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"Mark's Trilogy!"

Many of the guys that contact me after one of my fantasies is published asks if the stories are true. I take that as a positive reflection on my writing and I NEVER misrepresent what is true and what is pure horny imagination!! My whole attitude to life for a bisexual is that even the most raging M2M fantasy is never as exciting as even the most average real life contact with another guy that you have chemistry with. For many of us it is the fantasies that keep us going during the "lean" times between making any personal contacts with other guys - so thank God for an imagination and a clever right hand!!!

I thought that maybe to balance the stories I should write about some of my real personal contacts over the years - they may not be the strident stallion fantasies of young uncut Greek Gods, but they are true, and nothing beats the reality and the memories that generates. So I went back through my mind to decide what 3 stories in my experience may represent the different types of interactions happen for us all, and I have a quiet day at the office - so here we go.

The earliest contact that may be interesting was when I was 19 and still in College. It wasn't my first M2M contact but it sure as hell was only a couple of months later. When I was 19 (this is nearly 30 years ago guys) I was over 6'0" and heavily involved in track so I had that lean runners build and was as fit as a fiddle. I trained 5 days a week so I was deeply tanned and it was the mid-70's so I was sporting hair down to my shoulders and a thick moustache that was my pride and joy. I had no hair on my chest (that didn't come until well into my 20s for some reason) and I was constantly horny. In the 70's when health risks were different, people at my College were heavily into experimentation so there was a lot of stuff going on - including group stuff and that was where I got to trying M2M sex with my room mate. I had a taste for it that went deeper than a lot of the other guys that were "post-beer session suckers" and I probably would have got very deeply involved if I hadn't been fortunate enough to meet; marry and have babies with this great woman.

Anyway, to get to the story, Daniel (my room mate) and I had enjoyed some stuff (different story) and there had been a couple of other guys that I had been involved with in some mixed group sex sessions. Daniel and I had casual girlfriends that were good fun and the four of us went over to one of our Professor's houses to talk about our Life Studies classes - one of those airy electives that were big in the 70's. This Professor wasn't that old - probably in his early 30's but he seemed ancient to a 19 year old - and he certainly related to the students well. When the four of us got to his house he was smoking a joint and offered it around. He also had a mushroom stew going using magic mushrooms as we called them - Gold Tops and Blue Meanies. I didn't smoke so I ate the mushrooms - even though that was more risky than the dope!! We all got a major buzz on and sat around talking about Human Sexuality and Alternative Lifestyles and other "Hey Man" type shit that was big in the 70's. Everything seemed alternatively funny and then intensely serious as our hazy moods shifted all over the spectrum.

The Prof (I won't use any names) was really moving the joint around and spooning out the mushies - the conversation had really drifted into a challenge as to how liberated our thinking was. Of course we felt that we were incredibly liberated and challenged back. The Prof would move around the seated group and was a big "toucher"  lots of hands on shoulders, hair stroking and back rubs. He said "So if I was to kiss Daniel that would be OK. Cause we are all liberated and relaxed about our sexuality" We all thought that was "right on" and were enthusiastic so he kissed Daniel - not particularly passionately but it was still a bit shocking but we all acted very cool about it. Daniel laughed nervously about it after the Prof broke the kiss. To be honest it had aroused me cause the Prof was a good looking guy with his own hair being long like ours and a moustache  he could easily have passed for a final year student. So then he moved on to some suggestions about touching each other. This was taking on a different tone than the "theories" that we all espoused so enthusiastically. He took off his shirt and he had a very hairy chest with small pink nipples nestled in the pelt. He moved around the group and invited each of us to caress his chest. Each of us did  the girls were getting nervous and quickly stroked his hair but when he got to me  standing leaning toward me and looking direct into my eyes  I rubbed his nipples with the balls of my thumb and ran my fingers deep into the thick curly hair. That elicited a big smile. I could see that the front of the Prof's jeans were proving that this was getting him excited. The two girls started making nervous excuses and clearly wanted to leave.

The Professor said "Hey that's cool. This is just exploring what we teach. If it's not working for you that's fine. How about you guys??" Daniel looked at me and even though we were as nervous as hell we both said "No we're cool" and Daniel took a big draw on the joint. The girls bolted with some heavy stares at us for staying.

The three of us were seated on a mass of cushions on the floor and with the girls gone it immediately took on a more aggressive stance. The Prof said that we should take off our shirts as well but he did it for us. He was very sexual the way that he removed them. Rubbing his hands across our smooth chests and stroking our cheeks with his fingers. I only had on running shorts cause I was supposed to be at training. I was wearing a jock strap as well. Daniel had jeans on that looked great on his long muscled legs (he was a footballer). Daniel was a lot heavier muscled than me and his chest was a sculpted slab of pecs that I envied. The Prof sat there between us running his hands over our chests and shoulders. "Now Mark, you kiss Daniel" Well we had done that plenty of times and we drew together and locked lips with my hands rubbing his solid pecs and pinching his nipples. I felt the Professor's hand go up the leg of my brief shorts and squeeze my now hard cock. "You have a jock strap on. Let's see it"

I stood up and pulled my shorts off and my cock tented the front of the pouch. The Prof kneeled on the floor and put his lips on the bulge and tasted the circle of precum that you could see on the fabric. I nearly blew my load then and there. Daniel stood up behind me and put his arms around me and pinched both my nipples. That caused me to push my swollen cock hard against the Prof's face. The Professor moved over to Daniel and pulled his jeans off and I could feel Daniels hard cock pressing against my bare buttocks exposed by the jock strap. He got us both to lay down on the cushions  me still in my straining jock strap and Daniel splitting the seams of his underwear.

He stood up above both of us and opened his jeans and parted the zipper. He had nothing on underneath and the massive black bush of pubic hair filled the opening. He pulled them down to his knees and his long thick cock sprang out with his two long pendulous balls hanging heavy beneath. He stroked its length with his fist and a bead of glistening slick precum oozed from his slit. Daniel, always the most aggressive one, rose to his knees and flicked the drop of juice off with the tip of his tongue. The Professor grabbed Daniel's long blonde hair and pushed his thick cock full depth into Daniel's mouth. It was so sudden that Daniel choked and pulled away. The Prof still holding his hair pushed it back in and aggressively started fucking Daniel's face with his hips pounding furiously. Daniel and I had always had gentle slow sucking sessions and the vigor of this assault amazed and excited me at the same time. Daniel was holding the professors legs and trying to relax as this thick tube of cock meat plunged down his throat. The bush of hair at the base of his cock covered Daniel's nose on the in thrust, and I could see the spit shine on his shaft on the outstroke.

He stopped as suddenly as he started and Daniel fell back against the cushions while the prof pulled off his jeans and threw them aside. "This is going to be a lesson in real Man love boys" I looked at Daniel to see how he had reacted and he was panting and his mouth was slick with spit but his cock was swollen harder than I had ever seen and was fit to burst. The prof lay down of the cushions between us again and drew my head to his face and kissed me passionately. Our moustaches rubbed and our tongues explored each other's mouths deeply. I could feel Daniel sucking my cock and gripping my balls almost painfully. The thick hair on the professor's chest made my hard nipples feel like marbles and I stroked his rigid cock that felt hot to the touch and was curved back against his stomach.

"Which one of you wants to be fucked first?"

Now neither of us had ever been fucked but the drugs had us both in another place and horny lust drove any caution out of us. Neither of us answered so the prof took control. "Mark get under Daniel and give him a 69er" I lay on the floor and Daniel turned and straddled my face. His knees were either side of my head as he sucked my cock deep into his mouth as he had done so many times before and his own cock slipped easily into my mouth. As we sucked each other, between Daniels widely parted legs I could see the professor take a tube of lube off the table and coat his fingers thickly with the stuff. He kneeled behind Daniel and I could see his fierce weapon bobbing in front of him as he slipped a finger into Daniel's virgin asshole. Daniel bolted forward at this entry and his cock pushed deep into my throat like it would push out of my chest. He relaxed a little as the prof massaged his muscle gently before putting first two and then three fingers inside him. Daniel moaned loudly around my cock in his mouth. I could see the professor's arm moving back and forth and he finger fucked Daniel After a while he removed his fingers and that caused Daniel to moan even louder. He then greased up his cock and held the shaft halfway as he positioned the flared red knob against Daniel's greased crack above my eyes. Daniel had stopped moving his hips knowing what was coming and his cock lay still in my mouth. The prof moved forward and the first couple of inches slipped into Daniel who bucked forward and drove his cock into me again. Daniel sounded as if he was sobbing but it didn't worry the professor. He held Daniel's hips in each hand and pushed hard and his whole length slid inside him. Daniel took his mouth off my cock and called loudly

"Oh fuck!!!! You're killing me!"

The professor started pounding his hips and I could see his shiny greased thick shaft slipping in and out of Daniel's butt hole. It must have eased for Daniel cause he started calling out "Oh man. Oh fuck! That is incredible".

The driving against Daniel's ass was moving his cock in and out of my mouth and Daniel had left mine completely alone as he adjusted to this feeling of being impaled on this thick cock. Daniel was making continuous noises now and moaning and suddenly he pushed deeper into my mouth and I gagged as he blew his heavy load of cum. Any of it that I couldn't swallow coated my lips.

The prof said "Did Daniel shoot?" but he only had to look at the globs of cum on my cheeks to know that he had. "Good boy" he said as he pulled his still hard cock out of Daniel's butt. I knew that it was going to be my turn now and I wasn't sure whether I dreaded it or not.

Daniel was still on his hands and knees panting and drooling as I slid out from underneath him. "I've loosened him up for you Mark. Stick your cock in the sweet man cunt - you will love it". I looked at Daniel's red and greasy butthole visible between his buns and widely parted legs. Suddenly I was hungry to feel my cock in there and positioned myself behind him and pushed my cock easily full depth in his ass. I could feel the entire length of my cock gripped by the walls of his butt and my hands gripped Daniel's shoulders as I bent over him. I could feel the professor behind me as his fingers started up the same preparations on my butt as he had on Daniels. I had explored my own ring plenty of times as I jacked off but it was nothing like this as his bunched fingers massaged my insides and prepared me for entry. I held Daniel's shoulders hard with my cock buried in his ass as I felt the head of the Prof's cock push against my muscle. There was a moment of pain but as the lube moved deeper inside me and his cock passed my muscle I got use to the feeling and enjoyed the feeling of fullness. Suddenly it seemed as if he "popped" into me and I knew that he was fully imbedded. He started moving back and forth and I matched his rhythm. Daniel clearly was enjoying the feeling of being fucked now and he was moaning and grunting. I couldn't decide whether I could focus on the fucking or the being fucked. After a few minutes it all flowed into each other as the professor had his hands under my armpits and toyed with my hard nipples while his cock slid back and forth in my guts.

The three of us had a rhythm going and the professor lifted me up against him and I could feel his thick chest hair against my back as I laid my head back against his shoulder. His hands were running up and down my smooth chest and stomach and my cock ground into my buddy and the prof ground into me. The sensation built until it was too much and I thrust hard into Daniel as I clenched my ass muscle around that thick tube of meat in my butt and blew my load that just kept cuming and cuming. My clenched muscle caused the prof to blow as well and I felt this rush of warmth and slickness into my stomach It felt like there were gallons of cum all over the place as we emptied our loads before pulling out and falling back on the cushions. The smell of cum was strong in the room as the three of us - me in the middle - lay there with our arms around each other and with our own thoughts. I know that what I was thinking is "When can we go again??"

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