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"Mark's Flight to London"

Virgin Atlantic has an overnight flight from Newark to London. Business Class on their planes is probably the most comfortable flight you can ever have and they have what they call a Sleeper Class that is a special section of the plane where they don't have in- flight service - it is curtained off and the lights are out for the entire flight so you get maximum sleep time on what is only a 7 hour flight. Great when you have meetings in London the next morning. To off set the lack of meals and drinks on the plane, the Lounge at Newark airport has a great little restaurant area with a bar so you can get your buzz up and fill the belly ahead of zoning out on the plane. What is more they give you a loose pair of sweats to sleep in so that you are comfortable and big down filled comforter to sleep under. Luxury plus but never so much as my flight last December.

I was eating a light meal in the Lounge ahead of my flight and a tall Irish guy came up to me and asked if he could share the table with me. I was more than happy after seeing this well groomed young guy in a business suit. His hair was strawberry blonde with a goatee beard (same color) framing a great toothy smile. His accent was deep and earthy and melted the elastic in my shorts as we talked about business in the US. It turned out that we were in adjoining seats in the sleeper class so I threw out some "lines" about spending the night together and stuff like that. He responded with the same sense of humor , hard to read but a real turn on His name was Michael. The flight was delayed so we enjoyed quite a few whiskeys together before we boarded. There was no suggestion of a girlfriend and some mannerisms that lead me to come to the conclusion that he was gay but he was a very masculine guy and sexy as hell.

We boarded eventually and I went into the rest room to change into the sweats that the flight attendant gave me and hung up my suit. Michael returned to our row a few minutes later. I was in the aisle seat and as he climbed past me my eye level was at his crotch and I got this great view of his cock swinging in his loose sweats and it was clear that he had removed his underwear as well. I got a little more brave as the plane was taxiing for take off and moved my hand close to his on the seat arm , feeling our skin brush together as we sat there. As we reached cruising altitude and the lights went out the cabin quieted quickly. After about 15 minutes in the gloom I could sense that his hand was moving under the comforter and I had a pretty good idea what he was doing. I quietly said "You need a hand with that Michael" I could see his bright smile in the half-light as he replied "Sure if you are up for it". I reached across underneath the covers and found that the front of his sweat pants were pulled down below his balls and that a sizeable half hard cock greeted me. I stroked his cock gently and could tell by the loose skin that he was uncut. I heard him gasp quietly in the dark and say how great that felt. I ran my hands down and across his heavy clenched balls which were surprisingly shaved and smooth. He parted his legs and I pushed my hand between his thighs. He lifted his hips slightly and my fingers found their way between his buttocks and I found his tight puckered asshole.

His own hand had now found its way across to my own cock so I relaxed back against the cushion and enjoyed his strong grip and it pumped my cock that has swollen as hard as a rock , fit to burst I was so excited. With his thumb he rubbed the ball of his thumb across my piss slit and squeezed out a good glob of precum that lubricated his palm and made his stroking of my cock all the more exciting. I was getting too close too quick so I pushed his hand away and turned my attention back to him. I ran my hand up the sweatshirt and felt his hairy chest and hard little nipples , he made that soft little moan again as I pinched them hard between my fingers.

The plane was now very quiet and no one had moved for a long time so I decided to go for broke and slipped down under the comforters and leaned across the armrest. He obliged me by turning and thrusting his hips forward so that I could get about half of his 8" cock in my mouth and I wrapped my hand around his balls so that I could caress those smooth large knobs as I sucked. His cock was very juicy and I knew that he was streaming juice across my lips. Suddenly he pushed my head away and said "Let's do this properly if we are going to do it. Follow me in a few minutes" He got up and went behind the curtain near the cockpit (so aptly named) where the three rest rooms were. I followed in about 5 minutes but had to push the major tenting in my sweat pants to one side or I would have looked like I was carrying a fucking gun toward the pilots.

I got into the short corridor and one of the johns was occupied so I knocked quietly. The door opened immediately and I entered to find him completely naked. His body was pale but beautiful with golden curls across his chest but totally smooth and shaven from his nipples to his knees. He was leaning back against the basin with his hips thrust out and his cock swollen and blue and curving across his thigh. His legs were parted so that his balls now hung long and heavy between his thighs. Without any further discussion I sat on the toilet and he stood in front of me while I gripped his cock and resumed my sucking. He pulled my sweat shirt up over my head and I slipped my sweat pants and shorts down to my ankles. My cock throbbed and was hot against my stomach as I hungrily sucked on his slab of meat. I could feel the loose skin of his cock slip back and forth between my lips and the salty taste of his precum coated the inside of my cheeks. He rocked his hips back and forth as his hands gripped my hair while he pistoned this beautiful Irish cock down my throat. He lifted me to my feet in front of him and we kissed deeply while our hard cocks rubbed against each other and the hair around my navel. I had him pressed against the cold stainless steel of the basin as out kisses got more and more carnal and our tongues pushed deep into each others mouths.

I felt him lift up against me and sit on the edge of the small sink unit. He lifted his legs and wrapped them around my hips. "Fuck me and fuck me hard" he growled. I took some of the hand lotion that they had in the toiletries and coated my cock that was bigger than I had ever seen it. I put my hands under his buttocks and lifted him slightly so that he was resting on his hands behind him I positioned my cock against his man cunt and the greased rod slipped smoothly full length up his muscle. He put his head back against the mirror and moaned "Oh fuck yes - fuck me hard". I felt my cock slide back and forth in his tight hole while his own cock left trails of precum across his flat smooth belly between us. He used one of his hands to start the faucet and suddenly I felt cold water from his hand running down my sweating back. The shock was startling and I thrust my cock furiously forward and it seemed to move even deeper into his gut as he made an almost pained grunting noise. That deep entry was clearly too much for him as I felt his ass muscle start to contract tightly around my cock and his own cock was twitching as it spewed a thick stream of white up across his stomach and following jets trailed down across his 6 pack as his cock moved around with my deep thrusts.

The smell of his rich young guy's juice was too much for me and I pumped faster as my own load spread within his guts and lubed my superheated cock even more. It seemed as if there was no end to my built up reservoir of cum until finally I subsided and lowered his legs back to the floor. I leaned forward and ran my tongue over his hairless stomach and scooped up a mouthful of his juice before leaning across to kiss him. After our breath returned to normal I cleaned his cock and stomach with paper towels and we returned to our chairs to sleep. A great flight. FINIS

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