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"My First Bi Experience"

The first guy I was with happened on a business trip. I met him in the hotel where I was staying. He was in his early twenties tall and slim dark hair blue eyes. I was sitting at the bar and he came in and sat down a couple of stools away. We struck up a conversation. We had several drinks in the hotel bar. When the bar closed he was a little wobbly so I walked with him up to his room. When we got to his room he asked me if I wanted come in for nightcap. I said "Sure. Why not."

We went into his room and he went over to the small fridge and grabbed a couple of beers. We sat and talked for a while. He got up and said man I feel dizzy. I said you probably need a nice cold shower. That sounds good. I'll just be a minute, finish your beer while I take a shower. There is more beer in the fridge help your self.

I said "maybe I should go."

"No please stay. I'll just be a minute."

He went into the bathroom and shut the door. I heard the shower running. I walked over and got another beer and turned on the TV and sat down.

A couple of minutes later he came out with just a towel on. I asked him how he was doing. He said better. He walked over to the bed and fell face down. His towel had fallen off in the process. There he was buck-necked on the bed. He had the best looking ass I have ever seen on a man or women. His body was smooth with almost no hair. He looked like a young teen boy. I stared at him for a couple of minutes. My cock started to get hard. I had fantasized about what it would be like to have sex with another guy but that's all it was a fantasy.

I finally got up and walked over and sat down on the bed beside him. "Are you ok"?

"Yea. I think so."

I leaned over to get a better look I could see his tight little hole. My cock was rock hard by now. I just couldn't stop staring at him. He just lay there not moving. I thought he had passed out. I reached over and shook him

"Hey? You awake?"

He still didn't move. I slowly moved my hand down until I had it on his tight round ass he still didn't move I started to rub it. He still didn't move. I spread his cheeks apart to have a better look. Wow he had the tightest little hole I have ever seen. He groaned and moved a little I stopped then he settled back down. I started to massage him; his ass was as tight as it looked. In fact it was even tighter than I had imagine it would be. I slowly started working my way down. When I got to his crack I stopped. He started to move around a little but did not say anything. I slowly spread him open until his tight little hole was in full view. Finally he arched his back and raised his butt up off the
bed. I could see his cock was rock hard.

I thought "Wow he likes it."

I started moving my finger all around his hole I applied a little pressure with my finger he started to moan and move around I pushed a little harder and my finger slipped deep inside him and he let out
another moan. It was even tighter than I had imagined.

He looked around at me and said "Man, what are you doing?"

I didn't say anything to him. I started to finger fuck him slowly, he started moving his ass all around and moaning louder and louder. He arched his back and stuck his butt up I and gave me full access, I worked my finger all around inside him. I asked him how does it feel He did not
answer. I then asked if he wanted me to stop.

He said "Yes--no, I don't know, fuck I am so confused I don't know what I want."

I said "man; I have never done anything like this before."

He said, "Me neither."

"Does it hurt?"

"No. It feels a little strange."

"Then relax and go with it."

I continued to finger-fuck him. He started to move along with me. Wow I have never been so turned on before in my life. I stopped and got up and started to take off my clothes. He turned over and stared at me while I removed my clothes. The end of his hard cock was wet with pre-cum.

I slid my shorts down and my cock was sticking straight out he looked at it then grabbed his cock and started to jack off. I walked up to him and he looked up at me and then he started to jack me off.

I said "Wow, that feels good."

He said "I have never touched another man's cock before, it feels strange."

"I have never had a guy jack me off before either. It felt soooooo good." I moved as close to him as I could get. My cock was right in front of his face.

He looked up at me and said "What are you doing?"

I asked him if he would like to suck it.

"Man, I don't know I feel so embarrassed about doing this. Maybe we should stop."

I put my hand on the back of his head and moved it closer to my throbbing cock.

"Please, don't stop."

He looked up at me for a couple of seconds and I knew he wanted it. I started to pull his head closer. I felt him trying to resist but when my cock was touching his lips he opened his mouth and I guided his mouth over my cock. His eyes were wide open he let out a moan as he took my cock in his mouth. . I almost shot my load but held back, I wanted him to suck it before I shot my load. I
moved it in and out a couple of times very slowly and he started to move his head back and forth over it.

I said "That's it keep it up."

Then he stopped and pulled his head back and looked up at me. I asked what wrong.

He said "Man I can taste your cum."

I said "Please don't stop."

I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him back over my cock. He stiffened up and tried to pull away. I applied a little more pressure on the back of his head and I started to fuck his mouth very slowly. He began moving his head back and forth again.

"That's it keep it up. Don't stop."

It felt wonderful. I started shaking all over I don't think I have ever been so turned on before. Then I exploded; I have never had a climax like that before. He started to gag I held the back of his head while I shot another huge load in his mouth. I looked down and saw my cum was running out of his mouth. His mouth was so full he couldn't hold any more. I let go and he pulled away just as I shot
another huge load all over his face. He pushed me away and ran into the bathroom I could hear him gagging. After what seem like several minutes he came back in the bedroom.

I said I am sorry but I couldn't help my self.

He said "I know I was mad at first but I am ok now."

I said "I have never been so turned on, how about you?"

"it was a little too much for me all at once.

I asked, "would you like me to go?"

He went over to the fridge and grabbed a couple of beers and walked over and handed me one. We sat there and talked for a while. Then he walked over to me and took my beer out of my hand and said it's your turn now.

I was taken back. How could I say no after what I have just done to him? He started stroking his cock right in front of me. It didn't take but a couple of strokes until he was rock hard. He moved closer and put his hand on the back of my head I could see his cock was wet with pre cum he stroked it a couple more times the head of his cock was right in my face I could see he was dripping with pre cum. I closed my eyes. Then all of a sudden I felt his cock going in my mouth I could taste him it made me gag. I opened my eyes and tried to pull away. He said just relax and take it. There was nothing I could do but accept it. He started to move my head back and forth over his cock. He was leaking cum on every stroke. He grabbed the back of my head with both hands and started slowly fucking my mouth.

"How do you like it?" he said.

Of course I could not answer with his huge cock in my mouth. Then he shoved his cock all the way in to my mouth I felt his balls hit my face. I started to choke and pulled away. He said no no and pulled me back and rammed it all the way in to the hilt again. I was gagging and choking I need to catch my breath.

I pulled away and said "Take it easy, man. Don't forget it's my first time too."

He said "I am sorry. I got a little carried away. Do you like it?"

I said "Maybe if you just slow down a little. It was not at all like I thought it would be."

He said "Are you ready to finish me?"

With that I leaned forward and I met him half way. He guided his cock back in my mouth. And started fucking my face while I was moving my head back and forth we were in perfect sync He started moaning and he started to go faster.

He said "That's it suck my cock!"

It really turned me on hearing him talking that way. He said it looked hot watching my head move up
and down on his hard cock. By now I was rock hard and my cock was dripping with hot cum. I felt his already huge cock starting to swell. He let out a big moan I braced my self and he let go with a huge load. Before I could blink my mouth was full. He shot so hard it was shooting down my throat he keep shooting load after load he must have shot at least four huge loads in my mouth. Cum was dripping everywhere. Then he pulled out, by now I was ready to cum. I grabbed him and pined him down on the bed and rammed my cock in his mouth to the hilt and shot a huge load, he started choking I pulled it out about half way and shot another load then rammed it in to the hilt He just went limp and I shot another load.

Then I started fucking his face as fast as I could. I said "Suck me man! Suck me!"

He grabbed my cock and started sucking the head, I thought I was done cumming but when he did that I shot another load It went all over his face. Then I fell down on the bed beside him.

He said "Fuck that was hot!"

I was so spent I had a hard time catching my breath. I still had a mouth full of his cum it tasted a lot better than I had imagined it would. I moved my tongue around inside my mouth Wow it was so hot just thinking about me tasting his cum. We both lay there for a good half-hour. I finally got up enough strength to get up and go into the bathroom I started the shower and he walked in.

"I'll take one after you."

I said "After what we have just done I don't care if you take one with me."

I stepped in and he stepped in front of me. We started to rinse off. His necked body was so smooth and tight, he moved and my cock rubbed up against him it sent shivers down my spine. I moved closer to him until my cock was in his crack. He moved against me and started moving around. started to get hard the harder I got the more he move his tight ass against me. We did not say a word. I stepped back and guided my cock against his tight hole and started rubbing it all around. It sent chills down my spine. He arched his back and stuck his butt out I grabbed his waist and pulled him into my cock. I applied a little pressure and I could feel the head of my cock going in. I moved in and out a couple of times. I grabbed his shoulder with one hand and held his waist with the other. I pushed down on his shoulder and I felt it slip in He let out a yell and pulled his ass away. That was the tightest hole I have ever felt.

He looked around at me and said "Man that hurt. Let's slow down ok?"

I moved back and said ok we have enough to think about for one night. I got dressed and started to leave. He asked me how long I was going to be in town. I said the rest of the week.

"Would you like to have dinned tomorrow night?"

I said "Sure."

He said "I'll call you when I get back to the hotel tomorrow."

"Sounds good to me." FINIS

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