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"A Night at the Baths"

The best known co-ed bath house in SF was Sutro Baths. Back in the good old days, before anyone knew how AIDS was transmitted, there were some wonderful times there. The ratio of women to men was pretty bad, but if a guy didn't get selected by a lady, he could always get a really first class blow job from one of the gay men that hung around picking off stragglers.

I checked in a little past dark one summer night. I stripped down to a towel and stashed my stuff in the provided locker.

Sutro had a large courtyard with a sliding glass roof, which was open to the stars that evening. I noticed a lovely brunette woman in the sunken Jacuzzi with five or six men. There seemed to be room for more so I climbed in. She was talking quietly with the man on her left side and I leaned back and gazed up at the night sky. The heat of the water began to draw the tension out of my muscles and I started to unwind. As the stress of the day leached out of my bones, a more delicious sort of tension began to build.

The brunette sloshed into the center of the tub and faced the guy that had been on her right. She must have been on her knees in the center of the tub because only her shoulders were above the water. With the water jumping around from the Jacuzzi jets you couldn't see much below the surface, but she seemed to be reaching for the guys crotch. He kept completely still, as though afraid to move, and just watched her face. After a few minutes she smiled and turned to the guy next to him. The same sort of action as before started over again. It seemed like a pretty good bet that she was playing with the guy's cock. I could see this man's face more clearly, and it was pretty apparant that he was getting excited. Once again, after a few minutes, she gave him a sweet friendly smile and turned to the next man. This guy was sitting next to me, so I was able to get a better idea of what she was doing. She was holding his balls in her left hand and masturbating him with her right. As before, after a couple of minutes she gave him a smile and turned to the next man, in this case me.

I was already half hard in anticipation and that turned out to be unfortunate. She gently rolled my nuts around in her hand for a moment as she stroked my cock. As it finished firming up she gave it a friendly squeeze and turned to the next guy. She was checking everyone's equipment. She completed her rounds and took one of the men by the hand and led him out of the tub. He was still rock hard and standing at attention. And he *was* pretty impressive. As a bi-sexual, my eyes kept flipping back and forth between the two of them as they strolled away toward the private rooms. In spite of the hit to the ego, it took a while for me to "relax" to the point where I wanted to stand up and leave the tub.

Two hours later I was sitting in one of the lounges, about ready to give up on getting any desirable female action, and thinking of wandering through the maze and seeing about a little man to man stuff.

A very attractive blond male/female couple sat down on the couch across from me and started murmuring to each other and glancing at me. I flashed them a smile and decided to hang in for a while longer. The woman stood up and approached me. She was on the plump side and more of a strawberry blond, while he had almost white hair and was tall and a bit thin. She never said a word to me but held out her hand.

I didn't hesitate a second, but stood immediately and let her lead me toward a private room, him following along behind. Still not a word was said. After he closed the door, and the three of us were alone, she tossed the towel that had been covering her body onto the bed. Then, still wordless, she sat at the head of the bed with her knees drawn up and let her legs open to me, and reached out her arms toward me. Basically welcoming me to her pussy.

I stood still for just a second or two, enjoying the view of her pink rosebud nipples, her glorious reddish blond bush and her beautiful blue eyes. I tossed my towel aside and climbed onto the bed and kneeled down between her ankles. Leaning forward I rested my weight on my elbows and reached forward with my face toward her pussy. I moved slowly, wanting to enjoy the view along the way. And enjoyable it was. She was already excited and her labia peeped open a bit. The same wonderful pink as her nipples. Her moisture had dampened her inner thighs and her fragrance drifted up to me. I inhaled deeply but slowly, trying not to be too obvious. Some women will become self conscious if they see that you are smelling them. It was wonderful, a perfect blend of ocean and musk with just a touch of bath soap or perfume. I flicked her clit lightly with my tongue and ran it up and down her labia. Her fragrance filled my head and I began some more serious licking.

I'm a fanatic about licking pussy and tend to tune out the rest of the world, and my own body, even going soft sometimes, as I focus my total being on the pussy/mouth magic. But I did notice that the man had crawled up on the bed behind me. And then he started to play with my balls from behind.

I was amazed. How could he possibly know that I was bi. How could he take such a chance? I made a point of moving in such a way as to indicate that I enjoyed the attention and he reached forward between my legs and grasped my cock. As he squeezed and stroked my dick I groaned and tried to focus on the beautiful cunt in my mouth. In spite of my divided attention I was really enjoying the action. I cupped my mouth around her clit in a big "O" and sucked to draw that little button out of its hood. Then I began to lightly flick it with my tongue, slowly building the pressure to find the right amount of force to use on her. I found the point where she drew away from my mouth slightly and reduced the force I was using with my tongue just a bit. About the time I found this "sweet spot", he let go of my cock and balls. I immediately began to disconnect from my body again as I focused all my attention on her pussy and on maintaining the exact amount of pressure that seemed to please her. As we started the slow climb to her first orgasm, I was vaguely aware of the sound of a jar being opened and some paper being torn. I cupped my hands under the blonde's buns while my weight rested on my forearms. I could feel her contracting and releasing her butt muscles and I knew I was in the groove. The tension was building in her body and I could feel a few contractions around her labia with my lower lip. I backed off the speed and pressure of my tongue a little to draw things out. I wanted to find a plateau for her where she would build a lot of tension and take a while to cum.

Then his fingers were on my ass. He had lube on his hand and he spread it around my ass hole and tickled it and then started to finger fuck me. My consciousness was slammed back into my body and I was fighting to keep the right rhythm and pressure with my mouth while all these great sensations were going on at the other end. In fact I almost felt as though I had two bodies. My face buried in her throbbing pussy and my ass, which was starting to do some throbbing of it's own. And nothing in between. After my rear end had loosened up a bit he took his finger out of me. Then I felt the head of his cock pressing against my sphincter.

The woman started to orgasm. I don't know if I had been distracted and lost track of where she was at, or if I just misjudged her responses, but she was definitely starting to cum. All the contractions had stopped and she was starting to breath deeply. After a few moments of stillness she started to groan and to buck against my mouth. I cupped her buns firmly in my hands and kept the speed and pressure as constant as I could while she bounced against my jaw. As she started to make growling noises and have some major muscle contractions he began to slide his cock into my ass.

He paused to let me loosen up, thank god. There was no way I could stop at this point to say anything and I would have had to just take whatever he gave me. She had several more large contractions and then two or three lessor ones and tried to pull back from my mouth. In what I now recognize as sadism, I held her hips close and licked a few moments longer. I've always loved to get those "last drops". Then I slowly eased the pressure of my mouth and tongue and felt her relax. In the mean time the cock in my ass was becoming more insistent. He wanted to get through the last of my resistance and bury himself in my guts. As he pressed harder I focused on relaxing my butt, and rested my cheek on her thigh. The only bad thing about licking pussy is that you're too close to see anything. I lay my head against her thigh and gazed at her glorious cunt. The aroma of her filling my head. Finally my ass gave up the struggle and he slid in to the hilt. It felt like an electric shock through my entire body.

I noticed tiny drops of moisture on the reddish gold hairs of her pussy and as my face cooled I could feel the heat radiating from her crotch. There was a little stream of juice running out of her vagina and dripping down toward the crack of her ass. I leaned forward briefly and cupped my mouth over her cunt. His cock pulled back about half way and slid back into me forcefully, nailing my prostrate, and sending a thrill radiating up my spine and down my legs. I sucked her pussy as hard as I thought I could without hurting her, getting a teaspoon or two of nectar which I held in my mouth a moment before swallowing. Then rested my head back on her leg.

He began a steady thrusting and seemed to be able to hit all the good places with every thrust. I gazed at her pink swollen clit and labia and her glistening pubic hair while her man gave me the best fucking of my life. She stroked my hair and watched him drive into my ass over and over. Without any stimulation of my cock, I began to think that I might ejaculate from the ass fucking alone. I continued to get higher and higher and began to feel really crazed. I was well past the point where I'd usually cum. I'd never been so stimulated in my life. I was thrusting my hips back to meet him, impaling myself on his rigid dick. I began to wonder if I'd cum or pass out first.

He slowed his thrusting and as I regained my breath stopped altogether. With his hands on my hips he pressed me down on the bed from my kneeling position, following me down. Somehow he was able to work around between my legs while he had me roll over onto my back and I ended up laying with my head cushioned on her crotch, looking up at him while his cock was still buried in my ass. I felt a pang at losing site of the woman's pussy but watching him fuck me was pretty cool too. He was well muscled, though on the thin side. What I could see of his pubic hair was more yellow than the almost white hair on his head. Judging from the penetration he had of me, and the way he had been pounding my guts, he must have had a good 8 to 10 inch cock, although I hadn't actually seen it hard. That must explain how he had been able to change position that way without losing the connection.

He started to pump in and out of my ass again and I almost immediately regained the crazed state of before. My cock stood out like a bar of steel and hardly flopped around at all as he drove in and out of me. Everything was unusually clear and bright. Colors were very brilliant. I began to wonder if this was what an acid flashback was like. I watched the pre-cum running down the side of my dick and the sweat running down his cheek. He lifted my legs up and rested my ankles on his shoulders, it made me feel, not like a woman, but certainly like someone getting their brains fucked out. I think nowadays I'd say I was in sub space, although that term had no meaning to me back then. I saw that his breathing had changed, he was taking slower, more deliberate strokes and breathing deeply. I realized that he was trying to hold back his orgasm. In spite of having not cum myself I suddenly really wanted to watch him cum in my ass. I began to thrust back at him, though it was a little awkward with my legs up in the air. He let go of my hips and grabbed my cock in an iron grip, using it as a handle to control my movements. Although he didn't stroke my dick or do anything but squeeze, I knew that the contact was going to push me over the edge and make me cum.

Every thrust he took pushed me slightly closer to the edge. It was like helplessly watching a slow burning fuse. He could tell that I was about to explode and it seemed to excite him even more. As the contractions started, he must have felt them in his hand, as he gripped my cock, and in his dick, as my ass muscles clamped down on him. My sperm actually made a squirting sound as it erupted and fell back onto my belly. Three, four, five gouts blew out of me like a volcano and I think I went blind for a moment. After a moment of stillness he reached down to my belly with his free hand and scooped up some of the cum. Raising his hand to his mouth he licked it. I could see the pearly fluid on his tongue as he pulled it back into his mouth. Then he changed hands and began to masturbate me with my own sperm. He supported my hip with one hand as he stroked my cock and drove his own deeply in and out of my ass. I was starting to slip into that super sensitive state where any touch is too much, but he kept stroking my cock. Giving me back in spades what I had done to his partner. I could tell that he was close to shooting his own load and I just hung in there and took it, wanting him to let go of my cock and wanting even more to feel him cum.

Then he started. He made a little guttural growl way back in his throat and began to really pile drive my ass. He was too distracted by now to pay any attention to my wilting dick and he let go of it and held my hips with both hands as he tried to drive his cock through me and into his woman behind me. He drove into me as deeply as he could and held there. I could feel the hot liquid spurt into me. He took another long thrust, almost all the way out and then slam, back in to the hilt, where he held still and shot another fireball into my gut. Once more he made a powerful thrust into my ass and then several less intense ones as he squeezed out the last few drops, tapering off to gentle strokes and finally he was still.

Except for his breathing, I felt as though we were in a photograph. Frozen in time. Then he slowly began to withdraw his cock from my body. An inch or two at a time he eased back and out. I began to realize just how sore my ass was when, with a final quivering contraction as he pulled free, I had one more mini orgasm and we were separated.

No one had yet spoken a word. I rolled over and leaned back against the wall looking over to the woman. She was beaming. I had started wondering if she was feeling left out and was feeling a little concerned. One look at her face and my worries evaporated. They were so well connected, she was clearly happy and had enjoyed watching us. She reached out and lay her hand on my knee and gave me this glowing smile like some kind of sex Madonna. She had been there with me, connected to me, as I was so well fucked. And she had especially been there connected to her man as he drove into me.

That night at the baths was something very special. We were suddenly separated and I never saw them again, never got their names or phone number. But I'll certainly never forget them. FINIS

Norm copyright 1999

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