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"My Nude Neighbor"

Brian was a normal 18 year old kid.He fantasized about celebs alot. And got decent grades! What more is there. One day Brian came home from school. About 3 seconds after walking in the door he heard his 7 year old brother Ian calling him,"Brian come help me get my ball down its caught in the tree."Brian heard the shower running so he knew his mom was in the shower because his father left his girlfriend (Brians Mom) when she got pregnant at 35. So since his mom couldnt here him his quick response was,

"Hey Ian."

"Yeah" his brother called. "Shut the FUCK UP!" Big mistake his brother jumped at the opportunity. He told Brian he was gonna tell there mother if he didn't get his ball. "Alright just be quiet," Brian begged. So he went outback, climbed the tree and when he was just high enough he looked over the fence and couldn't believe what he saw! His new neighbor was tanning. Without a top. Brian never looked at porn and except for the time he accidently saw his mom in the shower this was the first female body part he ever saw.He started fantasizing.

"Hey Brian give me the ball" At first he thought it was his dream and his neigbor was calling for his nuts. He then noticed Ian and through him the ball. When he looked back over the fence nothing the hot, young, fresh, 18 year old was gone! Damn.

The next day when Brian got home form school he decided to try the tree again and sure enough she was there tanning...All over!He gazed down from her enormous tits down to her neatly trimmed pubic hair and her incredible pussy. He decided he was going to build a tree house. With only one window whiched faced near his nude neighbor.He asked his Mom and she agreed with him and let him.

After about two weeks he was finished. He continued his regular pattern every day with his normal jacking off while peeking a look.Then one day he noticed she pulled something out from under her chair and he couldn't belive it, it was a vibrator. She was jacking hard. The all of a sudden he heard

"Want to join me!" it was Megan his neighbor. She new he was watching her. SO he climbed down hopped the fence and without a word they went at it like two dogs. They started missionary "OOOOoh Brian Fuck me" And he continued in his rigorous hammering motion. "ooooooooooooOOooooooo00000ooooHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHH cum inside me mmm.

"But instead he held is load and had her blow him till he emptied about 5 loads of cum all over her face and she licked it all up" And then they went doggie style and he fucked her silly and this time he left a wad of man butter in her!

They continued their fucking pattern until Megan got pregnant at age 19.

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