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"My First Time!"

I wanted to share my first man-to-man-to-woman experience with you.

My experiences were the opposite of yours. I had been having sex with boys since I was 10 1/2 years old and I really enjoyed it. Frankly, I considered myself totally gay and didn't have any interest in woman sexually. I'm 48 years old now, so to give you some background.

I was in college in the early 70s when porno was just beginning to flourish. This, of course, was a long time before VCRs and video tape where you could whack off to a film in the privacy of your own home. (Also, you should realize that all the material that was available in the porno movie theaters back then in the Midwest (Kansas City, Missouri) was straight fuck films)

Back then we had to go to our local porno house and do it in the theater. I loved to go to them because men would sit there and whip out their cocks in full view of other men and beat off, and everyone "ignored" everyone else. Except the gay men, of course, who went there to offer our oral services for those who wanted it. There were lots of bi men there, so we had plenty of cock to suck.

There were three porno film houses in Kansas City, but I had one particular place I went to pretty regularly (every time the films changed, which was usually once a week) because the "back row action" was always good. This night was a Thursday, and when I went in, things were a little dead. I didn't worry though, because I was early and the action usually started between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m.

I had placed myself in the middle of the back row and was watching the film and rubbing myself because the guy on the screen had a verynice, big thick cock. I was aware that someone was coming into the row on my left side and I turned to see a tall, well-built man who looked a lot like the actor Tom Selleck walking toward me. He sat down right next to me and didn't take his eyes off me.
As I watched him, he pulled out his cock and began to stroke it. It got quite large (in later times I measured him and it was over 9 inches).

I couldn't take my eyes off his large, thick dick, and he never took his eyes off me. I reached over and took it in my hands. He moaned a little, and then reached over to unzip my pants. He pulled out my 7 inch cock and we stroked each other. Then he did something that most men in that theater never do. He leaned over to me and kissed me, stroking my cock very hard and fast as he did it. Then after we'd had out tongues down each other's throats for about five minutes, he did something that no other man in that theater had ever done to me. He leaned over my crotch and took my hard cock in his mouth. I couldn't believe it.

After he sucked me for a couple of minutes, I pushed his head up so I could suck on his dick.
We went back and forth for a little while, but not too long because he had other things in mind for the evening. Finally, he came up for air from sucking my dick, kissed me and said: "My name's Greg, what's yours?"

"Randy" I told him.

"Randy, how would you like to go home with me and have some fun with my girlfriend?"

Now, let me tell you, I was shocked -- and stunned. First, I'd never, EVER, had sex with a woman (I was 22 at this point). But could I allow myself to miss out on more of this hot man and his hot dick? So, I said, "Sure." We zipped up and left the theater.

I didn't have a car in those days (I rode the city bus everywhere), but that didn't matter to Greg. He assured me he could take me home later. So we hopped in his car and headed to his house.

When we got there, most of the lights in the house were off. Once we were inside, he stripped off my clothes and his and took me by the hand to lead me to the bedroom. When we got there, I had another surprise. Lying on the bed on her back, was Greg's BLACK girlfriend, Louise. She was totally naked, and had her legs spread wide, playing with her pussy.

"I've been waiting for you boys" she said. Greg introduced us, and then pulled me over close to her. I was very nervous. I had watched porno films for a couple of years (they hadn't bothered to check my ID at the porno houses because I looked older than I was) but that was the extent of my experience. Greg had his hands on my shoulders and was pushing me down to her cunt.

"Eat her hot cunt for me, man" he said. I turned back to him and kissed his throat close to his ear. I didn't know what I was going to do! Finally, I thought honesty should be my policy, so I whispered to him "Greg, I've never done that before!"

He put his hands on my upper arms and pulled me away from him so he could look in my eyes. "Are you saying you're a virgin, Randy?"

"I've never been with a woman, Greg, I just didn't want to miss out on that beautiful cock of yours, so I came along." I was a little ashamed and also I thought he was going to be upset, so I hung my head because I couldn't look at him any more. I heard him laugh softly and then he put his hand under my chin to pull my head back up so he could look in my eyes again.

"That's okay, Randy, Louise and I don't mind if you're a virgin. Actually, I think it's pretty hot. I'll show you how it's done." And with that, he got down and began to eat her out with great enthusiasm. Louise was totally enjoying his oral talents on her pussy.

She moaned and made encouraging noises "yeah, that's it, lick it there", you know, those kind of things. Greg pulled me down beside him and told me to watch what he did. He showed me how to concentrate on the clit and how to swab and tease it with my tongue. I watched for a long time. The whole time he was doing that, Greg had one hand on my dick, stroking and jacking it.

Finally, his face wet with her juices, Greg turned to me and said "Okay, stud, it's your turn." I looked up at Louise and she was smiling.

"You can do it, honey," she said, "I know you can do it good."

So I leaned over and licked a woman's cunt for the first time. Greg was now really turned on and he started giving me all kinds of verbal support. "That's it, lick it right there. Oh, yeah man, lap that cunt, lap it good." He went up and presented his hard dick to Louise and she sucked it while I ate her pussy. Greg kept up the hot dirty talk and played with her tits.

I was going at it very hard, because I wanted to please them both. As she began to move toward orgasm, Greg moved down behind me, and pushed his body up against mine I felt his hard dick against the crack of my ass. He was holding me from behind with his arms around my waist and both hands working my cock while he told me to "eat her cunt, stud, fucking tongue it good."

He had me in a pretty hot state, and then he began to push his cock head against my asshole. He took one hand off my dick and stuck it up against Louise's pussy and got his hand wet with her juices. He took that hand and went back to work on my asshole. He started to lube me with her pussy juice. He worked in one finger and then two. He went back for more pussy juice, and worked in a third finger.

I was ready, but he wanted to prolong it. He kept getting his hand wet in her cunt juice, and then he started making me lick his fingers clean and then he'd fuck my ass with the fingers I'd just licked.
Louise had cum several times by now. Greg whispered in my ear, "I'm going to fuck your ass, stud, I'm going to fuck you and I want you to eat that cunt good while I do it."

Well, I did! The harder he fucked me, the faster I tongued her cunt. We were all three pretty turned on, so it didn't take long for us to cum -- together. That was probably the most intense orgasm I've ever had. (Back then, of course, we didn't worry about condoms and Greg shot his load up my ass.)

Greg and I laid on each side of Louise. She said "Honey, for a virgin, you done gave me more orgasms at one time than anybody 'cept Greg!"

Needless to say, we started in again! She and I started sucking Greg together and we took turns letting him suck us. I loved when Greg would lay on his back and she sat on his face, because his big dick would stand straight up and I could really suck on it.

We did a lot more oral that night -- sucking each other all at once, and finally Greg came on my face as Louise came on his. Then I knelt over them and shot a huge load all over Greg's face and Louise's cunt. I licked them both clean. I spent the night there, and awoke to Greg sucking on my dick.

Louise then sat on my face and we had another hot session. Greg fucked Louise while she sucked me, and I fucked Louise while Greg fucked me. That's how we came the last time that morning -- me in Louise, Greg in me.

Well, I'm sure you've figured out that this wasn't the only time I had sex with Greg and Louise (By the way, it turned out that Greg was a Kansas City policeman!) We had sex often, and regularly and formed a group of men and women who were into the bisexual lifestyle.

The AIDS epidemic put a damper on our activities, and then Greg, who was 10 years older than I was, had enough seniority with the police force to retire. He and Louise moved to Seattle, but I still see them every few months, when we get together for hot sex. When I visit them, they always have a surprise.

Hope you enjoyed my little tale. I'm so glad I met Greg and learned how to appreciate the finer points of pussy and true bisexual action!

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