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Hi again guys. In my first four chapters I've talked about some of my more interesting encounters in the Air Force. Believe me there's been a hell of a lot more, but mostly just the 'wham bam, thank you man' variety.

Well along with some military guys, I've also bumped into a cop or two along the way. Cops are men and like blow jobs too. Some more brief history about me. I retired from the Air Force in 1977, moved to San Diego, and within a few months and after drawing unemployment insurance, I found a job with the sheriff's department.

I was a clerk in the jail, and I worked there for eleven years. During that time I worked along side a lot of cops (deputies, policemen, CHP, marshals) and got to be good friends with some of them. I've been to stag parties with them, watching porno and drinking tequila and beers. I remember two such
parties like that. Believe me, cops get horny too. But I didn't seduce any of them. It's like they say, 'birds don't shit in their nests.' But a couple times my hand did wander along the thigh of a sargent and once in a bar I copped a feel of a cute marshal.

Neither cop said anything and I never went further. I know I talked about having sex with a military policeman in the Philippines in chapter 4 but I also had a city cop back in 1979. It happened in a small adult book store which had glory holes drilled in the walls back then.

One day I spotted this middle-aged guy with graying blond hair and when he went into a booth I
went into the next one. By the time I sat down and looked through the hole he had his cock out and was playing with it. I waited a few minutes and motioned for him to put it through. He put his average sized half hard cock through and I began to suck it. It took about five minutes and he popped his nuts. He zipped up and left.

Some weeks later I saw him again and we got together. This happened once again and by then he felt confident enough to ask for my phone number and wanted to know if he could come over to my house. I didn't feel comfortable giving him my number. I don't know why. After I told him that I can't remember if we saw each at that store again or not.

One morning I was drinking coffee and reading the local paper and in the metro section there was a pic of the guy that I'd been sucking. He was a cop. He was in uniform and the article said that he was being awarded for his community service work. I was floored! I've always liked cops but never thought I'd be lucky enough to suck one of their cocks. Anyway I never saw him at the store or on the street since then. He's probably retired by now.

I've related this story to other guys and I've been told that they too have had sex with cops, occasionally. I belong to other groups that caters to cops and guys/girls who like them and I've corresponded with a few.

I just thought I'd relate this story to you guys who like cops like I do. I'd love hearing of any encounters some of you have had so e-mail me and tell me about it. I'll end by saying that while I worked for the sheriff's department I was always around deputies who were dressing or undressing in the locker room. Nice bodies with big baskets but I didn't touch. I've found porno mags in the rest room stalls where some cop has been jacking off. Wish I could have seen it. FINIS

Hope you liked the story. Take it easy guys and be careful.
Air Force retiree

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