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"A Lawful Encounter for Mark"

I own a nice,large property on the edge of town - it backs onto some Land Preservation that makes it appear even large and it is just like living in the countryside. It is heavily forested and it's not particularly accessible except for some tracks used by the local authorities and kids on their bikes. I was pruning trees at the back of my lot one day toward sunset but wasn't particularly surprised to see a cop on his motorcycle going along the track. I expected that he was just going up to make sure that the local kids weren't up there smoking dope. I didn't recognize him from the township but could barely see him through the trees anyway. My curiosity was piqued a few minutes later when I saw the local police car following the same path so I figured that something was happening and never wanting to miss a drama I decided to walk over and check out the action. The track wound around but I was able to just cut through the trees. I knew that there was a clearing some way in so I headed for that.

As I neared the clearing all I could hear were the birds but also some low voice conversations. I could vaguely see the car and bike through the trees but couldn't see the cops. I followed the direction of the voices although they were difficult to hear. I walked around inside the treeline rather than burst into the clearing since I didn't want to launch myself into trouble - little did I know. As I rounded the police car I could see the patrol office with his back to me but couldn't see the other cop. I admired the legs and muscled buns of the motorcycle cop in those tight trousers they wear tucked into those high black boots. He still had his helmet on and was just standing there with his hands on his hips. As I moved further round I realized why. The other cop was kneeling on the ground in front of him! I knew him from town - his name was Jason. Jason's shirt was undone to the waist exposing a massively muscled and hairy chest. The front of his uniform trousers was also undone and his right hand was wrapped around his swollen cock and pumping it for all he was worth. His other hand was fondling the large balls of the cycle cop while his cock slid back and forth into Jason's mouth. I was riveted to the spot there in the trees. Only his zipper was done but he clearly wore no underwear cause his cock and balls were pushed outside for heavy duty servicing, and Jason was giving it his all.

The cycle cop took his cock out of Jason's mouth and I saw a long stream of precum draped from Jason's lips to the tip of the other guys cock. He held his cop and gently slapped Jason's cheeks with it. I was impressed as his cock had a flared mushroom head and the shaft was as straight as an arrow. Jason darted his tongue at the cock as it slid past his mouth and both hands were now wrapped around the length of his own rigid curved shaft that must have been 9" to take both fists end-on-end. The cycle cop lifted his cock and Jason took one of the guy's large hairy balls in his mouth and sucked it gently.

Then he moved to the other. All this hot M2M action had got me as horny as hell as I hadn't been with a guy in months. I was rubbing the hard lump in the front of my jeans and felt the wet patch in the denim where I had clearly leaked a load of precum while I watched. I didn't have a shirt on so my hand moved leisurely through my chest hair and across my hard little nipples. As I watched Jason ran the tip of his tongue up the underside of the standing cop's cock. That was too much for me so I took my own meat out and started to stroke it gently.

Jason now had just the massive cock head in his mouth and he appeared to be chewing on it gently. The standing cop threw his head back and moaned loudly and said "Oh fuck, man, that is so good!" With that he grabbed Jason's head in both hands and just pushed his hips forward in one deep thrust and I imagined that thick shaft filling Jason's throat. My own cock was now slick with my own juices and so hard that it felt as if it would split. I pulled my balls out as well and gently squeezed them to milk the juice. The cycle cop was now just moaning continuously "Fuck! Oh Fuck here I cum!" He pulled his cock from Jason's mouth and thick globs of cum lashed his eyes and cheeks and dripped onto the hair on his chest. Jason shot his own load into the dirt between his legs and I saw the little puddles of mud that the pool of man juice created. Jason cleaned that cop's cock like a kid sucks a lollypop and continued to pull as his own meat as the last drops of juice flowed.

The cycle cop quickly stuffed his cock back into his trousers and zipped up. He leaned forward and kissed the still kneeling Jason deeply and said "Yum! I taste good today. See you next week." With that he got back on his bike and roared off with Jason still kneeling there with his bare chest and thick cock now draped in a curve toward the ground. I just had to shoot but at that moment Jason stood up and walked toward the trees. He was standing like four feet from me and shot a thick yellow stream of piss into the bushes. I stood rock still but at that very moment he looked across and saw me.

"Fuck, you scared the crap out of me" he shouted. I just stood there feeling guilty as if I had been the one doing something but I was also the one with a big hard cock jutting out of the front of his jeans. "Hold on" said Jason "aren't you the Hogan guy who lives near here?" I had regained my confidence by now and said "That's right - it's good to see so much of you today Officer" Jason then seemed to realize that he was standing there with an open shirt, trails of cum on his cheeks and chest hair, and his beautiful thick cock hanging in front of his. He just smiled and me as his eyes dropped to my own dripping cock curved out in front of me. "It seems as if your friend doesn't hang around for long afterward" I said. "Nope he's a shoot and run type of guy" he answered "what type of guy are you?" he asked me. "Man, I would give that fucking cop cock the respect it deserved"

I told him. He just looked deep into my eyes and said "So get over here and get started" I walked toward him and pulled him toward me by his shirt and kissed him deeply. I could taste the other cops cum in his mouth and it really excited me. He kissed me with an aggressive passion that caused me to moan around his tongue that was pushed into my mouth. I could feel our cock rubbing against each other and I reached down and wrapped my hands around both shafts and pumped them together. Jason's hands came between us and I felt him undo the top of my jeans and push them over my hips until they fell around my ankles. Now his hands reached around me and his fingers dug deep into my buttocks and he pulled my buns apart. I pushed his shirt over his shoulders and pulled it off and dropped it on the ground. His uniform trousers followed and we both stepped out of our clothes so that we were naked together. He said "Man, your cock is fit to split it is so hard. I've never seen so much precum on a man. It is like a full load of cum!!"

He took my hand and lead me over to his car and pushed me back against the hood. I could feel the cold metal against my bare butt and my cock pushed forward like some incredible hood ornament. He laid me back and took both our cocks in his large hand and I could feel our balls touching as he pumped his hand, with both cocks, back and forth. He leaned over me and his tongue and lips nipped and sucked each of my nipples in turn. He lifted my legs off the ground and I wrapped them around his waist. He had me pressed back against the hood and I could feel his now hard cock pushing against my tight ass muscle He spat on his hand and reached around under my and pushed his thumb into my crack. Another finger followed until I felt my muscle relax and let him probe me. When he thought that I was ready he pat on his hand again and wiped it on his cock which he then
placed against my quivering ass.

He pushed gently at first and then with one deep thrust he drove it home  full depth into my gut and we both moaned at the feel of it. He moved it back and forth to loosen me up a little then he straightened up and grabbed me by the back of the ankles. He pushed my legs straight up and back against my chest. He used this as leverage and set up a piston motion that had me sliding back and forth across the polished paintwork. I couldn't think of anything else except this thick tube of cock that stretched my ass and pushed deep inside me. He only lasted a minute or two when he pulled it out and shot up across my stomach and through the thick hair around my balls. I was still hard as a rock and the serious butt fucking that he had given me had made me even hornier. Jason kissed me and said "Well we have plenty on lube available for you to return the favor. Come over here"

He opened the door to his police car and told me to sit on the edge of the seat with my legs outside the car. He then bent over in front of me and reached behind him to pull his buttocks apart. I could see the small brown wrinkled opening of his ass just at my eye level. Jason looked back at me and said "Use my cum to lube up my man cunt and get me good and loose cause I haven't taken a cock as thick as yours before" I scooped up a finger load of the copious thick juice that was coating my stomach. I pushed two coated fingers into him and worked them round in a circular motion. He was bucking like a bronco and urging me on. I scooped up more  there was plenty of it and this time pushed three fingers in and pumped my hand back and forth. This was one well used man cunt and I swear that I could have slipped my fist into him. I couldn't stand it any longer so I grabbed his hips and pulled him back until my cock was against his loose wet butt. He sat back against me and my cock slipped slowly full length into him.

This position seemed to get me deeper inside him than I had ever been before in a man. He moved his hips in little circular motions and the sensitive tip of my cock seemed to be gripped by some special ring of pleasure. Holding onto the sides of the door he was able to lever himself up and down and all I had to do was sit there and enjoy it. I kissed the back of his neck and ran my hands lightly down his muscled back. That caused him to shiver and his ass to tighten around my cock. He rested for a moment sitting hard against my balls. I reached around him and caressed his soft still dripping cock and ran my hands across his hairy pecs. "God you feel fucking good" I told him. He started up his motion again lifting himself so high that only my knob was engaged and then droppingdown flat against me and doing that little circular motion that drove me crazy. I ran both hands across his back and again his ass muscle clenched my cock and it was too much and I started bucking against him as my cock exploded in several blasts of cum. He rode me like a horse as my juices coated his insides and our bodies made slapping noises as I drained my cock.

When it subsided he lay back on top of me with my cock still inside his ass. I could feel my cum oozing out of his butt and coating my balls. I wrapped my arms around him and took his weight while we rested. My lips were against his ear and he turned his head to kiss me. One of my hands cupped his soft cock and balls, the other stroked his thick pelt of chest hair. I could have laid there like that all afternoon but too much chance to being caught. We cleaned ourselves with tissues that he had and dressed. I went back to pruning my trees - he went back to protecting the community. FINIS

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