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I was working in Birmingham, staying in a bedsit Monday to Friday, and spending the weekends at home. One evening as I was strolling back to my bed-sit after having a meal out, I had to pass a public telephone box en-route. As I was passing, the bell started ringing. I debated about answering and thought it's not my business so I continued on my way.

I was about twenty yards past and it was still ringing so I went back and answered. A man's deep voice asked if I was the chap looking for some fun. I hesitated and then thought why not, it's boring on my own, so I said, "I'm not the one you think but I'm certainly looking for some fun. What have you got in mind?" The chap replied that it was sex fun with his wife and himself.

Anyway it was agreed that I would go to a main road in Sutton Coldfield and park halfway along. He would cruise slowly past in a white Rover car,and if he liked the look of me he would wave and I was to follow him. Of course if I didn't fancy him, I was free to drive away

It all went to plan and I followed him first to an empty car park where we met and chatted a bit,then to his large house in Sutton.We went in and I was introduced to his wife, a very attractive blonde 35 year old. She got me a glass of wine while her husband put on a porno tape. I had hardly sipped my wine when she came and sat close to me on the settee and undid my zip. She was quick, but my cock was quicker and was quite hard by the time she fished it out of my fly. Immediately she bent and took the whole length into her mouth sucking strongly so I had to slow her down.

We undressed each other while the guy stood and watched, then as we played naked on the rug, he undressed too. He was hung like a stallion but it was soft. I found out later that he could not get a hard for his wife, but could with a man.

We went upstairs and got onto a large bed. I was sucking the wife's nipples while she fondled my cock when I felt a hard cock nudging at my arse. I reached back and felt it. I was astonished at the size,it must have been a good 9/10 inches and still seemed to be growing. I continued with the wife and eventually climbed aboard giving her a very good long fucking. She was ecstatic and this also made the guy's cock more rigid. I collapsed off after the second time thinking that was it, but the guy wanted me to play with him. I willingly obliged going down on that beautiful prick like a rat down a drainpipe.I sucked the entire length slurped on his balls while his wife had 1 finger in my arse.He asked if I liked being fucked to which I replied that I loved it His wife quickly produced a tube of KY and proceeded to lube up my arse very well indeed.

The guy asked me to kneel doggie style while he got behind me.I felt his huge prick nuzzle at my entrance for a moment, then start to push in. He was very slow so I rocked back and took the whole length in one move. It made me gasp but was so sexy. He started his rhythm, only rocking at first and not really generating much movement,then as he speeded up he lengthened the stroke until he was thrusting the whole lot inside me. He was playing with my cock at the same time and when his wife slid her hips under my face,I was in heaven. I licked and slurped where I previously had been poking, the mixture of tastes was exotic.

It must have been quite a while since the guy had really got off,as he didn't last a long time. He shuddered and speeded up to fuck me rapidly and hard. I started my final climax climb and erupted moments before the guy shot his load deep inside me. He quickly climbed off me and plunged his still very hard dick into his wife, giving her a good quick fuck before shooting again. She was delirious squealing and shouting.

After we had all cleaned up, she made supper for us all while we chatted. They both agreed that they had just had the best fuck session for a very long time. I didn't disagree with them it had been superb for me too especially coming down a telephone line like that. Anyway we made another date for the following week, and I went back there once or twice a week for two years until I left Birmingham. On several occasions they had invited friends with similar sex tastes and we had quite an orgy on those occasions, but that's another story. Funny I never did get to see more than the first two minutes of that porn film. FINIS

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