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"My Wife and I at The Adult Book Store"

Lets start off by saying i'm a bi male in my 30's married and horny all the time. It all started one night when my wife and I went to an adult movie house on vacation in Tampa. We walked in and looked around at the toys and videos than we decided to go into the booths and check out a movie or two.

Their was a lot of men in the theater walking around and checking us out but so what, we went into a booth and my wife closed the door and we sat down to watch the movie. We had just started to get going when we both noticed what I now know to be a glory hole in the wall to are right.

She was on that side and peeped in the hole, and than pulled her head up and told me to take a look. When I did I saw this huge black cock staring me right in the face, with in a few seconds it was in this hole and we both looked at it and before you could say cock sucker she grabbed it and started to stroke it.

My wife had always talked about wanting a big black cock while we fucked, so now it was time to act it out. I started to change the video's while she was playing with him and came across a selection of these two guys getting it on, she told me to stop and wanted to watch it. I could tell she was getting turned on just by the way her pussy was getting so wet.

I started to play with his cock also, just jerking him off. She let go and started to suck him while I stroked his cock. Than she asked me if I would do what we saw on the video, so I put my mouth down and started to suck this huge black cock, my body was shaking I felt so nervous but I could tell it was turning her on.

She asked me to ask him if he wanted to come in our booth so I stopped sucking him and he pulled his cock out and I said come in we unlocked the door and he entered. We wasted no time I fell on my knees and started to suck him just like the guy in the video.

My wife was playing with her pussy while this stud sucked her tits than he started to finger her cunt and boy did she love it. We both started to suck him off at the same time sharing his cock between our hungry lips. he pulled out a condom and asked if I would like to get fucked I said I never ever had anything in my ass before but would like to try it for my wife. He pulled out this bottle of lube and rubbed my ass good, I stood up and bent over and my wife spread my ass cheek open for him, she held his cock and help slide it in first his huge head, oh my fucking god did it hurt. Once it got in and he started to pump me slow it felt better the deeper he got the better it felt, I took about 2 mins and he was fucking me real good.

My women went down on her knees and started to lick his balls while he fucked me this made him fuck me harder. My ass felt like it was going to rip open at any time than my wife slid my cock in her mouth and sucked me off till I shot my load in her mouth I never came so hard in my entire life, as I was Cumming I could feel our stud start to shake and he started to grunt as he pounded my ass and shot his load,

The sweat was every where ,we were all soaked and collapsed on the bench. We cleaned up and he left. We stayed and I fucked my wife while another guy put his cock threw the hole I sucked him off while I fucked her, he shot his load in my mouth it was a lot of cum and as it dripped down my chin she licked it off. when she finally came she screamed So loud , we got dressed and left.

We went back to our hotel and fucked for hours going over the details. This is how I became the Biguy that I am now I love the thrill of sucking cock and getting fucked, I go out a lot by myself and cruise for cock and once in a while bring some home for her.

Hope you liked our adventure as much as we did. FINIS

Story Compliments of Guide to Where men meet men for sex.

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