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I I live in an adult complex, made up of individual homes, set in a park like setting. We have a common area, with a clubhouse etc., and lots of trees. We also have our own septic and water system, and this is where the tell tale starts.

I had noticed a man working on the water system from time to time, when walking my dog in the common area. He was tall, well built, and always in cut-offs, open shirt showing plenty of black hair spilling over. Hairy legs, like oak barrels, moved and rippled with his actions.

I had to get a closer look, so urged the dog towards him and said hello. He had very dark eyes, 5 0'clock shadow, and strong thick arms, covered in dark hair. He looked me over and said "Hi, do you live here?" I said yes, that i was taking my dog for a walk, and was curious as to what he was doing.

He told me that he had just tested the water, and would be checking the septic system next.His eyes roamed down my body, which was clad in a tank-top and shorts. I was getting a hardon just looking at this guy!I offered him a cold drink when he was finished and he said sure, and I told him which house I was in.

About 1/2 an hour later my doorbell rang, and there was this hunk. I invited him in and asked him what he would like to drink. He opted for a beer, so I went to get it, and had to rearranged my shorts to cover my cock, which was getting hard.

Returning to the family room, he was sitting on a chair, legs spread, showing me his well-packed basket. My cock was now at full mast, and not easily hid. So I gave him his beer, and he reached out and ran his hand over my cock. By this time I could see his cock peeking out the leg of his cut-offs, and man, it was big. I reached down and felt it, making it jump when I put my hand on it! I sat down beside him, and he moved his lips towards me and started to kiss me. I thrust my tongue in his mouth and moved on top of him, cock to cock.

I then moved down and flicked his cock head with my tongue, bringing a moan from him. We quickly stripped, and pressed our cocks together. His must have been 8 or 9 inches, with a big mushroom head. Lots of black , thick hair around his crotch, and on his balls. I cupped his balls, and felt his eggs move around. My 7 incher was hard as a rock, and starting to drip precum. We eventually ended up in a 69 position, and I worked that big mushroom head. He swallowed my cock right to the root, and started sucking it like crazy, pulling on my balls at the same time. I have fairly low-hangers, and the sensation of his mouth and his hands damn near made me cum.

I sucked down that big shaft , licking his thick cock veins, and then swallowed it,right into my throat. Started to milk it with my throat muscles, him moaning all the time. I had those big balls in my hands, working them over.He moved off my cock and down to my balls, sucking first one in, and then the other. He continued down and started to lick my ass.

Man, I was in heaven. he spoke for the first time, and asked if I would like to be fucked? I said you bet! He layed out fully on the carpet, and I straddled his body, facing him. he had a lot of precum ouzing out his cock, so I just let myself down on it. When that big mushroom head went in, I thought I was going to be torn. But when it hit my prostate, all pain went, and I sat down fully on it, feeling so good and full.

He started thrusting up into me, and I moved up and down too, until we hit a rhythm. He started to fist my hard cock,in time to his thrusts, and I reached down and cupped those big hairy balls of his, as they slapped on my ass. I squeezed his cock over and over again with my ass muscles, him moaning all the time.

My cock was so hard, and his hand kept working it, up and down, never missing a beat. It felt like his cock was pushing into my stomache, he was in so far. I could feel his cockhead expanding even more in me, and knew he was getting close to cumming. I was also getting close, and asked him if he was ready. He said, very close, let's shoot together. Two more pulls on my cock, and I exploded, squeezing hard on his cock, when I felt him shoot. Spurt after spurt shot up my ass, and I was shooting all over that hairy chest of his. Cum flying all over.

I could feel some of his cum dripping out my ass, running down onto his balls.I felt so full, and sated, hated for him to pull out, but he did, and moved us together, cock to cock, and started to milk our cocks together. I never felt such a sensation as that, my cum, rubbing on my chest, off of his, and him squeezing what ever was left out of our cocks. he sat us up , and went down and licked our mixed cum up, offering me some on his tongue. I sucked that tongue in, to savor our cum. Hot hot hot!

We layed there for a while, our cocks starting to soften, and hugged.He said he would have to go, as he had to finish his job. I towelled him off, a bit and he started to dress. He said that anytime I wanted to repeat this again let him know, that that was one of the best fucks he ever had. He pulled me to him and kissed me, with a little of my cum rubbing on his shorts.

We met many times again, and had such a good time. He even wanted me to fuck him too, which I did, and that was probably the best fuck I ever had. FINIS

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