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"Eureka: Perverse Pleasure"

To begin with I've been around the swing lifestyle for a number of years. My ex and I had been to parties, conventions...met other couples and had sex of all kinds with new and old friends wherever the party took us. After several years our relationship ended and I became a bachelor again. Usually when this happens a single man is not openly welcomed at swing parties and functions. But, for some reason a few couples remained close with me and occasionally welcomed me to play with them. Through all my years swinging I had never had a bisexual experience. In swinging it's usually the women who are bisexual. If there are any bi men activities it's kept in a more secretive place and not openly discussed.

In any case I've gotten very close to one particular couple. The wife, Alyse, has an incredible sexual appetite and is a lean and beautiful woman. One of her favorite things is having sex with 2 fact she really gets off on having 2 cocks in her pussy at once. Being close to them for a period of years has made me totally comfortable in exploring sexual activity with them. Her husband Bill and I have become close friends and we talk almost daily about sex and other fun subjects.

About a year ago they invited me to a party and everyone was pretty loose. Late in the night...the 3 of us were alone in the jacuzzi. Alyse was feeling very sexy and started telling us how much she liked the feel of our 2 cocks sliding inside her at the same time. It's just so naughty. Who could argue that? And we had all smoked some killer we were all feeling incredibly hot.

We found an empty room at the party...closed the doors and got into our sexual playing rather quickly. She started sucking me...then she sucked Bill...and kept talking nasty to us. She really wanted us to fuck her pussy together... It had become our special fuck.

First Alyse sat on my hard cock...facing Bill. Then Bill got between our legs...and slid his hard cock into her right next to mine. It felt so good. I've come to love these two people. Alyse started asking if we could feel each other's cocks while we fucked. The thought made me even harder. Then I bagan to focus on the sensations. Bill and I were rubbing our cocks on each other inside Alyse. How nasty...but how hot it felt.

It was warm and wet...and we slipped and slid in her for quite a while. Then she whispered in my ear how much she'd like to see Bill suck my cock. I was so hard...feeling so high from the weed...and with a couple I loved and trusted. So I nodded yes.

She got off me...and whispered something to Bill...he didn't say anything...but moved toward me with Alyse kissing his ear...talking nasty to him...telling him what he should do. They both lay down betwen my legs and I saw and felt my best friend Bill take my cock into his warm mouth with his wife, Alyse, guiding me into it. Then she helped him a bit.

I was flying.... I was so hot... I couldn't believe this was happening. Then she crawled up and started kissing me while he continued to suck me. I was moaning and feeling every sensation. There was nothing I wouldn't try with them. The rhythms of sex were possessing me. Then Alyse whispered to me how turned on she was seeing Bill suck me. It drove me wild as I responded in my own voice that I'd do anything she wanted if it turned her on....

"Mmmmmm..." Alyse said. "Really??? Anything??"

How could I resist? It was then she breathed the words "would you help me suck Bill"? My head and body convulsed but she told Bill to stop sucking me. She wasn't ready to let me cum yet....she had other plans first.

Bill knew what she had in mind and lay down next to me. Alyse started sucking on him....her eyes looking at me. It was so easy...she gestured for me to join her...a simple kiss on his cock...then she guided it into my mouth as I helped her.

I was instantly aroused by the taboo act I was performing. I felt his cock getting harder in my mouth and he was moving under me. What have I become? The feel of his cock getting hard was driving me to new heights. And Alyse encouraged us. She told us we were such good boys...and she was going to help us explore our darkest sex fantasies. I sucked him for quite a while...but she again stopped anyone from cumming.

It was once again her turn...we mounted her in unison once more...and rode her union...2 cocks in one wet, hot pussy...riding as one...feeling the build inside. There was no stopping...We all knew we had to cum...and we all knew it would be together. I can't begin to tell how it felt...the 3 of us...shaking...moaning...uttering the dirtiest obscenities as we convulsed...shot...orgasmed continuously inside Alyse. Hearts were pounding so loudly we couldn't hear our own screams of perverse delight.

When the haze finally cleared....the word "Wow" echoed through the room. That was the first time we shared a bisexual experience....and all I can say is...Wow! FINIS

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