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"The Tables are Turned"

How many of the guys reading this are Bi and petrified that their wife will find out? I had a chance to bring it out into the open and she thought it was her idea.

The girls had decided they wanted to freshen up, so they went off to the shower and soon I could hear giggles, then moans as they played with each other beneath the needle sharp jets of warm water. I got up and looked into the bathroom. Their bodies were entwined and each of them stroked and massaged and probed at the other girls‚ cunt. I stood and slowly stroked my prick and considered trying to squeezed in with them, but for a start there was not enough room and secondly the site before me was horny as hell.

The room started to fill with condensation and the glass of the shower cubicle steamed up, so that it was difficult to see what was going on. Occasionally one of them would push up against the glass, like when Anne was standing with her breasts squashed up against the glass. I knelt down to take a closer look and could almost taste them as the hard nipples slid around over the soapy glass. Sue obviously had a few fingers thrusting in and out of Anne's pussy from behind. That was always Anne's favourite position.

Then they moved and the clear glass which had recently had the pleasure of Anne's tits sliding across it steamed up again. I walked back to the bed and lay down nonchalantly playing with my prick while listening the moans and squeals coming from the en suite. I awoke to see the girls. Sue standing beside the bed and Anne kneeling beside me. I went to move my arms to pull her down next to me and found they were tied firm to the headboard. Trying to move my legs gave the same result.

"So you've turned the tables girls?" I asked the stupid question. "I expect I'll enjoy this!"

Oh we hope so" said Sue wickedly.

I looked at her and she was different. How could I have not noticed the leather gear. She was resplendent in thigh high leather boots and black stockings held up by a black leather suspender belt. Her breasts were now squeezed together and upwards by a leather half cup wonder bra. "Like what you see?" Sue asked innocently.

"Christ yes, you look really horny" my prick shot straight up in the air to attention.

"Good." Sue said. "What about Anne?"

I turned to look at my wife who was knelt down and dressed in almost the same style of outfit, but by contrast it was all white. Her dark nipples stood out against the white material of the bra. I groaned as I looked at every curve and detail of her. She was kneeling but resting back on her haunches with her pelvis thrust out towards me. I suddenly noticed that the warm and wet gash that I had expected to see was partially hidden by a large pink strap dildo.

"Do you like it?" Anne purred.

"I-- I--I don't know" I spluttered and really was lost for words.

"It's double ended, so there is one inside of me and the other end is for . . . " her voice trailed away and she looked from Sue to me and back again and then looked directly at me as if asking who wanted it.

Sue's voice broke the silence "Me please Anne. I'm first. Then when you have fucked me to orgasm a couple of times, perhaps we'lllet you slip that up Bob's tight ring.

Christ they mean it. That dildo was at least eight inches or so long and probably at least half as wide again as mine.

"Come on then Sue, let's put this big boy to good use"

Anne pulled Sue's hand and guided her so that she was in a 69 position with me and close enough for me to lick her large clit and labia. "Oh no, Sue, that's a bit too close to Bob. He can lick you and he might enjoy that",

Anne giggled as she placed her hand underneath Sue's tummy and gently lifted her enough so that her labia were close enough for me to smell but far enough away for me not to be able to lick or taste.

Anne then knelt behind Sue and offered the tip of the pink dildo up to Sue's dripping snatch. I watched transfixed as the pink helmet probed at the entrance to Sue's cunt and then disappeared inside.

"Oh yes go on Anne, fuck my brains out. Stab my cunt with that pink monster. Fill me up till I can't take any more you horny cunt fucking dyke" Sue swore and moaned and almost screamed obscenities at Anne and Anne seemed to get even hornier with every sentence.

"Oh yes tell me what you want, Sue. Push that gaping slippery gash back onto my pink prick you fat horny slag"

I was shocked by the language the girls were coming out with, but it was having an amazing effect on both of them as they fuck like animals above me. Anne was really shagging Sue and by the force she used on Sue, she benefited as much due to the other end of the pink dildo embedded in her cunt.

"Bob, lift your head up and drink some of our juices", Anne almost barked at me.

I opened my mouth and strained to get closed enough to lick at Sue's dripping wet pussy. Drips of their juices were now dribbling into my mouth and I savoured their combined tastes. But as before, although I could taste the highly intoxicating mixture of their smells and now I could taste the mixed juices from their soaking wet pussies, I longed to be able to lick at their large wet and slimy labia, but could not reach.

Then I felt Sue wrap her hand around my brick and balls and gently squeeze.

"Go on, bring him to the edge,. Give him a quick suck" Anne commanded as she continued to drive the plastic prick to the depths of Sue's cunt.

Sue lowered her head and slowly enveloped my throbbing prick in her soft wet lips. I groaned and they knew that it would take very little to bring me off.

"Stop!" shrieked Anne. "He can't come yet, that's the fun of this. He has to wait"

Sue immediately pulled back and left my prick wet and throbbing on the edge of climax, but not close enough.

"Now squat" Anne ordered Sue.

Once again Sue did as she was told immediately. As she lowered her fanny towards my open mouth I could feel the warmth emanating from their cunts and then the warm sticky and soft flesh as she pushed and ground her cunt lips into my open mouth. God I would come soon just from this.

"OK, enough" Anne barked and Sue lifted her cunt away from my face. I tried on vain to keep my lips and tongue in contact, but she moved just out of reach.

"OK Sue, now let's try something different" Anne suggested. "OH great, how about shoving your big fat girly prick up my tight arse?" Sue giggled like a little schoolgirl. "Are you sure you can take it all bitch? Anne snarled. "I think so, but even if I can't, my arse is your to fuck and abuse as you wish mistress", Sue simpered and giggled again. I watched as Anne pulled the pink phallus our of Sue's soaking cunt. It was now covered in Sue's juices and shiny. Then Anne pulled it out of her own cunt. Make sure I am moist bitch" Anne spat the words at Sue. Sue reached between her legs, stuck her fingers into her own soaking cunt and then removing them, she reached between Anne's arse cheeks and wiped the sticky juices around Anne's tight ring, then slowly slid a finger in. After a few thrusts she added a second finger and continued. Anne started to squirm and pulled away, replacing Sue's fingers with the business end of the pink dildo. "Aaagh" Anne cried out partly in pain and partly in ecstasy

I watched as the large pink head popped in and the muscles of Anne's arse hugged the shaft as it slowly entered her. It slipped in inch by inch until it was all swallowed up and then Anne turned her attention to the upturned arse in front of her. Sue was looking over her shoulder at Anne in anticipation of what was to come.

Suddenly Anne pushed Sue slightly forward and away from my wide open mouth and thrust the head of the pink dildo straight not my mouth. Not expecting it, I gagged slightly then sucked as if it was the most natural thing to do, licking Sue's juices off the hard pink shaft.

"I think the bastard likes sucking cock, Sue!" Anne chuckled. She was a totally different woman than I had ever seen before. "Perhaps we should get him a real one to suck the spunk out of. Did you make the call?"

Call, what call?"

"Yes, it's all arranged", Sue giggled as I tried to say no, but with a large dildo stuffed down your throat it is not easy to talk.

Anne smiled and patted my shoulder. "Good" was all she said as she pulled the dildo out of my mouth and immediately repositioned it at the puckered opening to Sue's arse and thrust it home.

"Oooooooh, that hurts Anne. Please don't hurt me" Sue wailed, but Anne was oblivious to her pleas. She thrust her hips hard into Sues arse ands she held her hips in place to stop Sue escaping the onslaught. Anne then reached forward and grabbed Sue's tits squeezing the nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

"You like it rough don't you bitch?" Anne was totally in control and seemed to be enjoying her dominant role. A loud slap rang out as Anne's hand came down hard on Sue's buttocks. Sue squealed with the pain and tried to pull away to avoid another blow, but Anne held her left breast and nipple in a vice like grips so that every time Sue tried to pull away, Anne simply squeezed harder on her nipple.

Another slap and Sue started to cry. "Please don't hurt me Anne. I'lldo anything for you if you stop hitting me".

"Anything?" Anne asked with venom in her voice.

"Yes, yes. Anything".

"Good. Now you be a good girl and suck on Bob's prick to bring him to the edge again."

Sue did exactly that and just as I was starting to think I would be allowed to shoot my load, there was a knock at the front door.

"That should be our guest Sue. Why don't you show them up?" Anne had a laugh in her voice as I watched her pull the pink dildo from Sue's tight ring. It exited with a slight pop and Sue's arse twitched and contracted with the relief of being free from the pink monster.

Sue climbed off the bed and padded downstairs. I heard the front door being opened and muffled voices.

"Now it's my little baby's turn to have some fun" Anne cooed as she stroked my face.

Footsteps ascending the stairs and Sue giggling as the door opened.

"Steve's here Anne" Sue sounded really excited. Steve was her skinny halfwit of a husband. "I've told Steve what we had planned and he is game for it"

"Oh goody", Anne smiled and stroked my face. "Come on Steve, let's get your clothes of and get warmed up".

I heard the sounds of Steve taking his clothes off as Sue jumped on the bed.

" Sue, you come and kneel on this side of Bob and I'll stand on the other" Anne commanded as she got of the bed and stood next to my head.

"Steve, come over here and show Bob what a real prick is like"

Now I had never had complaints. My old man was around 6.5 inches long and almost the same around, with a big purple head, but when Steve got level with my head, all I could see was this long limp prick. It was probably seven inches or so and quite fat hanging there.

"OK Bob, it looks as though Steve needs a bit of help here" Anne was now in her element. She took hold of Steve's prick and pulled the ample foreskin back to expose his helmet. "I think it's about time you tasted some prick Bob". She placed a hand on my chin and forced me to open my mouth and simply fed Steve's prick into my open mouth. It felt strange. Nice and soft and almost nice. Then I felt it throb as Steve pushed it deep into my mouth and to the back of my throat.

"Go on Baby, fuck his mouth" Sue was excited and I could see out of the corner of my eye that her hand was between her legs frigging at her wet pussy.

Steve did as he was told and started to slowly up the tempo and as he did I found myself sucking and licking at this large piece of meet that had invaded my mouth. It grew with each thrust until it was rock hard and filled my mouth when he had it pulled half out and made me gag as he pushed it all in.

"Go on Steve, really fuck him.. I've always thought he was a cum slut and by the way he's sucking on your meat I think I was right". Sue slapped my face in mock anger as she joined Sue in playing with herself.

Steve was really starting to get into the mood as he thrust his huge appendage deep inside my mouth and then slowly withdrew until the tip was just tickling my lips. I, for some strange reason had also fallen into the mood and was desperate to feel his meet re-enter my mouth and swirl my tongue around its girth.

As Steve pulled out once more he squeezed his prick from the base and ran his clenched fist up the length until he squeezed a drop of cloudy white spunk from the hole. It oozed out slowly and then started to dribble down his shiny purple helmet.

"Steve oh that's so horny. Drop it in Bob's mouth" Anne was almost jumping up and down with excitement as she frigged her hand rapidly between her legs,

Steve obliged by moving forward and holding his prick directly above my open mouth until the sticky spunk dropped in. I was expecting it to taste rancid, but to my surprise, it was quite nice. Salty and thick. I swirled it around my tongue.

"Look, he likes it" Sue was almost as excited as Anne. "Go on baby, make your snake spit at him, like you do it to me"

Steve looked at Anne for any sign of approval. "OK. Steve make sure this is a good load, I want to see Bob drowning in the stuff".

To be quiet honest I was not repulsed by the idea at all, but I had to at least pretend I was, so I closed my mouth tightly shut. Steve prodded my lips with his sticky meat and I wanted to open up and devour it, but I held out. That was until I felt a female hand grab at my balls and squeeze hard.

"Open up bitch, take what's coming to you" Anne laughed and squeezed harder until I opened my mouth wide to accept Steve's amazing prick. But instead of letting go, Anne maintained her grip, digging her nails into my scrotum and pushing her index finger at the entrance to my tight arse.

"That's it lover, swallow his prick until he spunks all over your face, while I get your arse ready for the next course". With that Anne pushed her finger inside me. It didn't hurt at all and was OK. Then she found my prostate and I nearly shot my load there and then. "Got it Sue" was all she said, as Anne began to massage my prostate from the inside.

I squirmed against Anne's finger loving the sensation which spread through my loins. Anne spat on he fingers and added a second finger and roughly rotated them around widening and loosening my anal muscles for what was to come. All this time I was sucking eagerly on Steve's prick which ploughed deep inside my throat and then pulled out teasing me as he wiped the helmet across my lips.

Now another sensation as Sue joined Anne at my groin and enveloped my prick with her warm lips and started to suck me off. This took no time at all before my back arched and I started to shoot my load into her mouth.

"Go on Sue, suck all of his spunk out but don't swallow" Anne urged Sue on and drove her hand as deep in my arse as it would go. "Now go and give him it back" Anne continued.

Sue moved up the bed and lowered her face to mine as if she was going to kiss me. She then opened her mouth and started to dribble my spunk into my mouth. With the last drops spat out of her mouth into mine, Sue grabbed hold of Steve's balls in on hand and his prick in the other and pulled him toward my face. Playing with his balls and wanking him soon got the desired reaction as the first large wad of spunk shot out of the end and hit me across my cheek and eye, the second and third went straight into my mouth and then Sue continued to wank and squeeze to drain the last few drops into my still open mouth.

"OK bitch, now swallow", Anne spat the words at me. I closed my mouth and swirled the spunk around, savouring the thick creamy salty taste as it stuck to my tongue.

"Swallow bitch" Anne shouted and grabbed hold of my balls with her free hand, twisting them until it made me wince in pain. I did as I was told and lay exhausted but thrilled at what had just happened.

"Now for the next step to making you our slave bitch" Anne got off the bed and walked to where they had tied my feet. "Steve, you take his left foot for me, and Sue you take the other one with me".

I felt the ties being loosened and thought I was to be free, but as soon as they were untied, I heard Anne say ready and they quickly moved to the top of the bed, pulling the bindings tight so than wow I had my hands and feet tied to the same struts and effectively I had my legs tied so that they were over my head.

This, I realised left my arse and balls totally exposed and Anne soon let me know why. She knelt on the bed with the pink dildo now reattached to her groin and aiming straight at my exposed anus. With one shove and a moments searing pain, she had the plastic prick buried deep in my guts and started to fuck me.

"For all the times you were rough with me and thought it was good fun lover boy". I could see a wicked smile on her face and felt totally helpless. She reached forward and started to play with my limp prick which if it had been a coupe of inches longer, se could have shoved into my mouth.

Sue was laying on the bed next to me with Steve. She stroked and caressed hi prick, coaxing it back into life.

If you are a good boy and wake up". Sue cooed at Steve's prick as though talking to a small child, "we will let you fuck Bob's bum hole".

Christ no. That thing would rip me apart. But I was in no position to protest. Anne was thrusting deep into my guts, obviously enjoying what the plastic prick was doing to her as she thrust into me and was apparently using her free hand to massage her clit at the same time. I then realised that her work on my prick was starting to have the desired effect. Perhaps it was also that I was starting to enjoy the sensation of being fucked by my wife?

But too soon, she pulled out and moved to stand beside me with the long pink prick waving around in front of me. But Steve quickly took her place and with encouragement from the girls, he placed the tip of his huge piece of meat at the now lubricated entrance to me arse and started to push. Even after the fucking I had just received from Anne, my arse was straining to keep this invader out and the pain was intense as he forced his prick against my arse and without warning his huge purple helmet popped past the sphincter muscles. The pain was searing and luckily for me Steve waited for a few moments for the pain to die down, but Anne had other ideas.

"Don't stop, punish him. Make the bitch squirm". She shouted at Steve and slapped his arse really hard with the flat of her hand. He jumped with the pain and the movement made him force his giant meat deep inside my bowels.

"Grab hold of Steve's balls Sue" Anne commanded, "and make him fuck Bob properly".

Sue must have grabbed them as she was told and started to force Steve into a quick fucking motion which brought tears to my eyes. After a while, the pain subsided and as I became used to the feeling, the warm glow of my prostate being massaged started to take over.

Anne was holding my prick and wanking me again as Steve thrust in and out of my arse.

"I'm going to - come - soon" Steve gasped between thrusts.

"So am I" I gasped as he thrust deep inside of me, filling every inch of my rectum

"OK, so we know what to do Sue?" Anne asked.

"Oh yes baby, I know what to do. We make him drown in spunk again" Sue giggled.

Sue then pulled Steve's balls back and made him pull out of my arse, which hurt almost as much as it did entering me. She then pulled him around so that he was kneeling by the side of my face and started to wank him. Anne took Steve's place and thrust the pink prick deep inside my arse and this time it was heaven after Steve's huge meat. She also continued to wank me. I watched as Sue wanked Steve, pulling is foreskin back over his huge purple glans and then he tensed and shot wads of lovely thick sticky spunk all over my face. This was too much and I felt my balls pulse. Anne grabbed hold of them and helped as I started to pump my own spunk all over my face. I stretched my mouth wide to catch as much as I could and then Sue helped by scooping up both of our seed and depositing it on my hungry tongue,

As my orgasm subsided I looked to the side and saw Sue and Anne embraced in a 69 and probing and lapping at each others cunts. Steve was resting on one elbow watching them as he lazily played with his limp prick. He looked at me and smiled and moved closer. He reached out and held my prick, gently pulling the foreskin back to expose my sticky glans.

"Looks like it needs a clean up Bob" he smiled and took my limp prick in his mouth and started to gently suck me clean. It was heaven and soon started to make me stiffen. Christ, not again. I had already come twice and didn't think I could manage another. But Bob had other plans. FINIS

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