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"Bi Fun at the Farm"

After three days, my balls ached…I had to release a load. I went up to the loft to find one of the porn magazines I had stashed there and soon discovered I wasn't alone…

A week earlier I traveled to my uncle's farm to help out while he recovered from an injury. The farm was big, so along with his hired hand, Wayne, two other students had also been brought on for the summer…Jay and Jamie. Jamie had her own room, so I shared a room with Jay. With the long days, I couldn't find anytime private time to jerk off and after a couple of days I had to empty my nuts, so I grabbed a couple of Uncle George's porn magazines and headed to the barn to take matters in hand. This became my routine twice a day for the next few days, but then things got really hectic and three days passed without my visit to the loft…I needed to jerk off, badly.

As I climbed the ladder to the loft, I realized I wasn't alone; Jay was banging Jamie in the loft! I reached the top just as he pulled off and Jamie spotted me… "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were up here…I just came up to…"

Jamie pulled out one of the magazines and informed me that they knew about my trips to the loft… "It seems Jesse likes it both ways!" (I had been reading some bi-sexual stories). "I think the three of us are going to have some fun", Jamie said as she stood up revealing a beautifully tanned body, small, firm breasts and well trimmed crotch that was dripping with a mixture of her own juices and a fresh load of Jay's thick cum. Jay looked a little embarrassed as he fumbled to find his clothes. I couldn't help but notice how hot he was. 6'2", 170 pounds of per muscle, a well-defined chest with light hairs leading down to a thicker patch of fur on his stomach. My eyes fixed on his still hard cock…7.5" long and as thick as any cock I had ever seen. Jamie saw me starring and reached over to grab Jay's cock… "You like what you see, Jesse?"

"Don't be embarrassed, Jesse, come and join us", Jamie said with a big, grin. Jay looked a little less certain about the whole thing, but Jamie whispered something to him and he looked my way and said, "what the hell, let's have some fun."

I tentatively walked over toward them and both Jamie and Jay met me and slowly began to remove my shirt, carefully caressing every part of my upper body. Just then, Jay raised my hands above head and tied on a pair of leather restraints, tying both my hands together and suspending my arms from a beam above. "Just relax, Jesse, it's going to be fun", Jamie said, as she unbuttoned my shorts and lowered them, revealing my jock strap which was now bulging with my throbbing cock.

Jamie dropped to her knees and lowered my shorts to my ankles and began to lick my pouch. She slid her hands inside the waistband and slowly lowered the jock strap, releasing my cock, which was already about 7-8" in length, but still not fully hard. My balls were clean-shaven and I had only a small amount of pubic hair above my cock and balls that were just beginning to grow back. Jay watched as Jesse began to lick the length of my shaft, bringing in to its full 9". As she began to take the head of my cock into her mouth, Jamie motioned for Jay to come close and she stroked his big, thick cock until we were both rock hard before her. She began to alternate between us, first my long, slim cock and then his massively thick one. Jay moaned in pleasure and I just closed my eyes and let my head fall back as this talented little whore pleasured both our cocks.

After a few minutes she stood up and pressed her body against mine, her lips reaching for mine and her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. She asked Jay to let me down but kept my hands tied above my head…as they laid me on a blanket. Jamie laid down on one side of me…her leg wrapping around mine…she invited Jay to join us on the other side of me…he was hesitant but laid down beside me and wrapped his leg around mine, our cocks brushing against each other. Jay and Jamie began to kiss right above my lips…then Jamie began to alternate between his lips and mine…our tongues flicking out at each other.

She moved down and began to nibble on my nipple but Jay hesitated… "I just don't know if I can do this." Jamie got up and reached for a gym bag that was close by. She took out a pair of lace panties with strings on the side to them up and a lacy top. She loosened the strings of the panties and began to slide them on me. My cock had died down some and as she adjusted the panties, she pointed it down and then tied the panties tight to hold it in place. She then pulled the top down over my arms, untied the straps, and readjusted it to fit as best it could. "Does that help", she said to Jay.

Jay looked at me, with my pink, lace panties and lacy top and said, "I think I can get into now." They laid beside me and began kissing again and then lowered the top just a bit to reveal my nipples. Each one slowly licked and sucked my nipples, biting gently and reaching down with one hand to caress my laced covered cock. I was so turned on, my cock was begging to get out, but was held tightly in place, not able to grow fully.

Jamie licked her way down my stomach and Jay followed. Slowly they licked at my cock and balls through the panties, soaking them as they gently kissed and licked my cock and each other's mouth. This continued for several minutes before they each untied the strings of my panties, releasing my cock, which sprung to a full erection in seconds. Jamie began licking the entire length and soon the two of them were licking my cock and balls in unison. They kissed each other with the tip of my cock between their lips and then took turns sliding my head into their mouths. All I could do was lay back and be pleasured by their talented lips and tongues.

As they continued to share my cock, they were also caressing each other's crotch…Jamie squeezing and stroking Jay's thick dick and Jay, rubbing and fingering her cunt. We were all getting turned on.

Soon Jamie moved up and straddled my face so her warm, wet pussy was right over my mouth. I instinctively began to lick it and push my tongue deep inside. She moaned with pleasure and Jay moved around to suck and nibble her tiny but firm breasts. Jay moved closer and began to kiss Jamie as I continued to run my tongue over her pussy. As he moved in, his softening cock, dripping with pre-cum hung right over my face. I moved from Jamie's pussy to licking the tip of Jay's cock, enjoying the taste of his pre-cum. They continued to kiss and I shifted my head to lick her cunt and his cock and balls, as much of each as I could. Jay shifted a bit as well and I could lick a bit of his crack and hole each time he moved. It was obvious, they were getting aroused and soon Jamie pulled up and said she wanted me to eat her pussy while he fucked her.

Jamie moved on top of me, so her pussy was over my face and her face was in my crotch. I continued to lick at her cunt while she took my soft cock in her mouth and slowly sucked it back to its full length. Jay moved into position and began to slide his cock into her wet pussy, while I continued to run my tongue over her clit. Each time Jay pulled out, my tongue got a taste of the mixture of his pre-cum and her pussy juices…this was hottest thing I've ever done.

Within a few minutes, Jay was banging Jamie's cunt harder and faster and she devoured my cock just as quickly. But then, she swallowed me right to balls and held it in her throat and I felt her begin to climax. As her cunt squeezed Jay's cock he too began to explode inside her, his hot, thick cum spilling out onto my mouth. I eagerly licked up every drop.

Both Jamie and Jay quieted down and I thought things were over…as he pulled his softening cock out, I continued to lick his cum and taste the sweet mixture. Jay let me clean him up and Jamie released my own throbbing cock from her mouth and moved to position herself over it. She lowered her warm, wet pussy, still dripping with Jay's cum, onto my rock hard cock, as the wet mixture ran down my shaft onto my balls Slowly Jamie fucked my hard cock as she rubbed her own clit. Within a few minutes she was riding up down faster and harder…my own cock was about to erupt.

Jay was watching and I could see he was beginning to grow hard again…he moved closer and straddled my face and began to fuck my throat…the massive thickness of his cock filling my mouth and throat…I just gave myself to the ecstasy of the moment and soon Jamie was screaming as she began to climax again. As her muscles grabbed my cock, I was over the edge and began to shoot my cum deep into her cunt…three days worth, so much so, it began to run out and down my shaft, coating my balls. Jay rammed his cock deep into my throat and began to shoot another load, pulling out after the first long squirt and so that the last 3-4 squirts landed in my mouth and on my tongue.

We were all spent but I offered to clean up both Jay and Jamie, licking the cum off his cock and out of her pussy. Before they released my hands, Jamie whispered, "You have to wear my panties for the rest of the day." I nodded and she helped pack my cock into the wet panties and then gave my jock to Jay to wear. She slipped Jay's boxer on and said, "we change later!" I have to admit it was pretty hot, wearing her panties the rest of the day. I took them off several times to sniff and lick and think about the next few days at the farm. FINIS

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