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"Mark's Highway Cowboy"

I felt a bit weird standing there with my sticky cock hanging out in the fresh air and I found it hard to believe that this great looking young guy spread-eagled on the bed had just taken my thick cock up his eager young ass. "The night ain't over yet" he said in his thick and sexy southern accent. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and I jumped and went to put my cock away.

"Don't do that" he said "It's my cousin Seth". He jumped off the bed and opened the door to let in his cousin.

"Well lookey here" said Seth as he passed me and ran his hand down the length of my hanging cock "Been in Gettysburg but 2 hours and already we got us some action. Man, look at all that jism on your chest Cousin; he musta blown you like a trumpet!"

Seth was as different in coloring as he could be. His hair was a deep auburn color, sort of red but not carroty,and he was tall and slender. Not the solid hairy build of his cousin Trent that I had just fucked. Trent had dropped down on the bed again and Seth walked over to him and leaned forward and they kissed each other deeply and I could see their tongues working each other's mouths. As Seth stood over Trent, Trent rubbed at the large bulge in Seth's jeans and I could see a thickness that extended down the leg of his jeans a formidable distance. My cock had thickened a little again at seeing the close sexual link between these two great looking young guys but I wondered where this was heading as I had never done any 3-way action before.

Seth straightened up but kept his hand resting on Trent's head and Trent's hand kept stroking the long thick shape in Seth's jeans. There was now a visible wet spot in the denim, about the size of a quarter and halfway to his knee that made me wonder how big this guy's cock was. Trent saw my wide eyed stare and said "Seth is a legend in our family; you gotta see him, man"

I just nodded my head dumbly and Seth stretched out his arm and beckoned me over. I walked toward him, my cock now fully hard again, poking straight out in front of me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and drew me close and kissed me passionately as only a man can kiss. Trent was peeling both our clothes off around us as we kissed and kissed until all three of us were equally naked. Between our hot sweating bodies I could feel his incredible organ hanging down and pressing against my thigh. I pulled back so that I could see it and Seth proudly put his hands on his hips , he was use to having this monster admired. He must have been 10" or 11" long and as thick around as my wrist nearly. The shaft was corded by thick blue veins that seemed to pulse before my eyes. His body was perfectly smooth and even his groin was shaved free of hair. Seth clearly didn't want anything to detract from his massive cock.

Even though his cock was fully hard it was too big to stick up in the air and it sort of hung forward at a 45 degree angle. I was amazed that he didn't black out when the blood rushed to engorge it. I took it in both my hands and there was still plenty of cock uncovered Trent and I both dropped to our knees and started licking and stroking this amazing organ. He had two average sized pink balls that almost seemed to disappear behind it but we didn't leave them out of getting any attention. While Trent sucked on the end of his knob, cause he couldn't get much more than the head in his mouth I drew first one ball and then the other into my mouth and sucked gently on the hairless sac. Seth had a hand on each of our heads as we changed and I took his cock in my hand. I ran the tip of my tongue the length of his hot swollen shaft until I was at the piss slit which now oozed some juice onto my tongue. I wrapped my lips around the hard ridge of his cock head as I had seen Trent so. My jaws were open as far as they could go and I had no chance of getting more than the knob in my mouth.

Seth finally lay down on the bed with his hands behind his head and the two of us roamed his body with our kisses and our tongues and our fingers. I sucked at his pink nipples and kissed him hard Seth told me to sit astride him and watch Trent. I straddled his chest and felt his tongue start licking at my ass muscle. Trent was standing above his cousin with a tube of lubricant and his legs wide apart and holding his cousin's cock in the air between his legs. He slowly bent his legs until the massive swollen lubed head was just between his buttocks. He eyes were half closed as he concentrated on relaxing and allowing this huge cock inside him. He moved himself up and down a few times to spread the lube inside his ass and then lowered himself a few more inches. He paused again with about half the cock disappeared inside him. He raised himself again until the full length reappeared except for the head and then slipped down deep until he was seated flat against his cousin's lap. He gasped and I tried to imagine what solid fullness that must have been. I knew now why my own cock had moved straight into him with no resistance. My cock must not even have caused him to pause. He sat still for a moment with his legs bent each side of him

Meanwhile Seth was rimming my ass muscle like an expert and my cock was dripping precum on his smooth pale stomach. Trent seemed to be lost in a world of his own , a world where his cousin's huge cock impaled him like a Popsicle. I broke his trance by leaning forward , Seth's tongue still working my crack, and kissed him and grabbed his hard cock bobbing in the air between us. At the feel of my lips he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and used me for leverage to slide his body back and forth on the truck that filled his belly, just as Seth's tongue worked its way in and out of my virgin ass Trent and I pumped each other's cocks between us and our glands were worked by tongue and cock so we quickly shot our loads and I felt Trent's hot juice hit my chest.

We sagged against each other and Trent slowly drew his cousin's still hard cock from his ass. I tried to imagine how empty his butt must have felt Seth sat up against the bedhead while we lay on the bed at his feet, both having cum twice in less than half an hour, while Seth finished himself off as he clearly preferred. Sitting at the head of the bed with his legs wide apart he bent way forward and drew his own cock into his mouth. He was better than either of us at getting that swollen head into his mouth and had clearly been doing this for a large part of his adult life. I estimate that he was getting 2 to 3" of the cock in his mouth and pumped his head up and down. He would rest and lick the knob then resume the sucking slurping noise of chewing his own cock. He speeded up and I knew when he blew his load as thick drools of cum oozed out of his mouth and down the length of his cock. It was an amazing sight and I was only relieved that there had been no effort or suggestion of trying to get that thing inside me.

Exhausted, the three of us lay there on the bed in a huddle and toyed with each other. Seth's cock as it softened was still an awesome things to behold and I enjoyed taking the final juices off the shaft with my tongue. The three of us slept entwined in each other's arms and I awoke in the morning to find Seth once again fucking his cousin from behind in a spoon fashion. I left them to it and went back to my room to shower and resume my journey. FINIS

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