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"Fun Frolic in Cologne, Germany!"

A few years ago, I had a business meeting in Cologne on a Monday afternoon so I went a little early and checked into my hotel Saturday night. After getting settled, I cleaned out my ass and showered, dressed in blue jeans and went to check out a couple of bars. The first bar was much too quiet. Very few people there so I checked out another one that was pretty full, with an interesting mix of leather men and younger gays.

After a couple of drinks, I needed to take a piss and ask where to go . I didn't think anything about it until I opened the door and I was in what I would call a dark room but the lights were on. I looked around and there were about twenty men, some naked, others with leather chaps with their dick and ass exposed. Looking around, I saw a bath tub in the corner with a beautiful fellow, about twenty one or so laid out, naked with three men standing there pissing on him. So I walked over and pulled out my dick and pissed on his dick and balls. Another man came to stand next to me and pissed in his mouth. He drank it all with a happy look on his face.

I thought that it was nice to have a dark room that wasn't dark so you could see if there was a dick you wanted to suck or maybe a nice hot ass to fuck. Before I could shake my dick a man came over and got on his knees to start sucking me off. I was pretty horny and just laid back against the wall and let him enjoy sucking my hard dick. Before long another fellow came over and pulled my pants down to my ankles and started rimming my ass but good. First one finger and then a tongue then two fingers and then the tongue. Back and forth. Then he slid a fat cock in my ass that must have been the diameter of a beer bottle about eight inches long. he was an expert fucker with that big dick. My ass was so tight that he pulled out and shot a load of cum all over my back and that did it. I shot a big load down the cocksuckers throat. I asked if he wanted me to suck him off but he said that he had only sucked ten cocks and needed a few more before he would want to shoot his load.

So I went back to the bar and had another beer. Talked to the fellow that had fucked me. He was good-looking, 6"3" with a mussels everywhere he could develop one. He asked if I was in town for the weekend and I told him I was free until Monday noon. He suggested that I go to this Sauna Sunday afternoon. Said I would get all the sex I could handle. It was getting late and I had been going all day, so I kissed him goodnight and left, going back to the hotel.

I slept late and had a nice breakfast buffet, meats, bread, fruit, etc. The Germans eat a big breakfast. Went back up to my room, cleaned up, cleaned out my ass extra good. Made sure my ball were shaved good and dressed for a visit to the sauna.

This sauna had been there a long time. Rang the bell, door opened and I went in and paid my fee, got a towel and went to find my locker. Took my cloths off and walked back towards the steam room, sauna, and showers. I sat on a bench to get the band with the key on my wrist, too small to fit my ankle. I went into the shower where two other fellows were getting washed up. One on the fellows got a handful of liquid soap and put it on my back and washed my back letting one hand slip down to stick up my ass hole. Thanked him, washed off and went into the steam room after seeing about twenty five men going in.

The steam room was very dark, with a divider in the middle with seats, panels with glory holes.I decided the best thing for me to do was walk around and check it all out. Every time I walked near a man - if he wasn't busy sucking a dick or fucking a hot ass - he would play with my dick or ass. I guess there were maybe ten fingers stuck up my ass. When I had walked around towards to door there was a bench. I decided to sit awhile and watch the sucking and fucking. I found out the if you sit on the bench, everyone knows you want to suck cock ! Before I could hardly get down on the bench, one of the people with a big hard dick walked over and stuck it in my face. It was a real German type dick. About 8 to 9 inches long, uncut, and like a coke bottle around. To say the least, it was a good mouth full. When he was about to shoot his load he asked if I wanted it in my mouth or on my face or chest. Before I could answered, he shot and shot and shot.

When his dick started to go soft, another fellow took over giving me a dick. One after another until I had work over eight or nine big dicks, all uncut except two. The last man let me suck on his big dick - by big I mean at least nine inches and big around that my fingers didn't touch when I held it. He had the most beautiful dick I ever saw. Low hanging ball that I could only get one at a time in my mouth without him getting pain, which I certainly didn't want to do because I wanted more of the man that just sucking his big dick.

He shot all over my face, hair and chest as if he had not lost a load in weeks. He pulled me up and kisses me, tasted some of his cum and said lets get cleaned up. We showered with men watching under one shower head. He kissed me over and over with his dick still hard and standing up pressed to my stomach. With a kiss that had his tongue deep in my throat, he let loose a piss that went up to my neck. That was the first time I was the receiver of a load of piss. For me, it was wild and I shot a load of cum on to his stomach. We cleaned up and he said we should go downstairs. I presumed to a room. No, he wanted to lay me out on a long padded bench where men were sitting watching a porno movie at one end.

Since I'm 6'1", he must have been 6'4 or 5. I had to turn my face up to kiss him when we were standing. He wanted me to lay on my stomach so he could eat me ass. He laid on his stomach with his head was at just the right spot to get my ass hole in touch with his tongue. He pulled my arm out so I was playing with one dick after another. He told me to turn my head and another fellow presented me with a fat uncut 7" dick to suck.

When he had really worked over my ass, he spread my legs and came up to start the fuck of my like. I didn't think he would ever finish. He would pull all of his beautiful dick out except the head and let some fellow spit all over it. The he would fuck harder. He turned me over and let a couple of men suck on his dick while he played with my ass hole.Then he put my feet on his shoulder to get his big hard dick to an angle to ram my ass. He fucked like there was no tomorrow. Pulled it out and shot another big load all over my dick, balls and stomach. He sat up and milked his dick dry. The minute he leaned back, two more fellows were sucking up his cum from my stomach, my dick and balls. One of the fellows started to suck me off and I said I was about to cum and the fellow that fucked me pushed the fellows off me and took it all in his mouth. Then he leaned down and kissed me with my cum being mixed between out mouths.

We went up and showered again, dried off and went to the bar for a drink. He asked if I wasn't an American and I said yes. He said he was too, a Colonel in the American Army stationed in South of Germany.He said he was married but he sure would like to see me again. The only trouble was I had to leave Monday night for an appointment in Paris Tuesday morning.

We enjoyed our drink, went back to the steam room for awhile and then downstairs where we went into a private room for a double repeat of all our sucking and fucking. He had a beautiful cock that never seemed to go soft and the sweetest ass I ever ate. To bad I couldn't stay longer but I'm sure he made a number of Germans happy as he made me. FINIS

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