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"Hap: The Seduction"

I was sure he was now interested, or at least curious about what it would be like to receive a blow job. The fact that we were both horny made me more confident of that. Told him am horny as all get out and sure need to get off. Hap said never had a guy do anything like that to me but think a couple of times guys wanted to just by the way they kept looking at me. Had noticed he had started moving his hand along his cock shaft a bit faster than before, if he kept that up knew he would shoot a load right there. Hap replied am also horny and your telling me about it did not help. You got me so hot am about to get off right here. Then got a bit brave and said it be great if someone would come up now and give us each a blowjob. Hap replied sure would. Then I asked him if some one was to come up and offered would you let them. He replied right now your damn right am about to blow my nuts right here.

That was it; I said I will blow you. Dropped to my knees, took hold of his cock opened wide and engulfed his now very hard and erect cock. He said No, No, don't, do that as he tried to pull it back. It was to late had already committed my self. Had hold of his legs with as much of his cock in my mouth as I could get. As he said no don't he tried to pull back but I kept a steady grip on his legs and clamped down with my lips on his cock. My tongue started working on the underside of the head and then started to take it deep. Wanted to make sure my initial actions were so pleasurable he would not want to stop and let me finish him. It felt so good, long thick, and smooth with a lovely big head. It must have felt good to him also because once I started to move my tongue around his cock head he stopped protesting and just stood there letting me work on his lovely cock.

Now that my initial efforts were now paying off, I slowed down. My tongue was roaming all around that enormous head. I paid particular attention to the glands and his pee hole. Sure wanted to make his first blow job was one that he would not only enjoy but hopefully bring him back for more. Soon he started to move his hips just a little to meet my lips as I took as much as I could, try as much as I did could not take it all, in fact had my fist around the base of it and it was all I could do to handle the rest of it. Let my tongue roam up and down that shaft, and all around the head. My tongue worked over the crown then slide back to his pee hole then back to the underside. By now the pre cum was flowing freely. Soon it hardened even more, felt his legs begin to tense and his cock got even harder and longer. He took hold of my head and started to pull it out saying I am going to come, I gripped his legs tighter, taking as much of that huge cock as I could. He apparently understood as he relaxed his grip on my head and started to move his hips a little faster. He tightened his hold as he moved his hips rapidly running that lovely cock in as deep as he could then pulling it back out so just the head was in my mouth. Felt his cum start up his cock, which jumped as it pulsated, propelling that lovely man juice up and out into my mouth in large spurts filling my mouth with his hot, creamy juice. He shot a huge load that I took hungrily. I kept sucking on his cock until it softened. He did not attempt to remove it from my mouth even after he came. I continued to suck on it until it had totally softened. He never said a word; just let me drain every bit of his juice. I finished and let go he put it away and fastened his fly. Just then, the loud speakers passed the word for lunch We each went down by separate ways.

I was now very nervous. Hap had not said a word, other than he was coming, during the whole time, though he seemed to have enjoyed it. Remember washing up while I worried if he would tell or not. Kept thinking since he had not spoken out while I was sucking him he would probably not now. Have always felt better once I had done a guy, who said nothing following our initial get together. Had he reported it immediately then would be in deep trouble but if he said nothing was in the clear.

Hap apparently had said nothing to anyone. He seemed to avoid me the rest of the day. Otherwise, all seemed normal. The next day was again up at the work area The fact he had said nothing yesterday made be braver and more confident. Felt he might be receptive to more cock sucking. Waited a while then reached over and rubbed his crotch, he immediately whipped out that cock, shoved it in my face and again let me suck it. He never said if or how much he enjoyed it but let me do him often, each time shooting a nice load. One strange quirk was he never dropped his dungarees nor took his balls out so I could suck or hold them. Some times when all was quiet he would look over at me sort of smile, rub his cock. On other occasions, I took the initiative and would reach out, and take hold of his cock. Then one morning when I reached for him he said he was not sure if we should continue to do this, so did not do him that day. The next morning he said a corpsman had given some stuff so he would not get a hard on. Guess he had felt guilty. I respected his wishes and did not try anymore. During this whole period, we remained good buddies. It seemed like this part of our relationship was a completely different chapter, which was only opened when the time was right.

Without Hap's cock to suck now started to pay closer attention to other possibilities. Had my eyes on another guy in the detachment as my next possible conquest, he was small, quiet but a bit of an ass kisser. He was uncut and looked like he might have a nice piece of meat Had asked Hap about him, who though he might providing he was horny enough, which was almost forgone conclusion considering the little amount of liberty we got. Really enjoyed watching the sailors move around in their tight dungarees. They all wore Navy style dungarees but some wore them better than others did. Enjoyed watching a sailor, wearing tight dungarees, walk away from me with his tight ass wiggling. Wanted to reach out and squeeze those lovely cheeks, or better yet spread those cheeks and give him a good rimming followed by my screwing him. The best part though was when seeing a guy with a good-sized cock snaked down one side. A couple of times have seen them with their cocks' semi hard. It was a real turn on. Had to be careful. Did not want them to see me staring at their crotch. A ship is a real small community with gossip constantly floating around. Naturally, anything about sex spread from around the ship very quickly.

It had been a week or 10 days since I had last done Hap. We were again up in the work area. Hap was sitting up on the platform with his knees up under his chin. As I looked at him, I could see the clear outline of his balls and bulge from his cock. Just could not resist. I reached up and started to rub. Hap got down, walked into the small compartment on the other side, and pulled out his cock that was now almost erect. Dropped to my knees and took as much if it as I could. First would run my tongue around the head, then let my tongue rub the glands on the underside. Would try to take it deep right up to the hilt but could never do. Worked on it slow and easy wanted to make it last as long as possible. Unfortunately, it did not take long before he started to move his hips took hold of my head and started to shoot. He had a huge load, filled my mouth so much so I had to take my mouth off it to swallow, or choke. He was still spurting, shooting cum all over my upper lip. Licked it off and went back down on it. From that point on would do him whenever he was horny, which was often.

Was doing Hap regularly. Had it well arranged. If we were not able to get together during the day sometime during the evening Hap would ask me if I wanted to go up on deck. A clear sign to me he was ready to have his cock sucked again. Loved to suck that huge cock, so long smooth, not a vein showing just a long almost oval cock with a real nice head. Always tried to take it all but never could. Was still watching one other guy named Smithy. Have to be careful since he tends to suck up to the older guys who had been aboard ship longer. FINIS

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