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"ABS Encounter with a Trucker & His Wife"

When I lived in Illinois, there was one ABS in the relatively small town I lived in. The place had 10 booths, six with glory holes. Two of the booths had holes in both side walls. There was usually a mix of people, from young college types and studs equally ready to feed or to choke on a bone to the older daddies who loved to suck and fuck. Occassionally, a male/female couple would hit the booths, looking for action or maybe just wanting to be watched while they got each other off.

I’d usually go and spend a couple of hours on Saturday nights. Sometimes, when I was exceptionally bored or just plain horney, I’d stop by on a weeknight. One such night, I was ensconsed in my favorite booth, one of the double-hole booths, slowly stroking my hard cock as I watched a hot bisexual movie on the video screen.

With the sound turned down to a minimum, it was easy to hear the door open in the booth to my left. Then, as I heard tokens dropping into the slot, I could hear voices. Male and female voices, whispering. Interested, I bent down to look through the glory hole.

There was a good looking woman, stipping off her jeans as a pair of male hands lifted her shirt up and over her head, revealing a pair of medium-sized breasts with puffy, erect nipples. As I watched, he bent for a moment, suckling at her left breast as she stepped out of her jeans. She wasn’t wearing panties and she was soon naked except for her socks with his hand buried between her legs. I took hold of my still-hard cock, the movie on the screen forgotten, the possibilities of the live show next door capturing my total attention.

Placing his hands on her shoulders he pushed her to her knees. At this point, she looked over toward the hole, seeing my eye watching her every move. Never breaking eye contact, I heard her say, “We’ve got an audience,” as she opened her mouth and swallowed his thin, 7-inch cock to the base.

We all moaned almost in unison as she started pumping up and down on the cock in her mouth. Then, releasing his cock, she turned to me and said, “Let me see.”

I stood, placing the head of my fat, uncut 6-incher to the hole. She groaned aloud as she reached her fingertips through the hole, running them around the head and upper shaft of my rod before pulling me back through the hole by my foreskin. I heard her man mumble something then felt her wet tongue tracing around the head of my cock.

It was my turn to moan again as she traced her tongue down the shaft then back up before plunging her lips down the length of my cock. Though not as long as her guy’s, my cock is considerably thicker. It had to be quite a mouth full as I felt her gag slightly as the head touched the back of her mouth before pushing past and into her throat.

She mouth fucked herself on my cock for several seconds, then pulled away and pushed my cock back through the hole. I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I saw her mouth still at the hole. She said, “Come over here. Get in the booth with us.”

Not bothering to put myself away, I opened the door to my booth and stepped out. There was no one in the hallway, but I didn’t care if anyone saw me or not. I heard the lock open on the adjacent booth, pulled on the door and there they were, beckoning me to join them.

As I stepped inside, he introduced himself as Skip. His wife, as she turned out to be, was Janet. Skip reached around, locked the door, and looked down at my hard cock sticking out of my jeans.

“That takes balls,” he said, laughing. Janet said, “Yeah. I love it. Walking out into the hall exposed like that. Makes my pussy tingle.”

Introductions over with, Janet reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock. She leaned forward and pulled me in to her mouth. I placed my hand gently on the back of her head to guide her as Skip took my hand and placed it on his cock.

“Fuck her face good,” Skip said, urging me on.

I stroked his cock in time to forcing her lips to the base of my cock and back. She moaned every time the head of my cock touched the back of her mouth and pushed through to the back of her throat. I wrapped my fingers in her hair and pulled her off my cock, pushing her toward Skip’s cock, forcing her to suck him, too.

Skip and I were getting really hot, not to mention Janet. Skip said, “Let’s go out to the truck.”

Janet got up and said, “If you guys walk out with your cocks out, I’ll walk out stark naked.”
We both agreed. I turned and opened the booth. Skip and I walked out, proud and hard, followed by Janet. We heard a gasp from behind us as the door to the booth closed. Two guys were standing in the back corner, watching Janet’s slim, shapely ass as she strode down the hall toward the entrance.

We stepped into the main part of the bookstore. A couple of guys glanced at Skip and I as we walked by, our hard dicks swinging in the breeze. But all eyes were on Janet as she parted the curtain and stepped out, striking a momentary pose, her jeans and shirt held in her hands. The four or five guys there, including the clerk, stared applauding as we walked toward the door, Janet in the middle.

When we reached the parking lot (it was night) we made a bee-line for their truck. It was a late-model Kenworth conventional cab, which means it has a large, stand-up sleeper in the back. We all climbed in on the drivers side, Janet first, giving us a great view of her ass and pussy. By the time Skip and I got in the back, she was on the bed, laughing like crazy.

“I can’t believe I did that,” she said.

“Neither can I,” Skip said, feigning anger. “I guess you’ll have to be punished for displaying yourself in public that way.”

He reached over to one of the small compartments under the bed and took out a pair of leather wrist restraints. Placing one on each of Janet’s wrists, he roughly turned her over and secured the restraints behind her back. Then he reached into the drawer again and removed a riding crop.

“Here,” he said, handing me the crop. “Be my guest. Just try not to kill her.”

Skip and I stripped, looking at Janet, writhing on the bed. I picked up the crop again and turned toward Janet. As I raised the crop, Skip dropped to his knees in front of me and started stroking my hard cock. Then, as the first blow from the crop contacted Janet’s ass, he pulled me forward and into his mouth. This was getting better by the minute. I gave Janet 10 good smacks with the riding crop as Skip swallowed my cock.

Getting into the dom scene I pulled Skip up by his hair and threw him onto the bed beside his wife. I started alternating between their asses with the crop, a few blows her, a few there, until both asses were a lovely shade of crimson. I then told them both to get up and had Janet drop to her knees in front of me while I sat on the edge of the bed.

Taking Skip by the cock, I pressed Janet’s mouth down over my cock as I pulled him toward my mouth. We all three moaned again as Skip pressed his cock toward the back of my mouth and into my throat while his wife was doing the same on my cock. We developed a good rhythm with the only sounds in the sleeper of the truck the wet slurping noised of a lot of cock getting sucked.

Laying back on the bed, I pulled Janet up so she was straddling my face and began licking her hairy pussy. Skip, in turn, dropped to his knees on the end of the bed and returned to sucking my cock and balls. Then he grabbed my knees, pushing them up and spreading them outward to gain access to my ass. I almost came unglued when I felt his hot tounge press against the sensative flesh of my asshole and begin wiggling its way inside.

When he had me nice and lubed with his spit, he began working first one, then two and finally three fingers into my ass. I loved the feeling, a hot pussy dancing on my tongue as her husband stretched my ass while licking and sucking my cock and balls.

“I wanna fuck you,” Skip said.

I just moaned in agreement, wiggling my ass on his fingers and pressing downward to get more inside me. I heard the sound of a condom being unwrapped. Looking up past Janet’s heaving tits above me, I saw Skip step toward the head of the bed, handing her the condom. She leaned forward to kiss the head of his cock, sucking it into her mouth for a moment before she slipped the condom over the head and rolled it down the length of that beautiful cock.

I slid over, never losing contact with Janet, swinging my ass off the end of the bed so Skip could have full access to my hole. Pulling my legs up and over his shoulders, Skip started probing the head of his cock around my twitching asshole, pressing forward slowly until the head slipped inside with relative ease.

Janet, meanwhile, had turned around so she could watch her husband fuck me. She moaned as his cock slowly but surely slid deeper and deeper inside me until I felt his hairy balls pressed against my ass cheeks.

“Fuck him, baby,” she moaned. “Fuck him good while he eats my slut cunt.”

I grabbed her ass as she ground her pussy down on my mouth then pushed her forward so I could get my tongue between her cheeks. Janet let out a scream that I’m sure could be heard outside the truck as I pressed my tongue into her ass, rimming and probing, as I reached around her sweaty thigh and began fingering her dripping pussy.

“God, I’ve got to have a cock in me, now,” Janet said, grabbing ahold of my cock.

I heard someone unwrapping another condom, then felt Janet kissing the head of my cock as she had Skip’s, before sliding the sheath over my rock-hard bone. With a sigh, Janet pulled off my probing tongue, sliding down my body, pressing the head of my cock to her pussy and sitting down fast, forcing me deep into the warm depths. She stroked up and down a few time then, lifting up and grasping my cock, she slid foward once again and pushed my cock head against her asshole.

She cried out as she sat down hard again, plunging my cock into the depths of her rear hole. My head almost exploded at the sensations: A hard cock plumbing my depths, the head banging against my prostate on every inward stroke, while a hot-assed nympho rode up and down on my cock deep in her ass.

After about only five minutes of this, I felt Janet tense up, her ass spasming around my cock as she came, screaming out her orgasm. I guess this was too much for Skip as I felt his cock jump in my ass, then throb as I felt him filling the end of the condom deep in my bowels.

“Oh, fuck,” Janet said as she literally collapsed on the bed beside me, my hard cock still buried deep in her ass. She slowly pulled herself off me as Skip slipped his cock out of my ass. Removing the condom, Skip tipped it up over Janet’s face, squeezing his cum out all over her lips and down across her tits.

“He still hasn’t cum yet,” Skip said, eyeing my hard cock, dancing in the air between them.

“Oh, hell,” she said. “I’m all fucked out. You’ll have to take care of it, baby.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” he said, pulling the condom off my cock.

I thought he was going to suck me off as he pressed his lips around the head of my cock, taking the shaft deep in his throat. But then he pulled away, grinning, as he opened yet another condom and rolled it down over the length of my cock.

“I want this cock, and I want it now,” he said.

I stood as Skip dropped to his knees and bent over the edge of the bed, his tight ass high in the air, ready to be rode like a bad pony. Janet, wrists still bound, was lying on her back on the bed watching me get ready to fuck her husband.

“Roll over,” I told her.

When she did, I removed the leather cuffs from Janet’s wrists and put them into place on Skip’s. When he started to complain that he wasn’t in to being on the receiving end of bondage, I slapped his ass, hard.

“I don’t give a damn, slut,” I said. “You’re going to take it whether you like it or not.”

Janet’s eyes lit up at these words. She picked up the riding crop that was lying, forgotten, on the bed and turned toward Skip.

“Now you’re going to get it, baby,” she said. “It’s time for you to find out what it’s like.”

I pulled him up to his feet, forced him to bend over and pressed his face into the bed. Stepping up behind him, I told him to get his ass in the air and get ready for the fucking of his life. I pushed the head of my cock against his tight asshole and started pushing slowly inside. His asshole resisted the initial penetration.

“Let me loosen him up a bit for you,” Janet said.

I stepped back and watched, in awe, as she pushed the handle end of the riding crop into his ass. He cried out in pain as she sawed the thing in and out of his bowels, opening up his hole for me to sink my cock into.

She she decided he’d had enough, she stepped back, telling me to “fuck the living shit out of him.”

I stepped behind him again, pressing mycock against his asshole, grabbing him by the hips for leverage. Then I pressed forward, forcing the head of my cock and about half the shaft into his ass on the first thrust. Skip’s head hit the back wall of the sleeper with the force of my penetration.

I pulled back slightly then pressed forward again, burying my cock deep in his ass. He moaned in what sounded like a combination of pain and contentment as I started fucking his ass with a punishing rhythm, pulling out until just the head remained inside, then pressing forward until my balls slapped his ass.

Janet, meanwhile, started beating his ass with the riding crop in time with my strokes. She was very careful not to hit me with the crop as she punished her slutty husband with the leather implement.

Skip’s cock had grown rock hard again, swinging between his thighs, as I fucked away at his ass and Janet thrashed him with the crop. He started moaning in time with my thrusts and the slaps of the riding crop on his ass until, finally, he let out with a cry of his own. His cock surged and, untouched, fired his second load of cum of the evening on the bed sheets. His ass clamped down hard on my cock with the force of his orgasm which threw me over the edge.

“I’m cumming, slut,” I yelled as I filled the condom with one of the biggest loads of my life.

“God,” Skip said, “I can feel your cock throbbing in my ass. Fuck me. Make me your slut.”

Janet, meanwhile, had been maddly fingering her pussy with one leg up on the bed as she beat her husband’s ass while I fucked him. She, too, screamed out in pleasure as she came with three fingers of her own hand buried deep inside her.

When our orgasms finally subsided, I released my grip on Skip’s ass and he fell forward off my cock, taking the condom with him. I reached down and pulled the condom out of his ass, admiring both the angry red stripes the crop had inflicted on his ass and the finger marks where I’d been gripping his hips as I came. He rolled over on his back, his eyes closed, as his breathing slowly returned to normal.

While he was catching his breath, I upended the condom I’d pulled from his ass and squeezed my load out onto his face. He flinched as the first drops of cum hit his forhead and dripped into his eyes. Then Janet, her eyes still glazed, bent down and began licking my load off his face as fast as it dropped from the end of the condom. When she had the whole load, she kissed her man hard, sharing my cum with him in a deep tongue kiss. FINIS

Story written by a Texan. To view his profile, please click here;

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