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"Pool Party"

Since summer is here again,I would like to tell you about an encounter I had last summer (and hope to have again). I went downtown to check out a bar I had heard about. I have been to gay bars a few times, but this bar was suppose to be one that both gays and straights went to. I thought that maybe it would be different than going to a bar for one or the other. It sure was. I am about six feet tall, 180 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes and have been told that I am good looking. So I hoped that my looks would help me get lucky. There were a few guys sitting around the bar and some more people (men & women) sitting at some of the small tables along the walls. I went to the end of the bar away from the door and sat down and ordered a drink. There were several empty seats between me and the nearest guy.

After a while a couple of guys came in and sat next to me and ordered drinks. They were both probably in their early thirties and decent looking. One was about my height maybe 190 lbs., brown hair and brown eyes. The other was about 6'1" maybe 200 lbs. red hair and green eyes. Neither one of them looked like they had much flab on them. After a few minutes the guy that sat next to me started to make small talk with me. He said he had not seen me in the bar before. I told him that this was my first time there. He said that they stop in occasionally to have a drink because it is a good place to meet people. He said his name was Ray and the other guy was Bill. We talked for a while and he ordered us all drinks. When my drink was about gone Bill ordered us all drinks. I told them that I had to hit the restroom (especially since I had a couple of drinks at another bar before I went there).

I went into the restroom and walked over to the urinals. About the time that I started to piss Ray walked in. He stepped up to the urinal 2 down from me and just stood there with his dick hanging out. I took a couple of quick side glances at him and I thought that I noticed him looking at my dick. When I was almost done, I noticed him reach his hand up and just hold his dick. I figured he was finally going to start, but as I shook the last drops from my dick, he started to slowly stroke his semi hard dick. So I stood there for a minute and watched out of the corner of my eye. As he continued stroking himself, I started to slowly stroke my hardening cock. When I thought that I heard someone coming I zipped up and headed back to the bar, just as another guy came walking in.

After a couple of minutes Ray came out with the other guy and sat back down. The other guy sat on the other side of Bill. Ray introduced him to me as their friend Jim. Jim was a big black guy, about 6'4" and a solid looking 220 lbs. We all sat and talked for a while and had a couple more drinks. After a while Ray said that since it was still so hot (in the low 80's and humid at 9:00pm and very little air conditioning in the bar), why didn’t we all go back to his place to cool off in his pool. Before I could answer Bill and Jim both said that they had things to do and maybe next time. After a few minutes they got up to leave and Ray told them that if they changed their minds to stop by later. He looked at me and said that maybe we should finish our drinks and go. I had not said I would go before this, since I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go somewhere with 3 guys that I had just met. Since it was now only Ray I thought maybe it could be fun, especially after what happened in the restroom, so I said ok. We downed our drinks and I followed him out the door and behind the building to the parking area. He stopped next to a car and said that it was his and I pointed toward my car. He said it wasn’t very far so I should just follow him.

We drove maybe 4 or 5 miles until he turned into an expensive looking home development. The homes were all fairly large with good sized yards. I followed him through the development to the last street and he pulled into the garage of a very nice looking 2 story house. I parked behind him, got out and followed him through the garage and into the house. I commented on how nice everything was, so he took me on a short tour of the downstairs. The tour ended when we walked out the sliding glass doors to a nice patio and pool area. The pool as a large in ground pool with colored under water lights on. He walked over and opened the double doors on a garage size building by the pool. It had a bar on one side at the front and an entertainment center with a stereo, VCR and TV on the opposite side. In the back another door opened to a bathroom with a large shower in it. The whole pool area was enclosed with a tall privacy fence, and several large trees in the yard near the pool made it impossible for any neighbors to look down on the pool area. He said to make us a couple of drinks and he went over and turned on some music.

We sat at the bar talking, drinking and listening to the music. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a joint, lite it, took a drag and passed it to me. When the joint and our drinks were gone he asked me if I was ready for that swim now. I said sure and asked if he had an extra suit. He laughed, and as I had hoped, said don’t worry about that no one can see us back here. He walked over and turned off all of the lights except the ones in the pool and asked if that was better. When I said yes, he started to get undressed. When he removed his shirt, I could see that I was right, he had a solid build, no body hair and very little flab. As I slowly started to undress, he undid his pants and pulled them and his shoes and socks off. He wasn’t wearing any underwear so his semi hard dick popped out. It was maybe 6 " long, cut, fairly thick and all of the hair around his cock and balls were shaved off. When he turned around and bent over to pick up his clothes, I could see that all of his ass - including in his crack - was also shaved. After he put his clothes in a chair, he walked over by the pool. I had finished undressing and as I walked toward him he turned around, looked me up and down and smiled.

When I asked if the water was warm he laughed and said let’s find out and he pushed me into the pool. When I came up I started splashing him and he jumped in and nearly drowned me. We were like a couple of kids splashing each other. He dove under and grabbed my legs and dunked me and we started wrestling and dunking each other. After a few minutes of wrestling and rubbing against each other, both of our cocks were getting hard. He swam over to the edge and said come on let’s go get a couple more drinks. As he started to climb out, I grabbed him, pulled him back and dunked him again. As I tried to climb out he reached up, squeezed my ass cheeks and said here let me give you a boost. He pushed me and I landed on my stomach. It didn’t hurt since there was thick indoor-outdoor carpeting around the pool. Before I could get up and check for any damage, he had climbed out and sat on my ass. I could feel his balls against my ass cheeks and his semi hard dick against the crack of my ass. He wiggled so his cock moved back and forth in my ass crack a couple of times, laughed and said that should teach you, now let’s get those drinks.

As we sat at the bar with our drinks, he lite another joint that he got from behind the bar. As we sat there smoking and drinking, he said how about a movie. He got up and went and put one in the VCR. As he came back and sat down, I could see that he was still semi hard and that the video was an X rated gay movie. We drank and smoked while we watched the guys in the video sucking and fucking each other. When the joint was gone and as I was finishing my drink I felt his hand on my thigh. As I put my glass down he slid his hand up my thigh and started rubbing and squeezing my growing cock. I reached over and started to play with his cock which had grown to a hard, thick 7" with a nice big mushroom shaped head. He leaned over and started kissing and nibbling on my ears and neck. He started to work his way down my chest and stopped to lick and suck on my nipples. Then he continued to lick his way down until he was kneeling in front of me. He started to lick up and down my dick and all around the head. Then he licked his way down and started to lick and suck on my balls while he stroked my dick very slowly. After a few minutes he lifted my legs up over his shoulders so he could lick his way back to my ass crack. He continued slowly licking his way from my ass over my balls and up to the head of my dick for several minutes.

Finally he worked his way back up my chest and neck until he was standing in front of me. As I reached over and started to play with his cock, he reached behind the bar and brought out a bottle of poppers. He took a couple of whiffs and held it up to my nose until I had taken a couple of breaths with each nostril. Then I started to repeat what he had done to me. I licked my way down to his nipples and sucked and pinched both of them for a while. Then I continued to lick my way down until I was kneeling in front of his dick. As I licked up and down the length of his cock he spread his legs farther apart and put his hands on the back of my head. I slid my hands back between his legs and rubbed and squeezed his ass cheeks. I continued to massage his ass as I licked up, down and all around his cock and licked on its’ big head like an ice cream cone. I slowly licked my way down to his balls and alternated being giving them a tongue washing and sucking on them. When I finally licked my way back up to the head of his dick he was already starting to leak precum. I quickly sucked as much of his dick into my mouth as I could. As I started to suck on his cock, I played with his balls with one hand while I continued to massage his ass cheeks and around his ass hole with the other. It wasn’t long until he moaned and started to shoot a big load of cum down my throat. When he finally relaxed, I released his softening cock from my mouth. He said that he needed to cool down after that and he ran and dove into the pool.

When I stood up with my still hard dick sticking out, Ray yelled over to make us a couple of more drinks and bring them over to the pool so we could drink them while he took a short break. I made the drinks and carried them over and sat them next to the edge of the pool. I jumped in and splashed him and we began to wrestle around again. This time it was not so much play fighting as rubbing and caressing each other. We would not only wrestle and dunk each other but we took every opportunity to rub and massage each others’ cocks, balls and asses. Since we were only in about 5' deep water, we even started making a little game of it. We would swim between each others’ legs and play with the other one’s cock, balls or ass. Or swim up behind the other person and bend them over for a little leap frog, but making sure to rub our dicks up and down the other’s ass crack before jumping. Need less to say it didn’t take Ray long before he was in the mood for some more action. Before long instead of just playing with the other one as we swam through their legs, we would stop and suck on their dick or balls or maybe nip or lick their ass cheeks. By the time we were both hard from doing this, Ray had started to concentrate on my ass. He would not only lick my ass cheeks but he would lick up and down my ass crack. Finally he started on my ass hole. At first he would just spread my ass open and quickly kiss or lick around my hole. Eventually he seem to hold his breath as long as he could while he licked and tongue fucked my ass hole. Then he started to insert a finger up my ass and slowly move it in and out and around in a small circle as he lick and sucked my ass. On my turns, I had continued to alternate between licking and sucking his dick and balls. This time I needed a break from all of the time underwater holding my breath.

I swam over to the edge of the pool and stood there taking sips of my drink while I caught my breath. Ray swam up behind me and as he reached around me for his drink he pressed his hard cock against my ass crack. He stayed pressed against me while we drank and he slowly rubbed his dick up and down my ass crack. After a few minutes of this he started to kiss, nibble and lick my neck and ears. Finally he said let’s go get some refills at the bar. We climbed out and went to the bar with Ray patting and squeezing my ass as we walked. When we got there, Ray said he would refresh our drinks and I should get the bottle of poppers from behind the bar. Since I was in front of the bar, I bent over the bar to get the bottle, Ray got behind me and grabbed my ass. He squatted down behind me, pushed my legs apart and spread my ass open. He started to lick and tongue fuck my hole again and then slowly started to work one, two and finally three fingers up my ass. As he slowly finger fucked my ass, he stood up and said I think we should go wash the chlorine off in the shower. After we each took a hit from the poppers bottle, I was very horny and pretty much out of it so he lead me to the shower in the back bathroom. Ray said it got pretty hot in there with the shower on, so he left the bathroom and shower doors open,

He turned on the water and we got into the shower. There were two bars of soap in the shower so we each took one and started to wash the other ones chest and arms with our hands. Then I told him to turn around so I could wash his back. He turned around and I started by washing his shoulders and slowly working my way down his back. When I got to his lower back I knelt behind him and started washing at his feet and working my way up. When I got to his ass I squeezed and played with his ass cheeks as I washed them. I washed up and down his ass crack and slowly washed his ass hole with my finger. He turned around, so I started at his feet again and worked my way up to his balls. I slowly washed his cock and balls and then slowly sucked on them. After a few minutes I stood up and he knelt in front of me. He started washing me the way I had done him and when he got to my dick he stroked it slowly for several minutes. Then he stood up and had me turn around. He washed my back and knelt down and washed up my legs as I had done to him. When he reached my ass he washed and squeezed my cheeks. Next he told me to bend over and spread my cheeks for him. He slowly washed my ass crack and around my ass hole. Then began to lick my hole again. He soaped up his fingers and slowly pushed them into my hole until he was finger fucking me with three soapy fingers.

Then he soaped up his dick, stood up and slowly pushed the big head into my ass. Even though he had loosened me up and I was lubed with the soap, it still hurt when he pushed his big mushroom into my ass. He stood there for a minute or two until I got used to him, then he slowly pushed his dick up my hole. He leaned down against my back so that I had to put my hands on my knees to support us from falling. Since he was also rather high by now, he pulled me back so that he could lean his butt against the back wall. This left his lower body and my bare butt with his dick up it, exposed in the open shower door. Then he started to fuck me with long slow in and out strokes that really felt good. After Ray had fucked me like that for several minutes, the shower doors were suddenly pushed open the other way and there stood Bill and Jim. They both stood there naked looking down at Ray and I. As I stood there bent over with Ray’s dick still up my ass and him leaning against me so I couldn’t straighten up, Ray looked at them and said what kept you. They laughed and said that they had been drinking and watching the action on the video monitors inside the house until they just had to come join us.

As Ray started to slowly fuck me again, he explained to me that he had security cameras all around inside and outside of the house which could be viewed by monitors in his den in the house. Bill pointed one out directly opposite the shower and said that they could not only watch us fucking in the shower, but also tape it and they had been taping all of our fun so Ray could watch it later. Finally Ray told them to come on in and join us. They both crowded in the shower in front of us and with me bent over the way I was, both of their cocks were almost in my face. Bill had a nice fat 8" hard cock with a shaft that was even thicker than Ray’s big dick head and an above average set of low hangers below it. Jim’s dick was not as thick as Bill’s, but it was at least 10 or 11" of hard ebony cock with a large pair of balls hanging below it that looked like they were full of cum. All around both of their dicks and balls were shaved just like Ray’s and from what I could see so were their asses. Bill was the first to step forward, put his fat dick against my lips and said come on we know you can’t eat just one. They all laughed as I smiled and started to lick all around his dick head and into its’ hole. Then I licked up, down and around the fat shaft. Ray stood up and grabbed my hips so he could start fucking me faster. This allowed me to move my hands from my knees and start to play with Bill’s balls with one hand and reach between his legs with the other and rub and squeeze his ass.

As Ray started to fuck me faster I started to lick and suck on Bill’s balls and cock. Bill asked Ray how my ass was and when he said nice and tight, Bill said he couldn’t wait to try it out for himself. About then Jim stepped up behind Bill and pushed his long black cock between Bill’s legs so that the head of his cock stuck out below Bill’s balls. I used the hand that I had between Bill’s legs to reach down and rub Jim’s cock and play with his balls. I lifted Bill’s balls and started to lick all around the head of Jim’s dick. It was so soft and smooth and my tongue made it so satiny looking that I just had to suck on it for a while. Then I licked my way back up to the head of Bill’s dick and then started to alternate between sucking on his dick and on the head of Jim’s. Ray seemed to get so turned on watching all this that he fucked my ass even faster and would pull out, as much as he could in the confined space we were all in, and push his dick all the way back in with one quick thrust. It wasn’t long until Ray moaned and started to shoot his load up my ass. Jim got so turned on by this that he started to rub his dick back and forth between Bill’s legs and push harder up against his ass trying to push more of his cock out for me to suck on. About the time that Ray finished shooting and I could start to feel his dick soften in my ass, first Bill and then Jim started shooting their loads. There was so much cum from both of them that it was getting all over my face, in my hair, on my shoulders, back, chest and even hitting my legs. After they had finished shooting, Jim and Ray said that they were going to make us all some drinks and they left the shower. Bill said he wanted to stay and help me wash all of the cum off of me.

I was leaning back against the shower wall and resting my back and legs. Bill picked up a bar of soap and started to wash the cum off of my face, hair and chest. Even though my dick was sticking up as hard as it could be, he avoided touching it. Then he told me to turn around so that he could wash my back off. I turned around and he started washing at my shoulders and worked his way down to my lower back. Again avoiding my ass. Then he knelt behind me and washed both the front and back of my legs. When he was done with my legs he pushed on my back with his big hand and said to spread my legs, bend over and spread my cheeks so he could get my tight ass pussy nice and clean. About this time Ray and Jim came back with the drinks, chairs and a joint and sat outside of the open shower door to watch us. After I had bent over Bill rubbed the soap all over my ass cheeks and up and down my crack. He washed my cheeks with one soapy hand and after rubbing the soap on my asshole with his other hand, he inserted one of his long fingers up my ass. Jim told him he should open me up some more to get all of Ray’s cum out of there, so Bill pushed a second soapy finger up my ass. He wiggled his fingers around and fucked them in and out of my hole.

My dick felt like it was so hard it would burst and I started to moan. He took his other hand off of my ass cheeks and said “Let me see if I can help you with that”. He reached his soaped up hand between my spread legs and started to play with my cock and balls. This made me moan even more. Then as he slowly started to stroke my hard dick, he spread his fingers in my ass to open me up as wide as he could. He got a mouth full of shower water and pressed his lips between his fingers and against my open hole. Then he squirted the water as hard as he could from his mouth up my open hole and it felt like he was giving me a douche. He did this several times. In between each squirting I could feel the water and Ray’s cum running out of me. Jim leaned forward and said “That’s it, get him good and clean for us”. Bill pulled his fingers back and pushed them as far in as he could go. That was all I could take. I moaned and started shooting what felt like buckets of cum. When I finally finished Bill help me straighten up and we stepped out of the shower. Jim and Ray stood up and handed us our drinks and said come on over here, you look like you could use a rest after that. I downed my drink as we all walked over by the bar.

Ray got us all refills for our drinks and brought out another joint. Bill had gotten a big beach towel and spread it on the carpet. After I had taken a couple of swallows from my drink, Jim said why don’t you lay down on the towel so you can rest up for later. When I gave him this look like “Oh yeah just lay down here and rest”, Jim spoke a little louder and said just lay down. As I got down on the towel Bill and Jim sat down on the floor next to me. I hadn’t noticed that Ray wasn’t there until he came bag caring a gym bag. He sat down by me and started taking things out of the bag. Bill said that they figured that I was having so much fun that I would want to join there club. When I asked them what club, they all smiled and pointed to their shaved cocks and balls. When I didn’t say anything Ray said good we’re glad that you agree. Bill handed me the joint and said just lay back and enjoy and we will make it feel good. Jim propped my head and shoulders up with a big pillow so I could watch. As I laid there smoking and drinking, Ray handed Bill a cordless shaver, Jim a can of shaving cream and Ray had a safety razor. Bill spread my legs and knelt between them with Ray and Jim sitting on opposite sides of me. Bill started by shaving the pubic hair all around my cock, the top of my thighs and up to my belly button. As he moved down to work between my legs and all around my balls, Jim started rubbing shaving cream from my belly button down and all around my cock. Ray followed right behind him shaving me with the razor. By the time Ray was almost done around my cock, I was getting hard again. Bill had finished shaving my balls and between my legs so he got up and got a hand towel and a pan of warm water. As Jim held my balls up so Ray could shave them and between my legs with the razor, Bill gently washed the shaving cream off with the warm towel.

When they all had finished they told me to turn over. Ray spread my legs again and knelt between them as Bill and Jim took their positions. Ray used the shaver and removed all the hair from my lower back to below my ass cheeks. When he was ready Bill and Jim spread my cheeks for him so he could get at the hair in my ass crack. When he had finished he got up and went to the bar. As Jim was spreading the shaving cream all over my ass and between my cheeks Ray came back and sat in front of me. He had a drink, another joint and the bottle of poppers. As Bill started shaving my ass cheeks, Ray was sharing the drink and the joint with me. In between he would hold the bottle of poppers up to my nose. About the time that Jim was spreading my ass cheeks so Bill could shave my crack, Ray spread his legs and slid forward so his dick was in my face. I slowly started to lick up and down his dick and all around his balls.

When they were finished Jim wiped the shaving cream off of my ass with the towel while Bill slowly pushed first one, then two fingers up my ass. Ray laid back, lifted his legs to his chest and told me to lick his ass. As I started to lick Ray’s ass cheeks and crack, Bill finger fucked me while Jim held my ass cheeks open for him. After a few minutes Bill got between my legs, laid on top of me and slowly pushed his thick dick up my ass while Jim kept holding it open for him. I was so turned on, I reached up, grabbed Ray’s hard dick and started sucking on it for all I was worth. Bill had started to fuck my ass slowly, but it didn’t take him long until he was pumping into me and smacking against my ass cheeks. Jim had let go of my ass and moved up by my head as Ray slid over. Jim pulled my head off of Ray’s dick and pulled it over to his. I started alternating between sucking Jim’s long dick and Ray’s big dick head. As I would switch back and forth they would give me a drag on the joint or hold the bottle of poppers up to my nose and I was getting more and more out of it. Bill pulled me up on all fours and really started to pound into my ass. Finally Ray held my head down on his dick, moaned and started shooting another load in my mouth. This was enough to set Bill off. He pushed into my ass as far as he could, held me tightly by my hips and started shooting up my ass. His dick was so thick that I could feel every pulse it made in my ass as he shot his load.

As Ray and Bill started to go soft they pulled out of me. Before I could relax Jim grabbed my arm and said come on we need to go cool off. He led me over by the pool and pushed me in. Jim jumped in by me and we started to wrestle around with him rubbing his hard cock against me every chance he got. Ray and Bill brought some more drinks over and sat in lounge chairs by the pool to watch us. When Jim swam over to the side of the pool to get some of his drink, I climbed up on a raft floating in the pool and laid face down to rest. After a couple of minutes Jim waded over to me bringing our drinks with him. While we drank and talked about everything that we had all done so far, he slowly rubbed his hand up and down my back and over my ass and slowly pushed the raft into shallower water. When we got to where the water was about to his waist he left his empty plastic glass float in the water while he slid his hands down and worked his way around by my ass.

He licked all over my ass cheeks and up and down my crack. Then he pulled my legs apart so that they were hanging off of the raft. He spread my cheeks apart and started to lick, suck and tongue fuck my ass hole. Even though my ass was a little sore from all of the fucking it had gotten, his tongue felt so good in my ass that my dick was hard and pushing against the raft. After a few minutes he moved around in front of me and pulled me up so my head was hanging off of the raft.
Then he moved closer so his dick was in my face. I grabbed his big cock and started to lick all over it and his balls. Then I started sucking on it, licking all around the head as I would pull back. It wasn’t long until Jim pulled his hard dick out of my mouth and moved back to the other end of the raft. He grabbed my ankles and pulled me back so that my legs and ass were hanging off of the raft. Then he spread my cheeks and pushed two of his big fingers up my ass. He stroked his cock with one hand to keep it hard, and finger fucked my hole with the other.

After a few minutes he stepped forward, pulled his fingers out and pressed his dick head against my hole. He held my hips, pushed forward and his big dick head popped in. He continued to push and I could feel every inch of his long hard ebony shaft entering my hole until he was pressed tightly against my ass. He fucked me slowly at first. Pulling all of his dick out except the head. He started to speed up his pumping and was really banging against my ass until the raft tipped over and I went under water. He let go of my hips and his dick pulled out of me as I stood up in the water. He grabbed me again and pushed his long cock right back into my ass. We waded our way over to the side of the pool, with him still stuck up my ass, until we were right in front of Bill and Ray. As I bent over and rested my arms on the edge of the pool, Bill came over. He knelt in front of me and put his hard cock in my face. As Jim started to fuck me again, I grabbed Bill’s dick and started to stroke it and lick his balls. As I licked up and down Bill’s shaft, Ray walked over with his hard dick sticking up and knelt behind Bill. He had Bill push his knees apart and he moved up between his legs. I looked up and saw the look of pain on Bill’s face as Ray pushed his big dick head into his ass. I was licking around the head of Bill’s cock as Ray slowly started to fuck him.

As Jim started to speed up fucking my ass, I took as much of Bill’s thick dick into my mouth as I could and started to suck on it. We continued for at least fifteen minutes or so with Jim driving his black dick up my ass, me sucking on Bill’s cock and Ray fucking Bill’s ass hard enough to make his stomach bang against my head. Jim’s dick rubbing against my prostate set me off first and I moaned around Bill’s dick as my load shot into the water. When my ass started to squeeze Jim’s dick, he let out a loud moan, grabbed my hips and drove his dick as far into me as he could and started to shoot his cum. As I continued to shoot into the water I sucked on Bill’s dick as hard as I could. He was the next to moan as he started to go off in my mouth. As I tried to suck every drop out of him his ass muscles must have had the same effect on Ray. He grabbed Bill’s hips and pushed into him as he shot his cum up Bill’s ass. When we had all finished, we dragged ourselves over to the lounge chairs and collapse.

A few minutes later they invited me to spend the night. I wasn’t sure I wanted to, but I was glad I did. We all slept cuddled together naked on the plush family room carpet, and in the morning we watched the video from the night before and had another round for breakfast. We are all hoping to have another “Club Meeting” at the pool. FINIS

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