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"Dancing Cowboys!"

Water dripped from Jake's black Stetson as he walked from the truck toward the bar entrance. A light rain continued to fall from the grey skies and lightning lit up facade of the building. Travis Tritts melodious voice wavered between loud and soft as guys walked in and out the door of Bills Bar.

Jake smiled at one young cowpoke as he pushed it open. He sidled up to the long teak bar and ordered a Bud from Bill the bartender. He turned, took a slow long sip of his beer, then reached down and pulled at his crotch. Melody smiled at him as she passed holding a tray of beer bottles high. She always wanted Jake and had told him one time she would love to unzip him and see what hid in that big crotch of his.

Jake had laughed at her and teased the pretty girl about letting her see it one day. In fact, Melody would often remind him he owed her a special viewing. He got drunk one time and unzipped his fly for her but did not expose himself. She had hollered and run away. Melody still made fun with Jake about "seeing what hid in his crotch" every time they encountered.

An old time Hank Williams tune drifted loudly across the bar as couples began to dance on a wooden floor. Jake smiled to himself thinking about the last dance he had had on this floor. Last month, He'd come to town for some supplies after having a big disagreement with his dad about the ranch. After filling the truck up with feed, seed, etc, Jake mosied over to Bill's Bar for a few drinks. The music was loud as usual and the bar was dark with just a few guys sitting and talking to each other. Jake found his favorite spot and ordered a whiskey and water. He downed it and ordered another. Then another.

Bill frowned at him as he downed his fourth and said: "Jake you o.k? Never seen you drink so much so fast."

"Damn Bill, Dad's got me so worked up!" Jake said as he gulped at the drink.

"Shit, he don't understand." Bill was a good barkeeper, but he only listened. He did not get into family matters with the customers.

Jake got up and put coins into the machine and returned to his seat ordering another whiskey. The musical tones of Garth Brooks filled the room. Jake began to sing along with Garth. To the surprise of all present, Jake had a damn good singing voice.

A young guy in tight jeans moved close to Jake and began to sing with him. The two singers proved to be quite talented. The entire company of men sat enthralled by these two singing cowboys. After the song ended, Jake shook the young guys hand and introduced himself.

"I'm Jake Stuart. Glad to sing with you. You got a nice voice."

The young man stood tall next to Jake. Red in complexion with long black hair falling down his neck under his cowboy hat.

"Names Running Bear, but most friends call me Buck."

Jake showed a mouth full of ivory. "Why, Buck?"

The young Indian looked him straight in the eye without a smile. "Because I am an Indian, Buck."

Jake laughed: "Well Gawd damn! And you don't get fightin mad at em?"

"Nope, its a compliment." Jake looked perplexed.

"A compliment?"

"Yep, they got other reasons for calling me Buck." The young Indian smiled and hiked up his crotch. Jake laughed loudly:

" Yeehawww! Wild man, Fucking wild! You gonna let a cowboy buy you some fire water?"

Buck smiled at Jake. "You know what firewater does to indians don't you?"

Jake's mouth pursed: "Naw, what does it do?"

"Makes us wild. You ready for wild?"

Jake took the challenge and bought both a round of whiskey and water. The two men made a cowboy magazine picture. Both were handsome and attractive. Together they could have been models in some rodeo magazine.

They began to drink and talk. Jake was tipsy and Buck began to get high from the drinks . Soon they were laughing and joking with each other.

Bill let them know: " Your too damn loud, Guys. Bothering the customers."

The music ceased and Buck grabbed some bills and headed for the machine. He made several selection as Jake swaggered over to him. He stood behind Buck making suggestions. Then he leaned forward pointing to a label.

"Come on play that one" He said as his crotch brushed up against Bucks buns. The heat from Buck's buns radiated against Jakes's crotch. Jake felt his manhood rise and harden. He did not move. Buck could feel the stiffness against his backside.

"You keep that up and you are going to find out why the guys call me Buck." Then Buck turned around and grabbed Jake pulling him close to him. "Hey, Cowboy, wanna dance?"

A slow tune played as the two handsome cowboys started waltzing on the wooden floor. All eyes were upon the two as they swayed with the music. Buck felt Jake's strong body as he led him around the dance floor. A noticeable bulge formed in each pair of jeans and each cowboy pulled the other closer as the heat built between them.

Buck whispered in Jake's ear. "Jake, I like you." Then he led him in a turn with the waltz music.

Jake's head swam a bit from the movement and a lot from the alcohol. "You know, I kinda like you too. Never been this close to a handsome indian before. Think I would like to get a lot closer."

They continued to waltz as several guys gathered at the edges of the dance floor. Some made disparaging comments to themselves or a close buddy. Others complemented the two on their obvious ability to dance together. Jake and Buck held each other tightly and felt the heat of passion between them Soon the music would end and the two knew they had to separate in some fashion without giving the sideline crowd an eyeful of bulging crotches. Buck saw a break in the circle near the door and he led Jake in that direction. As soon as the music ended, the crowd clapped and the two cowboys headed outside. Buck was laughing as they ran to Jake's truck.

"Do you see what you have done to me. Look at this thing." Jake looked at Buck's hand holding his cock outlined in his tight jeans.

"Damn, wonder why they didn't name you Big Bull."

"Let's get out of here. Go some place private, Buck. Jake fingered his cell phone. "Dad, I've had a few too many. I'm going to stay at the Cloverleaf tonight. Be home early in the morning. His Dad yelled a few expletives through the phone at him and assured him he was a "lazy son of a bitch." Jake spoke his farewell:" Yeah, Dad, see ya in the morning."

Jake threw the phone on the seat and turned to Buck. "You wanna ride with me or meet me at the Cloverleaf?" Buck's smile glowed as the full moon smiled from behind a drifting cloud.

"I'll meet you there, handsome."

Buck jumped into an old Chevy truck and spun out of the parking lot. Jake turned the key and drove out of the lot toward Jefferson St. His head spun and he was aware he had had a few too many drinks, but his mind was on Buck. In fact, when he drove into the parking lot of the Cloverleaf Motel, Buck was leaning against the tall pole which carried the ugly blinking neon sign advertizing the motel. He stood tall with his hat cocked on the side of his head. His long black hair down to his shoulders. His white teeth complimented his good looks and his dark eyes sparkled in the bright headlights of Jakes truck.

He had broad shoulders and a small waist. His tight jeans accentuated his firm hips and long legs. He had one boot resting upon a large cement block. When he saw Jake drive into the lot he waved with one hand and pulled at his crotch with the other. He was laughing loudly as Jake pulled into a parking place.

"Hey, Cowboy, you wanna play rodeo? Wanna ride a wild horse?" Jake laughed loudly.

"Buck, you better calm down. Fore, the sheriff is called."

The two walked into the motel office together. Jake rented a room and the two walked out smiling at each other. Up the stairs and to the left, they found room number . Jake fumbled with the key as Buck began to rub his buns from behind.

"Hmmm, nice." Jake pushed the door open and walked in turning on the light.

"Wait when ya see the beef!" Jake grabbed his crotch which bulged with a large swelling. Buck pulled his hat off and sent it sailing across the room as he grabbed Jake and planted a big kiss on his lips. The force of the embrace was so strong Jake was thrown off balance and fell backward on the bed. Buck was on top of him. Kisses and hugs were followed with rolling and rubbing and fumbling with buttons and belts.

"Jake, your about to see why I'm called Buck." The handsome indian pulled his boots off and threw his jeans on a chair. He wore no underwear. He stood before Jake with a beautiful body. He had no body hair only a dark mound of curly black hair around his large manhood. He was a perfect specimen of his proud Cheyenne race.

Jake was all eyes. He had never seen an indian guy naked. Buck jumped on Jake and made a war cry as he pulled boots and jeans from Jake. His White boxer shorts hid a large erect penis but not for long.

Buck laughed:" I'm going to scalp those white things off that hard white man cock right now." He pulled the boxers down and Jakes cock stood erect.

The two men embraced and kissed. Each felt the sensation of skin touching skin. The thrill of lips against lips and the taste of passionate mouths hungry for fulfillment. Hands searched for sensitive areas and felt warm with heat as they moved over each body. The two men stood close. Each eyeing the other. Buck reached for Jake's cock and pulled him close again for a deep kiss. He stroked his stiff member and searched Jake's mouth with his tongue. Jake rubbed his hands up and down Bucks back and buns. He felt the heat of Bucks cock against his abdomen. Suddenly, Buck broke their embrace and fell on his knees. He began to lick up and down Jakes member and played with his balls. Jake stood with his head reeling and that feeling one gets when a guys is sucking your cock and your knees want to buckle.

"Damn, that feels so good."

Jake fell back on the bed and Buck followed. Buck applied his lips and tongue to Jakes powerful body and suck his cock with devotion. Jake felt that urge to ejaculate as Buck's administrations became more intense. Suddenly, he yelled:

"Buck, I'm cumming! Gawd, that feel so good."

His body jerked some as he pumped his white honey into Bucks hot mouth. A feeling of exhilaration spread over his body as he relaxed from the orgasmic event. Buck moved to his mouth and kissed him deeply. He could taste himself and feel Buck's tongue search deep down his throat.

Bucks large cock rested hard against Jakes body. He could feel the heat of it. He reached for it and began to stroke it as they kissed. Suddenly his own cock began to come to life again. Buck broke the passionate kiss and looked into Jakes dark blue eyes.

"This indian buck wants to fuck you, white man." Jake was hesitant. Buck began to kiss Jake again. Jake had never let a man fuck him before and wondered if he wanted to let this hunk have his way with him.

"Damn, Buck your hung like a bull moose." He murmured

"I'll be gentle," Buck said while tonguing Jakes ear and massaging his hard cock and balls.

Jake could feel Bucks finger at his love hole rubbing making circles and sending waves of electricity up his body. His cock leaked precum again as their lips touched and tongues searched and danced in each mouth. One finger slipped into Jakes anus and Buck began to move his long finger slowly in and out of the tight orifice. Jake moaned. Buck inserted the finger deeper. Jake tensed and moaned again. Bucks uncut large cock dripped precum against Jakes leg. He rubbed the finger over the head and the applied the silky juice to the outer rim. Now he applied two fingers against the resistant ring. Slowly his fingers entered Jake. He moaned louder and tensed as Bucks fingers massaged and loosened the sphincter muscles. Jakes body began to relax and Buck had three fingers inside him. Jake shook as the massage began to send waves of pleasure up those nerves to the centers of pleasure in his brain. Buck pulled him into the doggie position and kneeled behind Jakes firm buttock applying his stiff cock against Jakes love hole. Jake could feel the large head press against his sphincter as Buck pushed gently and firmly against it. The sphincter began to relax and Bucks cock entered Jake's virgin ass.

Jake tensed as the long cock pushed into him. He moaned: "Oh, Gawd, it hurts."

Buck could feel the heat inside Jake. He did not want to stop, but he was a caring lover. He stopped and asked:" You want me to pull out. Stop?"

Jake felt as if he were impaled. Pain was sensed as pleasure at this moment. Jake's emotions and physical perceptions were in battle. He took a deep breath and said:" Buck, don't stop. It hurts but it feels good too."

Buck began his love making. The two were one as only two people making love can be one together. Their bodies united. Sweat combined with sweat. Odors mixed and became their odor. A cloud of heat enveloped their bodies as Buck made love to Jake. Sensations climbed and ebbed in both bodies as the love making moved slowly then faster then slowly again. Jake felt his body responding to Bucks love making. His prostate was on fire as electrical impulses traveled to his brain and then back down to his cock. His cock leaked precum as Bucks cock pounded that prostate.

Jake moaned in unison with the sound of bucks body slapping against his buns. The slapping increased. Jake could feel the indians cock grow and he knew he was about to feel the heat of Bucks orgasm.

Suddenly Buck yelled "Oh, yeah!" And Jake felt spurts of hot liquid against his prostate bud and inside himself. Buck fucked hard and fast as the cum spurted from his body. Sweat poured onto Jakes body. Both men glistened with wetness. Buck fell forward and Jake collapsed flat on the bed. The two men embraced and breathed heavy. Jake turned. The two men kissed deeply and held each other closely as the heat began to ebbed. Head to head, heart to heart, the moment of fulfillment had arrived and now the melding of two minds and souls after love making. Jake looked into Bucks dark black eyes and smiled.

"Damn, now I know why they call you Buck." The two kissed again and snuggled close. As the two drifted off to sleep, Buck heard Jake murmur: "In the morning, you'll find out why they call me the Bareback rider." The two men fell asleep in each others arms.

Jake heard a voice and his mind returned to this moment in time.

"Hi, Cowboy." It was Buck. They were inseparable. They had shared much together and had much more to share. Jake looked into Bucks dark eyes and could see his deep affection for him. Jake flashed his pearly white teeth and teased as he said:"Hey, Buck, wanna dance?" Buck grabbed him around the waist as music filled the bar. FINIS

What matters is not the length of the wand, but the magic in the stick....anonymous. FINIS

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