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"Bare Bones Truth: First Time"

I was 32 years old, recently divorced and living in New Orleans. I lived in a small apartment complex near Lake Ponchartrain.

I had known I was bi my whole life and accepted that fact, but had done nothing. During that period of my life it had seemed more important to be socially appropriate. The closest I had been to another man was to shake his hand. The suffering had been intense, but I had been true-blue to my now-divorced wife.

Living next to me in the complex was a young single mother from a large Italian family in town. Shortly after I got to know her, her younger brother, a man of 22 came to stay with her. I became acquainted with him and never failed to notice he was a very good looking man with a tall lean build, narrow hips, broad shoulders and that fine olive skin. He had dark, dark brown wavy hair to his shoulders and brown eyes. Many mornings, I was able to admire his tight little butt clearly seen through snug fitting bell-bottomed Levi's which were in fashion at the time as we left for work.

After he had been with his sister for a while, they began to have loud arguments and he would often slam out of their apartment about 8 PM, come to my place and sip a coke with me in front of the T.V. while bitching about his sister. In a few hours, tempers would cool and he would return to their place.

On several occasions, tempers did not cool and he would spend the night in my spare bedroom and leave for work in the morning about the same time I did.

I enjoyed his company as I was new to town and knew almost no one outside my office. His visits were fascinating to me and I found myself often fantacizing about what he might look like naked and what his cock and balls might feel like.

On several occasions during these visits, he would complain of a sore back from work and ask me rub his neck and back so he could "Relax." I did this happily and he would strip off his shirt, sit cross-legged on the floor in front of me as I rubbed his neck, shoulders and back. The warmth and texture of his skin was wonderful and his shoulders flexed nicely when he lifted his arms to hold his hair up as I rubbed the back of his neck.

After months of these argument-breaking visits, he would leave the T.V. and march to my bathroom. As he went he would say "I'm leaving the door open" or perhaps, "I'm not shutting the door." As he was returning from one of his trips, I asked him "what's the deal with the bathroom door?" "Are you afraid of small rooms or something." He looked at me and mumbled something like "Well, in case you need in there . . . "

On one of those evenings, it was late and his siter had thrown some of his clothes out his front door and he knew he would have to spend the night with me. He made the required trip to the bathoom, remarking about the door again. When he returned, I just blurted out "You should know that I am bi-sexual."

He just looked at me and I continued; "Nothing will happen to you here that you don't want to happen, but you don't have to leave the bathroom door open for me."

He flopped heavily back down on the sofa and things got really quiet as we watched the T.V. I was mortified about what I had said, and knew I would never see him again. It got late and I said "I'm going to bed, see you tomorrow." I lay in my bed cursing myself silently for what I had said. I could hear him go into the spare bedroom and turn in.

I don't know how long I lay there thinking about my mistake . . . there was a full moon out and my room was dimly lit. After a while, he quietly padded into my bedroom in bare feet and sat down on the edge of my bed.

I turned to ask him what he wanted and could see he was wearing only his underwear.

He was silent for a minute and then said "You know what you said earlier?"

And I replied "I know what I said."

He mumbled; "You can have me if you want."

A wave of excitement swept over me like I had never experienced before! Trying to calm my voice, I said "Well, get up here on the bed and lay down on your belly and I will rub your back for a while. He obediently did that and I began to rub his broad shoulders working down his back to his lean waist.

I could feel him relaxing as I slid my fingers under the waistband of his shorts. I was worried that my quaking voice would betray my excitement, but managed to say to him as I pulled down his underwear "You won't need these for a while." He obediently lifted his hips as I removed his briefs, exposing a beautiful lean muscular butt that made me gasp to look at it.

I felt myself getting hard as I deeply kneeded his butt and, even in the dim light, I could look down between his legs and view the back of a large pair of balls resting upon the sheets. As I rubbed the inside of his thighs, he would grind himself into the bedsheets in pleasure.

Soon, I had massaged the back of him and quitely whispered into his ear, "Turn over and we'll do the front side." He quietly rolled over and I began to stroke his chest and belly. He had a tight little area of dense curly black pubic hair and out of it rose a decent sized cock fully erect. Below that hung a nice set of large balls hanging between his legs. I stared at his genitals as I moved down to rub his legs and he slightly opened them to allow this.

I finished with his feet and began rubbing back up his legs toward that beautiful cock. Soon I was rubbing the insides of his thighs and began to brush my fingers against his nuts. He opened his legs even wider as I did this. I was rubbing very slowly now, admiring his body all the while. He had a nice lean chest with small nipples, flat hard belly and was practically hairless except for the generous amount of pubic hair.

His posture and closed eyes told me that he was very much willing and I began to feel his balls and gently roll each one between thumb and forefinger. His nut-sack was soft and his balls quite firm under my touch. I grasped the base of his cock and felt the firmness and slowly dragged a single finger up the bottom of his penis. When I reached the little spot right underneath the head of his cock, it twitched and lifted up to meet my touch. He groaned and made a deep sound of another kind.

I wrapped a hand around the full length of his cock and squeezed it firmly. He moaned again and moaned yet another time, as I began to lick his nuts and gently suck first one and then another into my mouth. He never opened his eyes, but just layed there as I moved my hand up to his curly pubic hair and pinched the flesh underneath as I began to lick the head of his rigid prick. It was most thrilling to feel his hard rod twitch as I licked around the head of it.

Pretty soon, his cock head was slippery with saliva and I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth through tightly pursed lips. I had been gently sucking the head of his cock for a while when I felt his belly suddenly tighten as he quickly thrust his prick full length into my mouth. Bending at the knees, he opened his legs even further and began to fuck my mouth. I wasn't ready for this moment to end and as he began to speed up his stroking, I removed my mouth from his penis.

He just lay there for a minute and I then began to jack him while holding his nuts with my free hand and enjoying the sight of his face as he soaked up my attentions. His dick was very slippery with spit and I had no problem slowly stroking the entire length of his rod.

Pretty soon, he began to moan and flop his head back and forth and before long he had a very noisy orgasm and spurt a large white load right up to his chest. He never did open his eyes and just got very quiet as I held his softening prick in my hand.

Pretty soon, I grabbed a corner of the bedsheet and wiped the cum off of his chest and belly and he rolled over on his side and pulled his legs up. Neither one of us said a word and after a while, he spun around, got up and grabbing his underwear off the floor, walked out of the room saying "I gotta get some rest."

As it turned out, that was the first time for me and the first and last time I would be with him. He continued to visit and we never spoke of that night again. A few months later, his sister moved and he moved with her. I never saw him again.

That beautiful man is most probably much older now, and I don't know what he recalls about that very special night, but I do know he is a large figure in my private history and I will never forget him. FINIS

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