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It was during the second year we had gone south for the winter I noticed a car from our home state in front of a unit a couple doors up since we live in a relatively small state wondered who they were if we perhaps knew then or at least to get to know them.

My opportunity came a few days later when I saw him (Gil) wiping down his car. I walked up introduced my self then pointed out we were from the same state, as it turned out we were from the same small town, I did not know him but he recognized my name. It seems his young Grandson mowed the lawn for my mother in law. We chatted a few minutes then we both went about our way.

By now I had fallen into a regular routine, up early for a pretty good jog, it was on one of these jogs that I first met Max the subject of another story. Would arrive back home at about 8:30 or so have a light breakfast with my wife who would leave about nine for her morning exercise class. I would then hang around, do chores or maybe take a short bike ride till about noon that is unless we had planned to do something. Sometime in the afternoon tried to take another ride pretty much covering the same area I jog in during the morning.

It was about a week after I had met Gil that I took my afternoon bike ride down to the beach. Parked my bike and decided to walk the beach, this particular beach was a primitive beach, no restrooms, no life guard not much of anything pretty much as nature had placed it there. Had previously found that it was not too difficult to meet guys who had similar interests, naturally that tended to increase the frequency of my visits to this particular area.

Walked all the way to the end of the beach. Had just gone around the point when I saw Gil, was sort of taken aback but greeted him and started to engage in small talk. Apparently he had played golf that day but would have to get home within the next hour or so. Gil’s hand frequently went down to his crotch area were he would rub the outline of his cock. I pretended not to notice but did brush my crotch area a couple of times but very discreetly.

It was pretty obvious Gil was looking for some action which normally would have been more than happy to provide but damn he was a neighbor and was not real sure how he would feel an hour later. It was a dilemma should I respond and end up servicing him or maybe have him service me or just play it real safe and pass it up. Finally thought what the hell he is down here obviously looking for something so reached down and adjusted my crotch area while looking right at him. He rubbed his cock and said man I sure need a blowjob, have not gotten off in a week. I then reached over and rubbed his cock, he undid his belt, dropped his shorts, he was wearing boxers. He pulled them down revealing his semi hard cock. Not real large but what would turn out to be a real nice mouthful.

I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth it became hard almost immediately as I ran my lips down the length of it while my tongue worked around it. Cupped his balls then let my finger slide on up between his ass cheeks. Backed off a bit then ran my tongue around the head while playing particular attention to his glands. It was no long before he placed his hands on my head and said yes man suck it, take all of my creamy cum.

It only took another minute or two before he started to move his hips in rhythm to my head bobs then felt his cock harden up his balls tighten and then that lovely feeling of his man juice starting up the shaft then shooting in to my mouth. Took all he had but kept on sucking to make sure I had every last drop. As his cock softened took it out of my mouth reached for my handkerchief to wipe it off, gave it a final kiss then stood up and helped him pull up his boxers and then his shorts As he finished adjusting his clothes looked at me said thanks I sure needed that the he left.

For the next couple of weeks it seemed as if he was avoiding me, initially decided not to push it. The about the end of the second week he was again out wiping his car as I came back from my morning jog. I stopped and said “No golf today? He replied no I only play golf once maybe twice a week most other mornings I play shuffleboard till about nine or so. We continued chatting about this and that then he said Man I really enjoyed our meeting the other day am about ready for another session. Told him expected my wife to go out to do the washing this evening why not drop by about seven or when you see the car gone.

Sure enough right after my wife left the bell rang went to the door there was Gil. Invited him in and walked toward the bedroom. Once we were in the bedroom reached up and took hold of his crotch, he started to undo his belt then his trousers then down came his boxers. I had him lay back on the bed while I knelt on the carpeting. Knew I had plenty of time to work on him. I started out by licking all around his ball sack then the sack itself taking each ball in my mouth and rolling it around. Then started up the shaft licking the underside all the way up across the glands to his pee hole then back down the top and sides, worked my way up the underside again then took his entire cock in my mouth. I cupped his balls letting one finger slide up toward his little rosebud.

Took my time working real slow soon I felt his cock get harder and knew he was pretty close then went back to his balls sucked on then and the surrounding area quite a while then went back up the shaft and took it deep working my throat muscles to massage his ever hardening cock. The all at once he said I can’t hold it here it comes. Felt his cock jump and the felt that hot stream of creamy sweet cum shoot in my mouth, kept it there then swallowed it. I continued to work on his cock to make sure I had drained it all.

This started a regular twice sometimes three times a week sessions usually he would be wrapping up shuffle board at about the same time my wife left for her exercise class would then come out and work around the yard. When he saw m he would either come on down or indicate that I should come on up to his place.

Gil and I had regular twice sometimes three times a week sessions usually he would be wrapping up shuffle board at about the same time my wife left for her exercise class would then come out and work around the yard. When he saw me he would come on down. At other times indicate I should come on up to his place.

Spring was rapidly approaching so we both starting to make preparations for our trip back north to our home. Gil had mentioned he worked weekends at a fuel distribution point refilling RV propane tanks. This sounded almost to good to be true. We had a family member that was in a nursing home. My wife visited on Wednesday while I visited on Sunday. The possibility of continuing our sessions now looked pretty good, at our last session told Gil would see him some Sunday after we got back north.

A couple weeks after we got home made my fist visit to the nursing home. On the way swung by the distribution point that Gil worked at. He was in the small office sitting down when he saw me got up and immediately dropped his trousers and his jockeys; I knelt and started in on his cock, which had already started to grow. Wanted to make it last but also knew it had been about three weeks and he is pretty quick on the trigger regardless. Worked on his cock slow and easy would take it deep the back off so my tongue could work over the head and the glands. Was not long before he placed his hands on my head and started to hump my face the he gave me a really big load.

Think it was the third time that I had dropped by where Gil worked. Started out as usual with Gil dropping his shorts and jockeys and me starting in on his hardening cock. Today though he stopped shortly after I had started and asked to see mine so I dropped my shorts and Jockeys, my cock was semi hard. Gil looked at it and said I have never seen an uncut cock up close My cock is about 6 or a bit better and pretty think with a long foreskin. Gil asked if he could touch it I nodded as he reached out and took hold. He said I have never done anything like this as he started to stroke my cock, responded in splendid fashion. I was soon fully erect while Gil slowly massaged its entire length. Then all at once he stopped and said you better do me then leave so I dropped to my knees and started taking is hard cock deep but doing it very slowly it sure did not take long before I felt his balls tighten his cock get even harder then he started to fill my mouth as his cock pulsated as he shot three or four good spurts in my mouth, I swallowed then took him deep and again and milked every last drop out of him. He pulled it out and I stood up and we both got dressed then I left.

The next week after we had finished asked Gil to drop by my place on Wednesday afternoon when I knew my wife was going to be out. He came on over we again started the usual pattern but this time Gil took his trousers and shorts completely off, he looked over at me and said aren’t you going to take your cloths off also. Quickly stripped my shorts and jockeys off. Then knelt down and started working on his cock and now his balls were free worked quite a while on them also. Then I said why don’t you lie down on the floor, he lay down and I laid along side him but in a 69 position, I again started to suck and play with his cock and balls. Soon felt Gil start to play with my cock and balls. As I cupped his balls while sucking on his cock let my finger wander on back to his Rosebud. Initially I only stroked it then slowly started to enter him, in the meantime I continued to suck on his cock and he continued to play with my cock. Am pretty darn sure that at one point he had licked the pre-cum off of my engorged cock.

I slowly eased my finger I his rosebud and then found his prostate so started to rub it. He looked down and said it hurts it is to dry. I said just a minute got up went into the bathroom got some lubricant put some on my finger and on his rosebud then again inserted my finger again made contact with his prostate and rubbed that as I sucked on his cock. At this point was pretty darn sure he was fuckable but did not want to rush it. So continued to suck and use my finger all at once felt his rosebud tighten around my finger, his cock harden and then he shot a huge load in my mouth as his climax slowly eroded I slipped my finger out and drained his cock completely.

The following Sunday dropped by the distribution center for my Sunday “fix”. Gill dropped his shorts and jockeys as I did. We started to play with each other’s cock rubbing and milking them. All at once Gil said I have never done this before and dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth. I placed my hands on his head and guided him back and forth while giving him a lot of verbal encouragement. Was doing real well was about ready to come when he suddenly stopped and stood up so I knelt and went to work (why do we call it work) on his cock sure did not take long for him to give me a nice big load. I invited him to drop by my place again on Wednesday afternoon.

The following Wednesday he came by, we both striped and got in the 69 position, I immediately devoured his cock then felt him begin to suck on mine also. We continued like this until I sensed he was about ready so stopped and switched to his balls and the surrounding area. In the meantime I let my finger roam back to his rosebud but this time I had made sure there was some lubricate close by put a little on my finger then gently started to ease it in He did not resist soon had my whole finger up him and was gently massaging his prostate. I then stooped and turned around told him I want to put it in you, he said not sure if I can handle that, told him I would be real slow and gentle. I then took the lubricant and put a generous amount on my cock and then greased up his rosebud. I eased his legs up so they rested on my shoulders and lined my cock up with his rosebud Held it then eased forward so that it was just touching. Slowly started to enter him would push just a bit then stop and let him get used to me, did that several times until I felt the head “pop” in. Stopped and waited a bit again so he could get used to me, then started to ease it in ever so slowly. Once I had it in all the ways stopped and again let him adjust to me in him. Then slowly started to fuck him soon I felt his ass relax and open up for me, I picked up the tempo and was really driving him home. Was not long before I dropped a good-sized load in him.

From that point on I would service him and to a lesser degree him me on Sundays. Then on Wednesday we would meet at my place. Initially we would get in the 69 position and work on each other then when we were both pretty much ready would side my cock in his ass an give him a good pounding then, after I had cleaned up, would go back and finish him off. These routines continued until we again went back to Florida were I was able to pound his butt more often usually at his place.

The following spring we both returned north and continued our relationship until the distribution point was closed and he was no longer working. Shortly after that he took ill and then stopped coming to Florida, which was about the same time we moved down permanently. FINIS

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