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"Truth or Dare"

Having grown up with two older sisters, I often spent time hanging out with their friends, which worked out fairly well since they didn't mind having their little brother tagging along. The guys they hung with were cool with me because I played a lot of sports and the girls all thought I was "cute". When my older sister invited me to hang around at one of her parties I thought it was kind of cool for an 18 year-old High School senior to be hanging out with college kids. Everyone was having a good time; nobody was drunk, but most of them had just enough to drink to "loosen up". When someone suggested a game of truth or dare with a twist, several girls and guys put ten bucks in the pot. The rules were simple, tell the truth or perform the dare; if you didn't, you were out of the game. The winner was the last one to complete a dare.

The game started with the usual "do you like" or "have you ever kissed" type of questions and the occasional dare to "make out" with someone else at the party, but then a guy name Steve changed the completion of the game when he asked my sister: "?Have you ever seen your little brother naked?" Susan confessed that she had and then her friend Heather raised the bar with a follow up question: "Is it true little brother Jesse is hung?" (Susan was embarrassed; apparently she had told Heather about walking into the bathroom as I stepped out of the shower and now Heather was sharing her secret.) Susan whispered, "yes"

When Steve heard Susan he looked at me and said: "I dare you to show us." I didn't quite know how to respond but others in the group cheered the request and I thought, 'what the hell' and I pulled my shorts down: my cock hung 6"-7" and the outline could easily be seen through my underwear as it lay against my leg. I heard a "holy shit" from one guy as I turned to Steve and asked, "Satisfied?"

"Not so fast little brother." Steve said the dare was to show us, "lose the underwear, little brother; let's see if Susan is telling the truth." Having had a couple of drinks and feeling uninhibited, I slowly drew my underwear down and revealed my package for all to see. Susan was right!

Susan decided to "get back" at Heather and asked her: "Do you think my little brother is hot?" Heather smiled and said, "cute and hot!" With that someone else in the group dared her to give me a long, wet kiss. Heather was happy to oblige! When she finished Steve dared her to "do it again", noticing I was getting aroused by the sexual attention; and my cock was stiffening. Heather came close and this time brushed against my cock and balls as her mouth met mine and our tongues danced together.

When she broke off the kiss and stepped back, my cock was now fully hard, sticking straight out 9 inches. "Look at what you've done to little brother," Steve commented, "I dare you kiss his cock!" Heather smiled her mischievous grin and without hesitation knelt down in front of my cock and began to run her tongue along the length of my shaft and lick my balls. She then kissed her way back to the tip of my cock and for good measure put the head of cock into her mouth and starting sucking on it; taking a few inches of my dick into her warm, wet mouth.

Others were getting turned on by what they were watching. Steve and Heather continued to "raise the stakes". Heather noticed Steve's cock was hard and said to him: It seems you're turned on Jesse's big cock; I dare you to suck it! Steve hesitated a moment but then dropped to his knees in front of me and mimicked Heathers actions. His tongue ran along the full length of my shaft and licked by balls. He then took each of my balls into his mouth and sucked them before moving his lips back up my shaft to the head. Steve licked all around the head of my cock and put his tongue into my piss slit before opening his mouth and swallowing half the length of my cock: an inch more than Heather took.

When Steve finished he looked over at Heather and said, "I'll bet little brother has never had that big cock in a nice, wet pussy; I dare you to ride that big cock!? Heather pushed me down and positioned herself on top me; her pussy lips just touching the tip of my dick. She then slowly lowered herself onto my raging hard on. Steve was right, I had never been fucked and it felt great. I thought I was going to explode as Heather worked my entire dick inside her and then began to slowly rise up, only to slide back down again. Up and down she rode my cock until she sensed I was close. She pulled off and leaned down to kiss me? "You're one hot boy, Jesse!"

"How'd it feel to have that big cock in your tight, little pussy?" Steve said, half-jokingly.

Heather simply smiled and said, "Why don't you find out yourself"; I dare you to ride Jesse's big cock!" I thought for sure Steve would bail out of the game, but he simply stepped out of his shorts, revealing his own gorgeous, six-inch cock and smooth, tight ass. I wondered if he could take my cock, but he spit on his hand and rubbed it on my cock and the opening of his hole and positioned himself on top of me so that my cock was aimed right at his hole. Steve slowly lowered himself so that the head of my cock pushed into his hole; he was so tight, tighter than Heather's pussy. It felt great as he took another inch and then another, until he was sitting right on the base of my cock, my pubic hairs brushing against his smooth ass. Steve rode up and down a couple of times and that was all I could take; I shot a huge, load of warm, thick cum up into his hole. As he pulled off, my cum trickled out his hole and covered the crack of his ass. I wasn't sure what he would think, but he knelt down and whispered to me: "that was so fucking hot, I want to make love to you when we're done here."

By this time, most of the others had lost interest in the game or had found a partner and where making out or performing oral sex on each other. Steve went for the knock out punch and dared Heather to lick my spunk from his hole. Heather knelt down between Steve's legs and let her tongue move toward the crack of his ass. She tasted my cum but couldn't bring herself to stick her tongue in Steve's ass and finish the job. "You win, Steve, I can't do it." Heather leaned over and kissed me and repeated what I had just heard from Steve, "You are so cute, Jesse, and so hot, I want to make love to you." With that she smiled and left me alone with Steve. "The pot is yours little brother, if you take me to your bedroom and let me fuck that cute little ass of yours."

I grabbed the money and my shorts and made my way upstairs. Steve joined me a few minutes later. Steve was 3-4 years older than me, in his early twenties I guess. He was not quite 6 feet tall, with a solid, muscular build. He had a smooth, chest with a little trail of hair from his belly button down to a thick bush around his cock and balls. He wasn't that big, about six inches or so, but his cock was beautiful, not to thick with a nice size head. His ass was firm and tight with light hairs along his crack.

As he came to me, his lips met mine and our tongues explored each other's mouths and his hands caressed my smooth ass. We kissed deeply for several minutes before Steve lowered his head to my chest and sucked and nibbled on my nipples. I lay back on the bed as he continued to explore my body with his mouth and tongue. My cock hardened again as he licked my shaft and gently sucked my balls. Slowly he worked his mouth and tongue to the tip of my cock and then engulfed the entire nine inches in one swallow. Steve nursed on my cock as his fingers began to explore my ass. He licked all around my balls and then moved lower, pushing my legs apart and back toward my chest as he ran his tongue along the length of my crack. He pushed my cheeks apart, exposing my tight hole and then began to lick my hole and plunge his tongue inside. After working on my hole for several minutes, Steve looked up and said, "I want to fuck you, Jesse."

I moved down the bed so my ass was on the edge and spread my legs wide, inviting Steve to penetrate my tight, wet hole. Steve stood up and put his cock back in my mouth for me to lube it with my spit. I sucked and licked his cock and coated it with my spit and then did the same for his finger, which he used to lube up my hole some more. He then stood at the edge of he bed between my legs and lifted my legs and ass, positioning his rock hard cock at the opening of my hole. Slowly Steve pushed his head into my hole. He moaned as he slid his dick inside as deeply as he could. His balls and thick pubic hairs brushed against my crack as he pushed in and then pulled out just as slowly.

Steve leaned in and held me close as he slowly fucked my ass; in and out, in and out; ever so slowly. He buried his cock deep and then pulled out almost completely and then back in again. Our lips met and Steve fucked my mouth with his tongue in the same way his cock fucked my ass. I could feel his balls pull tight and knew it wouldn't be long before I felt his hot cum in my ass. Steve didn't pick up the pace at all; instead he slowly slid his cock deep into my ass. Only when he began to erupt did he push harder and deeper, his cock shooting four, five, six loads of cum deep inside before he pulled out and shot two more loads all over the crack of my ass.

"I dare you to lick up your cum from my ass."

Steve smiled and eagerly began to lick up his cum from ass and then snowballed my own cum into my mouth. As his still hard cock pressed against mine, I exploded again, covering our stomachs and chests with a second load of cum. We licked my cum off of each other and shared the last drop just as my sister knocked on the door, "Jesse, have you seen Steve."

"I'll see if I can find him, Susan." FINIS

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