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"True Story"

About two months ago I joined health club in my area. I go about three times a week for a workout. The experience I had their last week was so hot I just had to write about it. This is a true story and not fiction.

I was changing into my workout clothes when I looked up and saw this guy standing in front of the sink . He was completely necked. He was about 5'10" dark complexion dark black hair with a nicely trimmed mustache. I would guess that he was in his late 40ies. He had a very nice body from what I could see. I could tell he took very good care of himself. When he turned and started walking toward me I could not help but notice he was very well endowed. It was about 7" completely soft.

Some guys have ugly ones and some have very nice ones. This looked very very good. Hey guys don't tell me you don't peek at other guys thing just because you are curious. I wondered how big it would be hard. I have seen a lot of necked guys no big deal. It was a quick thought. I went back to what I was doing.

After my workout I headed to the sauna when I walked in and sat down he was sitting across from
me. I nodded at him and he nodded back. We were the only two in the sauna at the time. It was a week day and very few people were there. That's why I like to go at that time.

I noticed he was looking at me when I looked up, he quickly looked away. I glanced down for another
quick look and to my surprise he was starting to get hard. When he noticed me looking at him he nodded back at me. I quickly look away.

I thought, "Is he getting hard looking at me?"

I closed my eyes so as not to make eye contact with him. I now had this mental picture of him staring at my necked body with his semi hard cock. It gave me chills I shuttered all over. I leaned back against the wall with my eyes still shut. The thought of him getting hard looking at me necked kind of turned me on. So I decided to find out if I was imagining it or was he really getting hard looking at me. I took my towel off and wiped my face off and opened my legs a little just to see what would happen.

When I opened my eyes I glanced back at him he was as hard as a rock and it was huge 10" or better. I have never seen anyone so big in person, just on the net or books. He keep staring at me. I started to feel very naked. I was getting very aroused thinking about him getting turned on looking at me naked.

Hey I am as Str8 as they come but this was hot. Just then a guy walked in and sat down. He quickly covered up. But he was so big it was still obvious the towel looked like a tent. He put his hands in his lap to cover up his pole. I looked back up. His face was as red as a beat. By now my cock was rock hard as well and I quickly covered up. I needed a shower to calm down. So I got up and walked out.

I stepped into the shower to cool off. Then I saw him walk into the shower directly across from me. When he took off his towel his cock was sticking straight out. Then he turned and faced me. Fuck that was the biggest hardest cock I ever saw. I have seen a lot of guys privets before but never when they were hard.. He started to stroke it I was really getting turned on watching him. I wondered how it would feel inside me. I reached down and grabbed my already hard cock and started to stroke it as well. I thought someone is going to walk by and see us so I stepped out of the shower and grabbed my towel and headed back to the sauna. When I opener the door it was empty. I sat down and tried to compose my self.

Just then the door opened and he walked in and walked directly over to me and opened his towel. His huge cock was right in front of my face. I thought it was big looking at it from across the shower but it was fucking huge up close. I looked at it for what seemed a long time then I looked up at him.

The head was wet with pre cum and a big drop of cum started to form on the end of it. Then it started to fall it was still sticking to his cock as it fell. He reached down and grabbed his cock with one hand and started to stroke it. Then he put his other hand on the back of my head and gently pushed me toward his cock. When my mouth reached the head I looked up and said "someone is going to
walk in on us."

Hhe said "I will keep a look out."

The sauna had a large tented window in the door. I looked back down and opened my mouth and he slowly guided my mouth over his cock , man what a mouth full, then he pushed a little harder and my mouth started to slide down his huge shaft. I could taste his pre cum it was not all that bad. I wondered what it would be like to suck that huge cock . Now I know first hand.

I took about half of his cock before I started to choke. He gave a loud moan of pleasure. I pulled out to catch my breath. By now my cock was dripping like a faucet. I looked up at him his mouth was open and his head all the way back on his shoulders. I looked back down at his throbbing cock and opened my mouth and took his cock again. I was moaning too moving my mouth up and down as fast as I could. It's was fucking hot. Then I thought I would try to see how much I could take , so I slowly pushed until that big mushroom head was pressing against my throat and I stopped and looked up at him He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed a little, it started to hurt. I started to gag a little and pulled away.

He stopped me and said "Just relax." He pushed again and it started to slide down my throat He let out a yell as his cock slowly disappeared in my mouth. He gently pushed It was huge and it started to hurt. I closed my eyes and let him push until it was sliding deep in my throat. I started to choke but he keep pushing and it keep going. and going and going I thought I would never find the end of it. I finally reached the end as I felt his hairy bush up against my face. I tried to hold it but I started to
gag and quickly withdrew. I was trying to catch my breath. My throat really hurt. I looked up at him he just smiled and pushed his cock back in my mouth and started moving my head back and forth. I could taste his pre cum my mouth was about half full with his hot juice. Then he pulled out and I grabbed my towel and spit out his cum in my towel.

He reached down and helped me up to a standing position I felt his hard cock against my body. Then he started to turn me around. I could feel his huge cock in my crack. I said "Oh no please someone might come in."

He said "Don't worry. I will keep an eye out."

With that he pushed me until I was bent over and reached down and placed his cock at my tight hole and started to move around. I could feel my hole getting wet from his pre cum. Then he put both hands around my waste and pulled me into him. I could feel the pressure of his big cock pressing against my tight hole. It hurt like hell, I tried to pull away but it was to late I felt his hard cock enter me and it was fucking huge.

I said "No please stop!"

I pulled away and grabbed my towel and ran out of the sauna. My ass felt like it was on fire. I stepped in the shower and tried to catch my breath. When I looked up he was standing outside the shower he softly said it will be ok please come back in the sauna..

I said "Please; someone will see us."

He responded "There is no one even in the locker room."

I said "Ok give me a minute and I well meet you ok."

I stood in the shower letting the cold water run over me. By now my ass stopped hurting. I thought about it for a while. I had this mental picture if me bent over and him fucking my brains out. I was really getting hot thinking about it. So I decided to let him finish what he started. I got out of the shower and grabbed my towel and walked toward the sauna. I stopped at the door and looked around there was no one even in sight. I opened the door and slowly walked in.

He smiled at me and said "Just relax. You will love it."

I have wondered what it would feel like to have another guys cock in me but this was crazy. A perfect stranger in a public sauna. I took my towel off and just stood there. He had a small bottle of what looked like rubbing oil in his hand. He must have stopped and got it while I was in the shower. He opened the bottle and poured some out in his hand and started rubbing it on his cock. It was as hard as a rock.

I looked up at him and said "Please, you are way to big I have never done this before."

He got up and put his hand on my shoulder and said "Just relax you are going to like it I promise.

I said "Do you have a condom?"

He replied "No but don't worry I am safe."

I said "Are you married."

He said "Yes. and you?"

I shook my head yes. With that he poured some more oil on his hand and said turn around. I did as he asked I felt him reached down and grab my thigh and put one of my legs on the lowest bench I felt his hand rubbing my ass. Then he started playing with my tight hole I felt his finger pushing against my tight hole I tried to clamp shut but what ever that oil was it was to much for me. I felt his finger inter me he put his hand on my shoulder and bent me over He was pushing on my prostrate and I was leaking all over my self. Then he put another finger in me and then another.

I said "Oh please, that's enough."

He said "Just relax and let me help you."

Then I felt the head of that huge cock pressing against me. I closed my eyes and had this mental picture if that big cock sliding in me. Just then I felt him pushing on my tight hole. I took a deep breath and I felt it sliding in me. It did not hurt as much but It was stretching me to the limit. I let out a loud moan.

"Oh please that's enough please stop pushing."

Then he started pumping me slowly after a few seconds it started to feel good. Now I know what it was like to get fucked. Hey don't tell me every guy doesn't wonder about it. This was fucking hot, I can't find the words to describe to you how it felt. Then I felt him grab me around the waist and pull me into him. I could feel his huge cock sliding deep inside me. I gasped and said oh fuck that thing
is big. I felt my cock spurt a little cum when he reached bottom. Then he started ramming it deep inside me.

I was on my tip toes with my hands against the wall. He keep thrusting it deep inside me I was completely helpless. I could feel his pole sliding in and out inside me. I started whimpering like a little baby. I can't even describe how it felt. I have never felt anything like that before. Then he
pulled it almost all the way out and rammed it back deep inside me I felt his huge balls slap my ass. Then he started long fucking me.

I have done it many times to my wife but now I was getting a taste of my own medicine. I Could here his balls slapping my ass with every thrust. Every once and a while he would ram it all the way in and move his hips around fuck it really felt good. I tried to clamp down on his cock to slow him down but he had it so stretched I was helpless. Then he reach around and started playing with my cock It
was very wet. He started rubbing the head. I could hardly keep still. Every once in a while he would change position and ram it in me and it would hit my prostrate and I would shoot a little cum. I was so fucking hot I was getting light headed.

I said "Oh please, I don't think I can take any more."

He keep rubbing the head of my cock while pumping my virgin ass. All of a sudden I began to shoot. First one huge rope then another and another. Each time I shot a load he would ram it deep hitting my prostrate. I was shaking all over. Then I felt his cock expand he pushed it in as far as it would go. He started jerking all over then another big push as he moaned.

I thought "Oh fuck he is cumming deep inside me."
Just then I felt something running down my leg.

I started to pull away he said "No I am not finished," with that he grabbed me and pulled me up against him and rammed it as hard as he could in me. I felt it hit bottom and it heart I let out a yell and stood up on my tip toes. I could feel his cock pumping deep inside me.

All I could say is "Oh fuck, oh fuck."

Then I felt him relax He just stood there trying to catch his breath. He was still inside me he just stood there for what seemed a long time. Then he pulled out. By now I had his hot cum running down my leg in a study stream. When I looked over at him he was sitting on the first bench his cock was wet and his hot cum was dripping off the end of his cock.

I reached around and felt my hole. Fuck, it was all wet with his cum. I was so embarrassed I grabbed my towel and ran out of the sauna . It felt funny his cum was still wet and I had a hard time walking straight. When I reached the shower I turned on the water and just stood with my hands against the wall letting the water run down my back.

It seemed like a long time, but I began to compose my self. I must have wash my self a dozen times. Finally my ass was clean. I stepped out and dried my self off and started walking to my locker. I passed a couple of guys they look up at me. I was sure they knew what I had just done. I was so paranoid all I wanted to do is get the hell out of there. I did not even know his name yet I let him fuck my brains out. By the time I got home my under pants were wet from his cum still leaking out of my ass.

I got undressed and got my wife's duce bag out and gave my self several enemas and then took another shower. When I finished I walked into the bedroom and fell across the bed and fell into a sound asleep.

When I woke up I was stark necked and my ass hurt like hell. And so did my throat. Now that I have had a chance to think about it. It was about the hottest thing I have ever done. I get a boner just thinking about it. Maybe I will get the chance to try it again. I hope so." FINIS

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