belly. I subsided back on the carpet and two eager tongues to lick the cum from my skin. "I told you that he would shoot a bigger load than you Jamie. This fucker has dumped about a gallon of jism here and I'm gonna eat the lot".

I sort of hoped that it would take me a long time to sell this place and that I would have plenty of inspections with these two. It just goes to show you – you NEVER know how your day is going to turn out. FINIS.

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