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"My Friend Rick"

I had met Rick a few years ago when he was installing some computer equipment at the place I work. We became friends pretty quickly, and often hung out with each other on weekends. The first thing I noticed about Rick was that he loved to wear especially tight jeans that showed off a sizeable- make that HUGE- bulge in his crotch. The more we hung out together, the more curious I got about that bulge. I really wanted to see the monster that caused his pants to stick out at least an inch below the belt.

After a year of wondering, I finally decided to work up a plan to catch a glimpse of his package in the raw. I tried everything from going into public restrooms at the same time he did (he always used a stall, never a urinal) to inviting him to the fitness center I belong to (he said he prefers to jog alone early mornings). Nothing was seeming to work, when one day Rick mentioned that he loved to go camping but hadn't done so in years. I told him that I was an avid hiker, but hadn't done any hiking in years and asked him if he had camping equipment. He replied that he had a sleeping bag, a big six-man tent, cooler, etc.- everything for car camping but nothing for backpacking. I told him I had a spare backpack and enough supplies for both us us if he ever wanted to go hiking. He agreed and we planned a weekend hike for the next month. Finally I had my chance!

One slow month later, Rick pulled into my driveway early Friday evening. I had everything already packed, so we hopped into his car and drove down the coast to Big Sur, then took a side road heading up into the mountains to one of my favorite trails that lead seven miles in to a small campsite on the Little Sur River next to a waterfall and a swimming hole. We made it to the camp just after dark, in just under two hours of hard, fast walking. No one else was at the camp and it was early fall, so I told Rick no need to bother setting up the tent. We'd just sleep on a tarp underneath the stars- better for my plan as he now had no place to change clothes but out in the open.

We packed sandwiches for dinner that night and quickly ate them then set out the tarp and sleeping bags. By the time we finished, it was pitch black out- new moon that night and I had forgotten the flashlight. Luckily, I had some emergency pack candles so I lit one and said I was ready for bed. I got up, stripped naked right in front of Rick then laid naked on top of my sleeping bag. "Geez, dude! Not shy one bit are you?" asked Rick.

"No one's around for miles. This doesn't bother you, does it?" I asked back. Rick shook his head no and said he had to take a piss, then he'd be back to get ready for bed. I got up, grabbed the candle and said I had to piss too. I followed Rick over to a grove of redwoods and started to piss. Damn! He turned away from me to piss!

We walked back to the sleeping bags. I climbed in mine. Rick blew out the candle, faced away from me while undressing, threw on a pair of shorts and climbed in his sleeping bag. I didn't see a thing I wanted to, other than the outline of one fine ass in the dark. Dejectedly, I went to sleep. The next morning I awoke before Rick. It must have been about 8AM (one of my hiking rules is no watches allowed) and it was already 85 degrees. I climbed out of my bag and started to fix breakfast, deciding to remain naked. Rick awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs sizzling on the camp stove. I fixed his plate and handed it to him as he crawled out of his sleeping bag. "You gonna put any clothes on, naked boy?" asked Rick.

"As long as no one else hikes in, damn straight I am in this heat! It's gonna hit 110 by noon," I replied. Rick sat down cross-legged in front of me as I fixed my breakfast. I looked towards his crotch on the sly and there it was...sticking out of his shorts leg. The end of what had to be the most enormous monster cock I had ever seen in my life. From what I could guess, it had to be all of eight inches flaccid. I quickly averted my eyes before Rick noticed. "After breakfast, lets head down to the swimming hole to cool off, then we'll take a hike cross-country up the river. Rick agreed and we finished eating and cleaned up. We both slipped on our sandals and walked down to the swimming hole. It was shaded by some massive old-growth redwoods and at the base of a 20 foot waterfall. I immediately dove in to the cool, refreshing water.

Rick hesitated. "I forgot to bring my swimsuit," he flatly stated, looking at me with a frown.

"Skinny dip, then! No one else is around!" I replied.

"Well, uh- you see- I have this problem. I really don't like to be seen naked," he answered.

"Just get those shorts off and get in the water!" I yelled back. Rick turned away from me and slipped off his shorts, then jumped backwards into the water. Damn! Was I ever going to see the whole package? We swam around a bit until we cooled off. Rick was under the waterfall as I got out of the swimming hole. I saw his shorts on a rock right near the water's edge where he could easily reach them, grabbed them and hid them in a small hole between two boulders then sat on another boulder to dry off. After a few minutes, Rick swam over.

"Dude- where are my shorts?" he asked. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. He had no choice but to stand up and get out of the water now. Slowly he rose out of the water. Finally he was out past his knees. I looked and let out a audible gasp. I was wrong- it wasn't eight inches flaccid. It had to be at least ten inches, one and a half across. His tremendous balls hung halfway to his knees. My own cock sprang almost immediately to attention, jumping up to its meager six and a half inches.

"See dude? THAT'S my problem. Never fails- whenever another guy sees me naked they get a boner. And shit-to-hell, I'm not gay in the least bit! High school was a nightmare! Everybody called me Horse and the gym teachers eventually let me change and shower in their private locker room because I was causing so much commotion in the regular locker-room all the time."

"Damn, Rick, its no wonder everyone gets a boner. You are hung like an elephant! It's out of shock and envy! Look, I'm sorry. But I've been seeing that bulge in your jeans ever since I've known you and curiosity just got the best of me." I replied. I got up and retrieved his shorts and threw them his way. He slipped them on as my erection slowly subsided. We returned to our camp. Out of respect, I put on some shorts and we spent the day exploring and talking. After dinner, I brought up that morning's events and apologized again to Rick. He said it was okay and surprisingly brought up the subject of sex. He said here he was, a twenty-nine year old man and still a virgin. He said all the girls he ever dated just wanted one thing- to see his cock. And when they did, they went running. I asked him what he does for sex then, and he said he jacks off to pornos about three or four times a week.

Feeling a little more comfortable since he brought the topic up I asked him, "Since you're so- uh- big do you ever suck yourself off when you masturbate?" Rick laughed and said he'd tried it, but the taste of his pre-cum turned him off. Just to make him feel more comfortable, I mentioned that I jacked off about six times a week. He just laughed and changed the subject. Later that night as we were lying in our sleeping bags quietly, I thought a bit then said to Rick, "You know, I never told you this and I really don't know why I am now, but I'm bisexual. If you want to, and don't take this wrong or get mad at me, I'd be willing to, you know, pleasure you."

Rick thought to himself for about five minutes before saying, "Geez dude! You're full of surprises this weekend. I don't know what to think. Let's just go to sleep." I agreed, apologized again, and dozed off. It must have been around midnight when I felt Rick shaking my shoulder. "I thought about what you said. Even though I'm not gay, sex with another person for once would be nice- even if it is you." I smiled, climbed out of my sleeping bag, reached over and unzipped Rick's bag. Rick was clearly nervous as hell. "What are you going to do?" he asked in a shaking voice.

I just whispered, "Shhhh! Just relax. You don't have to do a thing." My cock quickly hardened as I exposed Rick and pulled off his shorts. I gently grabbed his flaccid monster and began to massage it along with his balls. Slowly it filled with blood, finally growing by about four more inches, but staying around an inch and a half thick. It pointed straight up, just reaching between his rock-hard, dark brown nipples and rubbing against his smooth chest. He was breathing heavily in anticipation. I slowly took his cockhead into my mouth, licking gently around the rim while playing with his balls with one hand and jerking my own cock with the other. I was able to deep-throat about seven inches- halfway down his shaft. Shortly, I could taste a copious amount of pre-cum drip into my mouth. It was slightly bitter, but I didn't care a bit.

I momentarily pulled his long shaft from my mouth and squeezed a goodly amount of his pre-cum directly onto my boner, rubbing my cockhead against his. I looked towards his face- he had an ear-to-ear grin, with his eyes shut tight. I inserted his shaft in my mouth again and continued to work it. I was so hot and excited that I shot a huge load of man juice all over Rick's leg. I knew what I was going to do next. I took some of my load from Rick's leg and slathered it into my asshole with one, two then three fingers- stretching it out in preparation for his engorged monster. Then I released him from my mouth, scooped up the rest of my cum and smeared it all over Rick's cock head, liberally mixing it with my spit to make a thick coating of lubrication.

As soon as I felt my love canal was thoroughly stretched and lubed, I straddled Rick's chest. His eyes opened and he gasped out "You're not gonna do what I think your gonna do, are you? You can't handle something that big inside you..."

I smiled. "Watch me." Slowly I shoved his cockhead against my waiting pucker and leaned back. Pain shot through my rectum as it stretched out to take his shaft head in. I groaned loudly as Rick's breathing intensity increased. After what seemed an eternity of pleasure/pain, the rim of his cock head passed through my sphincter. I sighed with relief as the pain subsided and shear pleasure took hold. Rick was now gently grunting. "Tell me when you're ready to unload," I whispered.

Slowly I eased back onto his pole. Three, four, five then ix inches in. I could feel the pressure on my prostate. Slowly I rocked back and forth, with each thrust taking him further inside me. I could tell he was in heaven. It took a good ten minutes until I could feel his pubes against my ass cheeks. It just wouldn't go all the way in to the base of his shaft. I rode him like a pro, pulling out until I could feel the rim of his head against my sphincter then going all the way back down until I felt the tickle of hair against my butt.

I kept this up for a good ten minutes as Rick muttered over and over, "I can't believe you took me that far in...this feels incrEEEEDible!" In and out I rocked, moaning loudly. Finally, I heard Rick whisper "I'm gonna cum!" Quickly, I pulled his shaft from my ass with a loud plop. I spun around, opened my mouth and placed it right in front of Rick's piss slit and started to work his shaft with my fist. His back arched, his head went back and he practically screamed as nine or ten strong spurts of thick, creamy yellowish cum filled my mouth almost to capacity and started to run down my chin. As I licked the last precious drops from his cock, my own cock exploded again, coating Rick's face and neck in pearly-white drops of semen. I collapsed next to Rick, taking a moment to scoop my cum off his face and neck, apologizing for cumming all over him. He didn't say a word, he was just breathing heavily slowly thrusting his hips up and down.

Suddenly he gasps out, "I'm gonna shoot again!" Quickly I took his head into my mouth as five more strong, but not as thick shots coated my tongue. I sucked the last drops, and pulled away from his meat.

"Again?" I asked.

"No. I'm drained. That was incredible! Fuck dude! I wish I would have known about you years ago!" he whispered. I laid back, rolling his sweet-tasting cum around in my mouth. I wanted to enjoy the taste as long as possible before I swallowed it down.

The next day we hiked out. Thanks to that trip, we became closer friends than ever before. Rick now knew that whenever he felt horny, I was there for him

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