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"Married Guys Go Camping"

I’ve been with my wife for almost 10 years, married for 5 of those. I had some fun with cock in high school and college, but nothing very serious. I remember loving it but hadn’t acted upon it since I met my wife, until last summer.

Susan and I were taking our yearly camping trip up north, earlier than usual but still in the heat of July. We’ve been going to the same campground every year for the past 8 years and enjoy it. The sites are secluded and quite private, it’s on a lake with a nice enough beach, and although there are port-o-potty’s every couple of sites there is an amenities building every 20 sites. That’s always been important to us. Being able to shower while camping, and have running water to brush our teeth.

Now, we’ve met a lot of other couple over the years and I can’t say I haven’t thought about throwing caution to the wind and hitting on some of them but Susan’s never been totally into it and I respect that. Last summer was a little different. We met this couple that drove up from Western New York to camp here in Ontario for the first time. Chris and Sarah. They were set up in the site right beside ours, so on the second day while I walked across the way to take a leak in one of the outhouses Chris introduced himself to me as we met up on the road. They had gotten in the day before us and he talked about how much they were enjoying it, you know, the usual where ya from? How long you staying, small talk. After we both did our business, we went our separate ways back to the sites. I honestly hadn’t taken much notice to what he looked like at that point, but I do remember thinking it was cool to be neighbours to another couple in their early thirties like us.

After breakfast Sue and I headed down to the beach to sun worship all day. After about 20 minutes of being the only people in the area, I see Chris and his wife come out of the bushes onto the sand. They walk straight towards us and Chris asks if they can join us. I say sure, our wives introduce themselves and we all chat for a bit. Sarah takes of her shorts and top to reveal a very hot body and a gorgeous set of breasts and then Chris takes off his shirt to reveal a seriously cut body. Now I’m not a dog. I’m in pretty good physical condition, I have a 32 waist, nice defined pecs, all and all I think I’m pretty hot, and my wife is hot too, but I couldn’t help but notice these two. I mean they were something out of a fuckin movie. They both decide they are going to go swimming so we let them go. As soon as they’re out of earshot Susan turns to me and say’s “Holy shit Mark, they are beautiful people!” I was relieved to know I wasn’t eh only one. It also suddenly sparked a fantasy in me that I hadn’t though of in a while, little did I know it would be a completely different fantasy that would come true.

The day went on and the girls went back to the sites to get lunch and bring it back. While they were away, Chris and I went in the water. We talked about the hockey playoffs, then we came to a rocky area out on a sand bar and Chris hopped up onto the rocks and layback in the sun, I stayed in the water. He let out a big sigh and said,” You and your wife are pretty hot”. I was floored! I laughed and said thanks and told him that we thought the same thing about them and he laughed too. He said he has never thought about another couple like that before and he apologized for bringing it up, I told him it was no big deal. I joked with him saying it would never happen as Susan would never go for it, he said Sarah wouldn’t either, so we left it at that and swam back to shore as the girls brought lunch out. It was very exciting.

After lunch Susan and I went back to our site to take a nap, but before we went Chris and Sarah invited us for dinner at their site that evening, we were all getting along so well, we accepted the offer. We went over for dinner had a great time, had quite a bit to drink so the girls retired early. Chris and I sat up to wait for the fire to burn down, and then I wasn’t quite tired yet so I decided I would head to the amenities building to take a shower. I said goodnight to Chris went into our tent to let Susan know where I was going and she was already asleep, so I left.

I got up to he building and it’s a pretty straightforward place. There are 3 toilet stall, a couple of urinals, a large sink area and then a separate shower and changing area with 2 stalls, separated only by a small shoulder high panel. I get into the change area take off my clothes and I’m startled by the noise of the door behind me. It opens up and there’s Chris. “Decided your shower idea was a good one, feel a grungy from the sand.” He says. I smile and we start to chat about nothing as he undresses. I try to avert my eyes and get into my stall and turn on the water. It feels good as it rushes down my body, I catch a glimpse of Chris naked before he steps into the stall beside me and I see his cock and balls dangling between his legs. In the brief look that I got I notice it looked as though he was semi erect, and a good size! The second I saw it I felt my cock twitch. We start chatting some more and the conversation suddenly moves to sex.

“I was thinking about what we talked about earlier all through dinner” he said, “and if you don’t mind my saying you have a pretty nice body over there”

I started to laugh! “I’m sorry” I said, “I don’t mean to laugh I just haven’t been hit on by a guy in a long time”

“Hey listen man, I’m really sorry”, he became embarrassed, “I seriously thought you were into me”, he finished.

I looked at him straight in the eye and said” Just cause I’m laughing doesn’t mean I’m not into you. When you guys hit the beach today I was into you”.

He smiled back and looked down at himself. I looked over the stall and saw his cock standing at full attention. It was definitely thicker than mine, but probably about the same length.

“Mind if I join you n your side” he said.

“Come on over” I replied.

He came around to my side and stepped in.

I said “Wait, shouldn’t we lock the door?” I wasn’t even sure if we could, but low and behold there was a lock!

He walked up to me as the shower was spraying down on me, reached out and grabbed my now solid cock and I grabbed his. He leaned in to me and whispered, “So what do get into.”

I haven’t done this in a really long time” I said, “but I would love you to suck my cock, and then suck yours”

“Can I kiss you?” he asked.

I said “Ok” Then he leaned in and I closed my eyes and felt hips lips on mine and it all intensified ten fold. I felt his hand on my neck as I slid mine onto his back and our tongues danced across each other. He bit my lips passionately and moved down my neck taking his lips and tounge across my nipples. The he squatted down in front of me and I watched him as he took my cock in his hand and slid it into his mouth. The rush of warmth that swelled in me made my cock throb as he slid his mouth up and down onto my cock. He pulled off and looked up at me, “If anything I do is going too far, let me know”

I nodded as he took his hand and slid them through my legs. As he licked the precum of the tip of my dick, he slid two fingers between my ass cheeks and began to rub my hole. I couldn’t believe the rush I was getting from this, I was going to cum any second. He must have realized this and stopped altogether. He stood up and asked, “How do you want to cum?”

I said, “I don’t care, any way you want me to”

He leaned in really close and said” I would love it if you fucked me” I couldn’t believe my ears. In all of my experiences before this never was I with a guy that was into fucking! I’ve always wanted to try it. I smiled at him, kissed him hard and as our cocks grinded into each other; I slowly turned him towards the wall. He has a perfectly shaved ass, so I assumed his hole was clean too, and it was.

I crouched down took my hands and spread his ass cheeks. My cock was pulsing as I leaned in wit my tongue and licked his hole. I never thought I’d do it, but it was the moment and it was awesome! He cringed with enjoyment as my tongue and fingers loosened up his hole. He began to buck against my face and I knew it was time. I stood up leaned up against him and slid my cock between his cheeks, like a sausage in a bun I slid my cock up and down a few times and it felt fantastic. I put the head of my dick up against his hole and he warned me to go slow as it had been a long time since anything bigger than his fingers were in there. We were turned away from the water now so my licking mixed with the precum oozing out of my cockhead made it quite slippery. As I pushed forward, he pushed back and the head went in, we stopped as he adjusted, and when he was ready he pushed against me. I slowly pushed all the way into him, it felt incredible inside him. We stopped again so he could adjust, and then we began a rhythm. I began to slide in and out of him quite easily and he began to enjoy it more and more, we got moving a little faster and I hugged him from behind as I grinded into him. It wasn’t too rough but as we grinded there standing in the shower, he reached around and put his hand on my hip, I licked his neck, reached around front and took his throbbing cock in my hand. As I fucked him slowly, I slid my fingers over the tip of his dick to feel a wet strand of thick pre cum, I ran it all over my finger and he began to buck faster. I was getting close.

He whispered” I want you to stay in me when you cum”.

I was throbbing. I started to pump harder into him pulling my cock out of him then right back in. I ground into him hard and took my fingers that were covered in his precum and put them in my mouth. That was it for me. The taste of another man set me off. The first wave was deep inside him and as I came, with each burst and jolt I pushed deeper, I began to lose myself completely and my knees almost gave out. I couldn’t believe how much I was cumming! With my last pulse I softly kissed his neck, and then pulled out of him and leaned against the opposite wall. My cock was covered in cum! I was completely in another world for those 10 seconds. I turned to the water and let it rush over me. He turned around and leaned into the water and kissed me. I couldn’t believe it. I felt his cock against mine and took it in my hand. I squatted down and took it in my mouth, as I bobbed up and down I put two fingers in his wet ass and slid them amongst my cum. He put his hands on the back of my head and began to fuck my face. He pulled me deep onto his rod and pumped faster as my fingers went deep into his ass. I could feel him, he was going to cum. He started to pull away as if he didn’t want to cum in my mouth but I resisted him and kept him in me. He gave into it and released a steady stream of the sweetest load into my mouth and throat. Pulse after pulse of cum went down my throat and I could no longer keep up. I pulled away and he looked down as the last couple of jolts of cum shot out onto my face and chest. It quickly washed away as he began to relax and lean back against the wall. I stood facing him and kissed him with the taste of his own cock still in my mouth. We embraced for a few minutes kissing and rubbing against each other.

We washed each other and laughed at ourselves as we quickly dried off and got dressed. We both brushed our teeth and quickly headed back to the campsites.

Chris and our wives camped for a week that summer and we never ended up involving our wives at all. Almost every night that week Chris and I spent it together in the amenities building, fucking and sucking. I haven’t seen him since, but keep in touch with him via email and hope to one day be with him again. FINIS

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