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"True Tell: The Motel"

I was working in aerospace out of California a few years back and was doing a lot of traveling. 2 to 3 weeks a month actually. Most of my time was spent between Tuscon and Albuquerque, so I was also becoming quite familiar with the local hot spots.

One night I had just gotten back from the office and walked into my room, stripped off the jacket, tie and shirt, leaving on my dress slacks and t-shirt. I grabbed a smoke and stepped out onto the balcony. My room overlooked the pool so I could check if it was crowded with kids or whether I could get a relaxing dip before dinner. There was only one person down at the time, a man, and he was in the jacuzzi. He waved at me and grinned so I waved back - habit or being polite - wishfull thinking? At any rate - I waved. Well that's all he needed. He raised himself up to sit on the edge of the jacuzzi, looking my direction, and started stroking and fondling the front of his dark green swim suit. I was only on the second floor - it was easy to see he packed the suit quite well.

I don't know how long I stared before a sound brought us both back to reality. A young couple, man and wife, had entered the pool area and were chatting away, eyes only for each other, but headed to the jacuzzi. I sighed, thinking lost chances and stepped back into my room, drawing the drapes half closed before stepping away from the window to strip for a shower.

I still don't know what made me think to do it, but I stepped back to the patio door slowly wearing only my boxers. I saw only him, so I stepped even closer. His eyes were riveted on my room. I smiled at him, pulled down on the waistband of my boxers, then stepped back and closed the drapes completely.

I checked thru the closed drapes - he was gone. I shrugged and slid off the boxers, heading into the bathroom for my shower when there was a knock on the door. I grabbed a towel and checked thru the peep hole, and there was my friend in the dark green swim suit. Cute, tight, better looking up close. He had counted over the number of balconies and figured out which room was mine.

I wasn't sure what to do so I did what any hot blooded male would do. I opened the door and invited him in. We chatted a little, each a bit nervous, got the names out of the way and he reached out to stroke one of my nipples. That's all I needed. Major on switch built into both nipples. I leaned back against the wall and groaned as he stepped forward, his lips to mine, and proceeded to take my breath away in an incredibly hot tongue lashing.

It wasn't long and his suit was gone along with my towel. He was nice, not too big but a good mouthful plus, and swelling quickly. We lay side by side, talking some but mostly touching and watching until he rolled me to my back and slid down to take me in his mouth.

His tongue had been hot in my mouth, on my cock it was beyond description.

Soon enough I was reaching for him to reciprocate but he pulled off me and looked at me smiling. Then slid over and straddled me, a knee on both sides.

He slid his hot tight ass over me as I lay there in disbelief and complete extacy. I slid a hand over him and stroked him as he rose and fell on my shaft.

We kept the rhythm slow and easy for as long as we both could stand it but things took a mind of their own. Soon we were both moaning and groaning, I thought I was blocked against a wall until he reached out and tweaked a nipple, which sent me over, filling him. That was what he was waiting for; he responded by decorating my chest in streams of hot white.

Afterwards he lay beside me for a while then got up, slipped on his trunks, kissed me, thanked me, and left.

I didn't get out to any of the hot spots that night

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