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"Trying The Other Side"

Now l wouldn’t like you to think I am a bisexual because I am not. I am gay, always been gay, though I went through my heterosexual phase in my teens just when all my friends were going through their homosexual one.

I do like virginity though. When I use that word, I don’t really mean guys who have never had sex in their lives, but more the guys who are more or less straight and are “gay virgins.” I wouldn’t say I have not sampled a few real virgins in my time but we will leave that for another time. I do like married guys, guys with girlfriends, and guys who are gay but just haven’t found out yet. You know the type? Sometimes if the timing is right, you can find them just at that moment when their cock is ruling their head and they decide to “walk on the wild side.” Guilty conscience usually follows but I can cope with that.

I have two stories to tell and in both, my urgent need of straight guys ended up with my cock ruling my head.

I was in my early thirties and happily settled with in a relationship with a younger guy in his late teens. We had a great sex life though he was sometimes hard to keep satisfied. To that end, we occasionally had a threesome and sometimes even foursome. One day, Andrew came home with Peter. Peter was as straight as you could find. He was 24, married with a 3 year old son and was a bricklayer. He was slim, wiry with a firm body and by the time he came in, his cock was already tented in his pants.

Sex was more erotic that exciting as Peter really didn’t know what he wanted to do except get his rocks off. We really just stripped him naked and gently serviced him orally. He came relatively quickly and was twitching to go almost immediately. From then on we could expect a telephone call about once every two weeks for Peter to get sucked off and sex really didn’t go much beyond that.

One night, we got a call from Peter and he sounded slightly distressed. He said he couldn’t come but something had happened and he asked for me to meet him on my own to discuss it. I naturally though his wife had found out. I said to Andrew that I should go and he agreed. I collected him in my car some fifteen minutes later and he asked if we could park up a quiet side street – which I did. He started a story.

He told me he had long wanted to have threesome with his wife, which she had rejected. He had come home from work that particular day and told his wife that he had met a guy in a pub at lunch time and after a conversation had arranged for him to come round that night to have sex with them both.

“So why do you need my advice” I asked naively?

“Well, I thought you could be the guy,” He responded.

It hadn’t crossed this poor randy heterosexual soul that my being gay might be a slight obstacle to our festivities. I tried to put this point across but this guy was in heat in a way that I have never seen anyone since. If I had told him to strip naked and dance in front of his neighbours before I would do it, he would have.

The more he talked, the randier he seemed and the more the thought of watching him with his wife started to turn me on. I told him if I did it, he would have to take the main part.

“Thanks” He said, “It’s just that we are parked outside our house anyway and she has been watching us from the window for the last ten minutes.”

I looked across to the block of flats and, sure enough, there was a face at the window. We went in.

First slight embarrassment was that I recognized her. She was my hairdresser and also knew my other half.

“I always thought you and he were gay,” she said.

“Good Heavens no,” I lied in response.

She was a slim attractive girl with short blonde hair and they were well matched. My tall broad build overshadowed them. Peter was beside her on the couch and she was definitely embarrassed as he stroked her breasts and rubbed his hand up and down her under her skirt. His horniness was very apparent. I suggested that they start and I would watch for a few seconds before joining them on the couch.

It was extremely erotic to have the privilege of watching a young, attractive couple preparing themselves for their most intimate act and knowing I would be allowed to join them. Though not initially aroused by the young girl before me the actions of her extremely randy husband was fuelling my own lust. I knew I would have to be careful in handling him sexually as we were both supposed to be servicing his wife.

Within a few seconds, he had her pants slipped down and off and his fingers were exploring her front. I could just make out the hair at the top of her legs. One breast was exposed and was small but well shaped. I am not really an expert in the sexual description of the female body parts, so I hope you heterosexuals out there will bear with me. I felt I should make a move and found myself on my hands and knees between her legs as they sat together on the couch. He gripped my hand and pushed it between her legs and before I knew what I was doing her entire vagina was there before me. It was gaping open, the pink clitoris showing between the lips and it looked very moist. Her pubic hair was neat and trim and it looked quite small. I wasn’t sure what to do next but he made my mind up for me. As I looked closely, I felt his hand on the back of my head and before I knew what was happening, I had a face full of female sex organ.

I seemed logical then, to lick it. Thankfully there was little or no taste and so proceeding with this seemed o.k. Judging from the noises coming from above, my tongue seemed to be having some effect. She was virtually screaming as my tongue was inside her as far as I could go. I looked to my right and saw his bright red cock being exposed. This was more like it! He had just over six inches with a foreskin that peeled lightly back to expose just the tip of the glands. The veins were standing out on the side and I thought he was going to cum there are then. The pre cum was leaking slowly out of the top and I wanted so much to suck it but knew this could not be so.

I moved up to her tits, and he lunged between her legs with his cock, ramming it home to the hilt, while she groaned with delight. He thrust in and out quickly and screamed that he was cumming. I saw the base of his cock throb as he lunged in, out slowly then in again before pulling out with cum still spurting out of the end. The white liquid trickled out behind him and I knew what I had to do. I went down between her legs and started to lick. The taste was unbelievable! Heterosexual cum licked straight from it’s target.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “I’ll be ready again in a minute.”

He was! Within two or three minutes his cock was erect again. Being a “one shot wonder” myself, I gloried at the erect cock in front of me again.

“Fuck her,” he said.

I put on a condom, turned her over (it somehow felt more natural) and entered her slit from the rear. My cock slipped in easily with the aid of copious quantity of cum. I started to fuck her. Much looser than a man’s hole but pleasant. He went to her head and stuck his cock in her mouth and she slurped and cooed and we fill her at both ends.

I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye and saw a beautiful little naked blonde boy watching us. He was stroking his little cock idly and it was erect. I presumed this was their son and when I mentioned he was watching, she almost panicked. Her husband did a strange thing. He said to carry on, as their son was too young to know what was going on anyway. He looked to be about 3 or 4 so I suppose this was true but odd nevertheless. Though she seemed uneasy about it, my cock up her slit seemed to overrule any thoughts she may have had to the contrary. I found the whole scene unusually erotic. At no stage was I interested sexually in the little boy but the scenario of fucking mother, father being sucked by her, and young son stroking his cock while watching from just two feet away was kinky in the extreme.

I must say that the scene did not go on for long and after three or four minutes, she thought it wiser to put him back to bed. I pulled out and she said she would be a few minutes. I took the opportunity to bend down and suck his gleaming cock head and he blew immediately in my mouth. The quantity was again copious. I swallowed as best I could and we rested.

Again he said, “Don’t worry I’ll cum again.”

I watch videos, I read stories and guys cum and cum again. I have been with guys who cum twice and can once remember a guy who came three times but I can honestly say that this guy beat all records that night. I have never experienced anyone like him since.

She returned and he immediately went back into her fucking like mad. I concentrated on her breasts and licked his balls discreetly as he fucked her under the pretence of licking her clitoris. He screamed out and came again. I decided I should cum but he told me not to. Again I licked her. She was wet beyond belief with two loads up her.

In all that evening, this guy put five loads in his wife and one in my mouth. In each case he shot cum. She was pouring with cum and my mouth was too. I licked her like a cat getting the cream.

He asked me finally, to take off the condom and fuck her. I had had an AIDS test because of a loan I had taken and he also said they had done it too. I took the plunge.

The feeling of bare cock in a cum filled cavity was unbelievable and after a few thrusts, my cum ejected into her to mix with his. We collapsed exhausted and happy.

I was invited back some weeks later and went. When I arrived, he answered the door with just a towel round him and said they had had a disagreement and she had gone to stay the night with her mother. He was going to go out with some mates and I was welcome to join them. As he was a good few years younger than me I decided against it. He then dropped his towel to show a very stiff cock.

“Seems a pity for us not to do something,” He said. “I would like to enjoy the cock that fucked my wife.”

I dropped to my knees and sucked him but got a distinct feeling he had an agenda. He stripped me and within seconds was offering me his butt. I took my cock, rubbed some spit on it and pushed it into him. He was struggling to take it but I got a strong feeling that he had to be fucked by the same cock his wife had. He got his wish. I fucked him on the same sofa, in the same position while talking to him about his wife and I shot my cum into him as he sprayed everywhere.

He seemed to want to live dangerously as, two minutes after dressing, his friends arrived at the door. He was not bothered in the slightest, even though he still did not have trousers on. These guys were not gay in any way so he really was running a risk. I left them to their evening out, my cum going with them.

The thought of those visits remained in my memory and provided the basis for many a wank. I did not think the opportunity would arise again, but it did!

My job involved quite a lot of traveling and part of the area I had to look after was Northern Ireland all the way through the problems there with terrorism. I usually flew in and hired a car with a local registration number, for safety. At that time, the gay social life was centered round Belfast and didn’t amount to much. Most guys were expected to marry and settle down or live an isolated life and being gay was really frowned upon. Rich pickings for a guy who likes married men.

Outside Belfast, there was a rife cottaging scene. The police had other things to worry about and there were unmanned public toilets everywhere. Even some tiny villages could be interesting and I had some amazing sex in public places and with extremely straight guys. Even had sex with a member of U.D.A. (Protestant Terrorist Organization) once. That guys had the shaved head, tattoos, pierced everything and, of course, the wedding ring. As always seemed to be the case with these guys, he was passive! Any way, I am drifting off the story.

One lunch time, in a little town called Ballymoney, I pulled into a car park, took out my sandwiches and a Coke and settled down to a quiet lunch. When I had finished, I noticed a little modern toilet block in a corner of the car park and though I would have a quick leak before starting work again.

I went it to find one cubicle and one standing place. I went in the cubicle and was about to pee when I heard someone come in and try the door. They seemed to wait outside, Now this place was small. I flushed, unbolted the door and came out to face an Adonis. This guy was a hunk. I would put him well over 6 feet, dirty blonde hair, wearing tight track suit bottoms, trainers and a sports top. He smiled and went into the cubicle while I went to “wash my hands.” I noticed he hadn’t locked the door and it had drifted open. I looked in to see him with his track suit bottoms down and a healthy 6 inch uncut erection in his hand. What could I do? I took him in hand while unzipping my own suit trousers and pulled out my 7.5 inches. I had noticed the wedding ring and that turned me on all the more. After a little mutual oral and some stroking which took me near to cumming, he stopped suddenly and asked me to meet him outside.

I went back to his car where he explained he was bisexual and wanted me to fuck his 21 year old wife. I was in my early forties so was quite surprised but he said they both liked older business types. As I have said before we talked a little more and I was not sure I would be up for it especially since he said they had tried it a couple of times before and it had not been a success. Though I had told him which hotel I was in (20 miles away in Coleraine), we decided not to make an arrangement and, as far as I was concerned, I had enjoyed my little meeting with him and that was it.

Now, it’s 8.00 pm and I am just finishing dinner in the hotel restaurant when my eyes are drawn to an impressively good looking guy with a very pretty girl at reception. In a flash it dawned on me who it was. I hadn’t told him my name so he was going to have trouble finding me but, he did look attractive and I had just polished off a few glasses of wine so next thing I invited them over. We had a drink while I explained there had been a mistake and he had obviously misunderstood me.
“No, I didn’t” he said. “I just thought if you met my wife, you would be turned on by her.”

Little did he know. I still protested but he assured me I only needed to do what I wanted. I was more concerned at the possible lack of staying power with a female present.

Somehow we ended up in my room. He started to kiss her and squeeze her breasts. As with the time I had Peter and his wife, the pair of them were superheated. Obviously the idea of performing in front of someone was a turn on and I had to admit, it was erotic. I moved forward and tried to show some interest in the pretty young girl before me. Standing behind her, I caressed her breasts while he kissed her. I ran my hands down her sides and gently stroked the front of her skirt. She was panting. I could feel his stiffness with back of my hand and, as he rode her skirt slowly upwards, I placed my fingers directly on the front of her briefs where a small wet spot had appeared. I kissed her neck and pushed my fingers around the elastic of her briefs to finally feel the light fuzz of pubic hair and then onwards to the folds of her vagina. I slowly unzipped him and unclipped his jeans which fell to the floor and rubbed his stiff cock through his white Jockeys. I pulled them down and his rigid cock sprung out and up. I gripped it and rubbed the head of it against her moist cunt lips. I unclipped her skirt which also fell to the ground and then my own pants followed and I freed my own cock which surprised me by its hardness. I pushed it against her bum cheeks.

We quickly finished stripping and she surprised me by dropping to her knees and taking my cock in her mouth. This was a first for me. He then started to lick my balls. I wanted to have some control so I lifted her on to the bed and pushed open her legs. Her vagina smelt of soap so I decided to go for it and buried my mouth into her waiting opening. I struck metal! A ring! I presumed it had something to do with a heightened orgasm, which is what she seemed to me having right then. She howled with pleasure and his cock was placed just above my mouth so that I could suck both alternatively. I was high!

He then went between her legs and entered her. I quickly lay under them with my mouth in a position to lick his cock and her cunt during the sex act. I licked his balls, I licked his hole, I licked her moist cunt – this was really something.

He pulled out and offered her to me. I pulled on a condom and plunged straight in and fucked her for all it was worth. So loose, so moist and so easy. He knelt above her facing me and I was able to suck his cock in full view of her, which was a wild turn on. Here I was, a fully fledged gay guy with a raging hard on, fucking someone’s young wife while she groaned her orgasm, and sucking her husband’s cock in full view of her. She did not seem remotely shocked to see a man sucking her husband. I suppose, as she was getting her share, she was happy.

This had not gone on for long but I could feel myself building towards an orgasm and when I told them, he told me to keep going. I was just on the edge of cumming when a warm blast hit my face. He pumped load after load of thin warm cum straight on my face, running down on to his wife’s tits. I fucked her towards my climax and she seemed to be nearing hers. I moved my mouth down to her nipples and sucked them and his cum at the same time as my balls emptied into her. I could feel spurt after spurt pumping into the condom as I collapsed on top of her. I allowed my cock to slowly soften before I withdrew and was able to show the full load to my partners.

We showered and dressed before they left. Next morning, reception gave me a telephone message with a number to call on my next visit. I never did but often regret not doing so.

I resumed my gay lifestyle but surprisingly still fantasize over trying the other side. FINIS

Always interested in any comments about my stories and also keen to hear of other people experiences. This story compliments of Over 15,000 locations posted where guys hook up for sex.

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